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Israel 2008

 Israel Trip Report


March 23rd – March 30th  2008


Lee Evans

Robert Fuge

Sue Bryan

 Paul Jeffery




Paul, an Israeli birder, Alan Clews, Lee and Andy Clifton




Having been on a trip with Lee Evans before, Lee had sent had sent an E-mail to some of us that he knew, that might be interested in joining him on a spring migration trip to Israel at Easter. This was peak migration time for raptors making their way from Africa to Europe for the breeding season. I had heard tales of thousands of raptors soaring up in the thermals passing overhead and had only witnessed it once before in Egypt on the return migration in autumn passage.


Lee is a phenomenal birder both in his knowledge and his ability to pick birds out and identify them with ease. I enjoyed his company on my last trip and so Paul and I took the opportunity to accompany him and Robert Fuge, who is also good company this time.




23rd March   Stansted - Tel Aviv

24th March   Tel Aviv - Golan Heights (Mount Hermon) - Hula

25th March   Hula - Sea of Galilee -Mount Gilboa - Palestine - Hatzeva - Yotvata – Eilat

26th March   Eilat (K20, K40, K50) Yotvata

27th March   Eilat (K20) Yotvata

28th March   Eilat (K152)

29th March   Route 40 K60 – Nizzana – Mount Gilboa

30th March   Mount Gilboa – Tel Aviv- Stansted





Lee arranged the flight and car hire. Cost of the flight, and share of the car hire and petrol came to just under £500. We flew with a budget airline from Stansted to Tel Aviv from where we hired the car.




We had a night in a hotel in Hula near the bird reserve, which we did not pre-book, that cost us £106 for the four of us, including a pack of food instead of breakfast, because we wanted to leave early the following morning. In Eilat we stayed at the Sunset Hostel that was clean and comfortable. We did not pre-book this. Paul and I shared a room with en-suite shower and toilet that cost us £15 a night each. One night was spent in the car as we returned to Mount Gilboa as we had dipped Long-billed Pipit on our first visit.




I took Israeli shekels with me although a slightly better rate is available through money exchanges in Eilat. We had our evening meals at a range of tourist restaurants in Eilat where prices were on a par with the UK. Local garages kept a small range of food for our other daily requirements.




In March, Israel was hot at around 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the day at Eilat. The Golan Heights (northern Israel) were supposed to be much cooler with expected rain but although it was a little cooler at the start of the day, a fleece was sufficient until mid-morning when it was hot enough for T-shirts and shorts.




Mount Hermon, part of the Golan Heights is a volcanic plateau. Much of the area is rough pasture with some agriculture, intersected by several large, steep-sided gorges.


The Hula Valley was once an extensive swamp. It was drained by early settlers for the purpose of intensive agriculture. While farming still dominates the Hula Valley, some natural swamps are contained within the well-established Hula Nature Reserve. North of the reserve, a relatively large area of poor agricultural land has been re-flooded since 1994 in an attempt to restore some of the former natural habitat of the valley. It is a magnet for tens of thousands of waterfowl, raptors and waders.


The Bet She’an and Sea of Galilee area is extremely fertile and full of fish ponds and agricultural fields, creating a score of wetland habitats in what would otherwise be a rather arid region. Much of the area is below sea level thus giving a more steppe-like climate.


The Dead Sea and Eilat area is extremely arid with a few scrubby areas and wadis. Commercial Date Palm plantations acted as a migrant trap and owners did not seem to mind birders searching them for birds.


Daily Log


23rd March


Paul and I left home in three inches of snow and met up with Lee and Rob at Stansted Airport for the evening flight to Tel Aviv.


24th March


Arriving in the early hours and completing formalities Lee drove to a park by the Hayarkon River on Rochash Boulevard, where it was just getting light. Here we saw many common species as well as a few category C species including Vinous-breasted Starling. Armenian Gulls flew overhead as we watched a Syrian Woodpecker hack away at a tree. A Palestinian Sunbird provided a colourful spectacle calling in a tree above us.


















          Palestine Sunbird                                                                 Monk Parakeet




Monk Parakeets joined Ring-necked Parakeets on one pathway as we searched for additions to our list. In the early morning sun, a Masked Shrike sunbathed as we also enjoyed the warmth.  Pallid and Common Swifts were dipping into one of the lakes as we made our way back to the car. Spur-winged Plovers were quite a common sight in Israel as they ran over grassy areas.


