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Peacock Butterfly on the Buddlia in our                 Speckled Wood Butterfly Titchwell                           

Roydon Garden 28th July 2004                                         28th August 2004 


Comma Pentney

5th September 2004


















Painted Lady Snettisham  28th July  2006                                                              

Wall Snettisham 28th July 2006


















Meadow Brown Butterfly Holme 24th June 2006












(Male)                                                                                                     (Female)

Commom Blue Butterfly   Narborough Railway Line  17th June 2006                                Holme 24th June 2006











Brimstone Narborough Railway Line                 Small Heath Butterflies mating                    Large White Butterfly

17th June 2006                              Holme Dunes 24th June 2006             Narborough Railway Line 18th July 2006










Ringlet Castle Rising 25th                                                 Red Admiral Roydon                                          Grayling Kelling Heath

June 2006                                                                                Common 7th July 2006                                        5th July 2006












 (Male)            Silver-studded Blue Butterfly Kelling Heath 5th July 2006                                          (Female)










 Large Skipper                                   Small Skipper                                               Essex Skipper                                         

     Narborough Railway Line 8th July 2006                                                    Breydon Water !5th July 2006










Gatekeeper Narborough Railway Line     Small Tortoishell               Green-veined White Narborough Railway Line

8th July 2006                                     Breydon Water 15th July 2006                                     23rd July 2006








Holly Blue Narborough Railway Line      White-letter  Hairstreak Narborough Railway Line   Purple Hairstreak Narborough Railway Line

23rd July 2006                                                       23rd July 2006                                23rd July 2006











White Admiral Roydon 24th July 2006










Brown Argus  Holme 18th April 2007






Chalkhill Blue Butterfly

20th August Warham Camp
















Silver-washed Fritillary

Holt Country Park 13th July 2013











Purple Emperor Fermyn Wood 20th July 2013

Purple Hairstreak Fermyn Wood 20th July 2013












Clouded Yellow Butterfly

Choseley 20th August 2013  




















Duke of Burgundy Toternhill 12th May 2015



Green Hairstreak Toternhill Bedfordshire 12th May 2015

Dingy Skipper Toternhill 12th May 2015




















Marsh Fritillary female        Chambers Wood Farm  21st May 2015                 Marsh Fritillary male



Marsh Fritillary underside


 Brown Hairstreak




                                                                    Silver-spotted Skipper

                                Small Blue Butterfly





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