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Photos taken with a Nikon Coolpix 4500 and a Swarovski ATS 80 HD Scope


 During 2005 I saw 300 species of birds in the British Isles. These are some of the pictures I took on that quest.

Coue's Arctic Redpoll Titchwell 3rd January 2005                       Ring-billed Gull Gosport 22nd January 2005

Buzzard Gigrin Farm Rhyader Wales  2nd February 2005    Red Kite at the feeding station at

                                                                                           Gigrin Farm Rhyader Wales 2nd February 2005








Purple Sandpiper Portland Bill 1st May 2005      Little Owl Portland Bill May 2005









Hoopoe Ecton Brook 18th September 2005              Baird's Sandpiper Kirkby -on -Bain 24th September 2005













Lesser Redpoll rung at Holme NOA 18th October 2005   Grey Phalarope Devizes  29th October 2005









Rose-coloured Starling

Porth-y-waen 12th November 2005           Upland Sandpiper Kingston Seymour 19th November 2005











Laughing Gull Bideford 20th November 2005

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