Spur-winged Plover





Driving through Hasheron a Black-shouldered Kite sat on a wire. Lee was keen to get to Pardes Hana to see Black-hooded Parrot but after extensive searching we failed to find them. Ring-necked Parakeets seemed to everywhere as we searched.













Ring-necked Parakeet










A Great-spotted Cuckoo sat high in a tree as we added a few more species to our lists. Driving through Nazareth we headed to the Golan Heights and Mount Hermon. It was a pleasant temperature here as we birded in T-shirts and shorts. A Short-toed Eagle flew overhead as we scrambled over rocks on the hillside for birds. A Sombre Tit was a new bird for me as it sang. Cretzschmar’s Buntings were amongst the orchards as at long last, a real bogie bird for me in the shape of a Long-legged Buzzard, drifted overhead.


Hermon Tortoise


Common migrants were all added to the list as continued our scramble over the rocks. An Eastern Orphean Warbler was amongst Lesser and Common Whitethroats as well as a Woodchat Shrike. We also came across Hermon Tortoise, an endemic creature to Israel. We searched the orchards until finally a couple of Syrian Serins perched on overhead wires momentarily before flying off. Further down the road Lee knew of a spot for Rock Nuthatch. Sure enough it sat on a rock for us all to watch as a Lesser-spotted Eagle flew over us up high.




 Woodchat Shrike



The day was now progressing fast and we arrived late in the day at Hula Bird Reserve. This is a famed bird reserve that is a magnet for waterfowl, raptors and waders. The reserve is also very large and has banned cars in favour of birders hiring electric golf-like carts for a fee for getting around the reserve. We were too late in the day but walked around some nearby fish ponds where we saw our first Pygmy Cormorant. Many common water birds were seen here along with a White-tailed Eagle. We checked into a Hotel in Hula that met our needs. The restaurant’s food was variable. The starter was fine but the main course was very disappointing.






Pygmy Cormorant sat between two Great Cormorants.















25th March


After leaving the hotel with our packed lunches we headed back to the Hula Bird Reserve which was closed not opening until 9.30am. We ducked under the bar and walked down the road. Birds were singing everywhere in the reed-fringed dykes. Red-throated Pipits walked around the agricultural fields as a calling Black Francolin caught our attention. Lee spotted it walking down the track and we marshalled together to watch it running down a side track. Savi’s Warblers were reeling as an Eastern Imperial Eagle flew in the distance. On the fields hundreds of Common Cranes fed whilst a fan-tailed Warbler gave Paul and I the run around until we eventually saw it disappear in the field.



Spanish Sparrow



We drove the length of the Sea of Galilee adding Southern Grey Shrike, Spanish Sparrow, Whiskered Tern and Black-necked Grebes to our tally. Near Bet She’an fishponds we added Black Stork to our lists before searching Mount Gilboa for Long-billed Pipit. We were disappointed that for all our efforts we could not find one. We did add Sardinian Warbler and Ortolan Bunting to our lists however.


We went through the West Bank as Lee drove on through Palestine on Route 90 from Bet She'an through to Ein Gedi, where we had little trouble at border crossings. On the whole these seemed to be manned by very young soldiers. The excellent road gave us no trouble as we motored through. The habitat was now changing to a much more arid scene and my Palestine list is a little thin to say the least. Back in Israel proper, near the Ein Gedi area a Little Green Bee-eater sat on the fence as we watched it fly around for insects. Brown-necked Ravens accompanied Fan-tailed Ravens near some agricultural greenhouses/tents.


Little Green Beeeater




Brown-necked Raven

















Stopping at a refreshment area near the Dead Sea at Ein Gedi (K201km) I was rather pleased to see Tristam’s Grackle (Starling). Yellow-vented Bulbuls (White-spectacled) hovered around tourists picking up the crumbs. Driving further south we stopped at Salvadora Wadi to search for (Striated) House Bunting.


Tristam’s Grackle


By now it was extremely hot for those British birders freshly arrived from cold northern climes. However there were birds to be seen and we set off up a steep arid incline. Paul and Lee set off as if they were mountain goats in full youthful prime, as Rob and I laboured as if we were just shy of our OAP bus passes. It was extremely hot, but I convinced myself to keep going. At the end of the good path Rob played the song of the Striated House Bunting and the bird came to investigate giving us good views. Lee returned from higher up and convinced us to go higher up. It was a bit of a scramble as Rock Martins flew above us. A Steppe Eagle coasted over us but we could not find any Sinai Rosefinches.


At a Kibbutz at Hatzeva we drove in and around the scrubby areas where an Isabelline and a Black-eared Wheatear ran around whilst Desert Finches sat on wires above us.


By now the habitat was totally arid with only small areas of scrub or Date Palm plantations. At Yotvata we turned off the road to an agricultural area that was planted and watered. We had been told of an area in which to search for Caspian Plovers. Unfortunately we arrived very late in the day with no other birders on site. This left us a huge area to search. We had some vague directions and after an hour we had rung for assistance. At the very spot at which we stopped Paul picked out three Caspian Plovers on the field. There was huge relief all round as these stunning birds were admired. Very soon it was dark and we had no trouble watching Egyptian Nightjars in the headlights of the car flying in front of us.





Desert Finch                                                          


Heading in to Eilat, Lee took us to a hostel that was clean and comfortable where we spent the next four nights.


26th March


The day started on North Beach in Eilat which acts as a centre for information in the early morning as many birders of differing nationality gather to share information.


Armenian and Steppe Gulls were additions to the Slender-billed Gulls that were around the fish cages just offshore. Caspian and Common Terns flew as egrets and herons stood watching the fish below. A Western Reef Heron and Squacco Heron added to the delight as a flock of Garganey flew in off the sea. A Greater Sand Plover ran along the edge of the beach as a few White-eyed Gulls added to our tally.






                                           Slender-billed Gull





                  Western Reef Heron   


Our next destination was the Date Palms just north of the beach where a Crested (Oriental) Honey Buzzard had been lingering during the winter. It seemed a bit of a needle in a haystack job but we were delighted with Olive-backed Pipits and Indian Silverbills as we trudged up and down the rows of palm trees. A couple of Common Quails were flushed out in our efforts. After searching for some time we were joined by Andy Clifton and Alan Clews who had seen the bird the day before. We decided on a systematic search starting from the beginning again. Luckily Alan located the buzzard and we all had good views.




Crested Honey Buzzard








Moving on to the K20km salt pans we feasted our eyes on the many waders present. Greater Flamingos were also feeding.






                                 Little Stint                                                                           Greater Flamingo


Black-winged Stilts, Marsh Sandpipers and Kentish Plovers joined Greenshanks and Ruff feeding around the edge of the salt pans. It was now very hot and photography was not easy in the heat haze.


Kentish Plover infront of a Little Stint




Namaqua Dove















All too soon we moved on to K40km where we went in search of a White-tailed Plover near a small sewage works by a date palm plantation. Rock Doves were feeding nearby as a superb Black-headed Wagtail chased flies. In the plantation four Namaqua Doves scurried in the debris from the trees.




 We failed to find the White-tailed Plover and drove to K50km in search of Arabian Babbler which we also failed to find in the searing heat but managed to locate an Olivaceous Warbler.


Back at Yotvata, Bimaculated Lark was a world tick for me, amongst Red-throated, Tawny and Water Pipits as well as the common Crested Larks. Once again we tried the sewage pool area at K40km as Andy Clifton kindly sent us a text to say that they had just seen the White-tailed Plover there. This time we were successful, flushing out a Bluethroat as we did so. Back in Eilat we spent a pleasant evening at one of the many resort restaurants.




Black-headed Wagtail








27th March


After a quick stop at the beach for an exchange of information, Lee drove us to a high point above Eilat. Here we were all to experience one of the natural world’s phenomena. During the spring thousands of raptors migrate north on their passage from Africa to Europe. Overhead I was staggered to see thousands of Steppe Buzzards wheeling above me, rising up in the thermals (Kettle).








Birders watching the thousands of raptors soaring overhead.













In amongst the kettle of Steppe Buzzards, an occasional Steppe Eagle could be picked out along with Black Kites and Black Storks. The clear sky made it a wonderful sight as the birds flew from one kettle to another only to soar again in the next kettle gaining height before moving on to the next thermal.


Black Stork



After spending a couple of hours watching we walked down a track-way to ‘En Netafim wadi. Here a couple of Desert Larks were quite unconcerned at our presence as a Hooded Wheatear flew around the wadi. On the way down a Wryneck perched on one of the rocks as Crag Martins flew all around us.







After a quick march back up the track-way we drove to the K20km salt pans and were delighted by the presence of a few Collared Pratincoles.


Driving towards Yotvata we disturbed a group of Temminck’s Horned Larks by the roadside but despite a search we could not re-locate them. At Yotvata we finally found an Arabian Babbler after a long search.


Back at the beach we watched as a Sooty Shearwater flew around in the distance. Several other birds were called but all were too distant to see with any certainty. Just before dusk we settled down at one of the K20km pools just in time to see Lichtenstein’s Sandgrouse come into drink.



Collared Pratincole







28th March

After another quick visit to North Beach we drove to the fields just north of the beach in order to watch a Richard’s Pipit. Once we had seen it we joined other birders in another spectacular visit to watch the raptor migration once again. In similar fashion to the day before I was enchanted by the spectacle and also entertained by Lee’s argument with a local birder that was all taken in good humour. In amongst the thousands of Steppe Buzzards an Egyptian Vulture could be picked out as could several more Steppe Eagles and Black Storks.


View above Eilat looking towards Jordan


At Eilat cemetery I eventually got to see Sand Partridges, a bird I had missed at one of the wadis. An Eastern Bonelli’s Warbler also flitted in the trees here as a Blue Rock Thrush ran over some spoil heaps. A House Crow provided a good photo opportunity.



House Crow

















Driving to the birding centre where ringing takes place, Lee heard about a Black Bush Robin. Precise information was lacking and we scurried about trying to find out more. Lee managed to fall over a low bar and was incapacitated for a few minutes. Eventually I checked a route through a door and located ‘a twitch’ taking place. Calling back to the others we were all soon watching a Black Bush Robin. We were all delighted that we saw the bird.




Black Bush Robin


Next we headed to K152km where after a long search and several false starts we all saw Arabian Warbler well.




 29th March


After checking out of our hostel we headed out of Eilat on route 40 stopping at K60km where we added Desert Wheatear, Trumpeter Finch, and Mourning Wheatear to our tally as well as seeing another Black-eared Wheatear.














Black-eared Wheatear



We headed to Nizzana where I was hoping to see one of the star birds of the trip for me. It was not to be an easy task but certainly provided some good birding. Nizzana was fairly desolate and hot. We searched over stoney ground often flushing Pin-tailed and Spotted Sandgrouse. Cream-coloured Coursers were also on the run as we searched in the heat haze. We went our separate ways in order to cover more ground. A couple of Stone Curlews also objected to our presence but seemed more suited to the habitat than we were. A rest was called for as we flagged in the heat. A short doze in the car gave some of us an opportunity to search an area of trees affording some shade before re-starting our search.







A distant Cream-coloured Courser.


We added Hobby to our tally as well as a Little Owl before finally Lee managed to pick out a displaying Houbara (McQueen’s) Bustard. I was so pleased to see it as Lee will testify! However Paul was nowhere in sight but luckily had taken his mobile phone with him. He was soon running towards us as we made an effort to go closer as the bustard had disappeared before Paul could see it. A co-ordinated effort meant that Paul saw the Houbara Bustard just as we managed to re-locate it. Relief all round!


As we returned to the car some Lesser Short-toed Larks were added to the tally and as we left Nizzana, a Long-eared Owl flew in front of the car.


In the dark we headed north once again to Bet She’an, but not before we had a spot of trouble with a road block, that forced us to find another route north, as the route we had chosen was deemed to dangerous for us to travel on at night.


We spent the night in the car at Mount Gilboa and surprisingly because I felt a little unwell I slept like a log!


30th March


Driving back down the road to the Long-billed Pipit site (2.8 km from the turn off from the R669 just before the left hand bend as you ascend the hill) at Mount Gilboa, we stoically began our search once again. An hour or two passed as Paul and I tramped through the long grass and bounded over rocks. Eventually a Long-billed Pipit gave itself up as we called to Rob and Lee. The bird sat atop a rock before giving us a flight display and finally flying further up the hill. It just showed us that perseverance pays off in the end.


Lee drove south once more back towards Tel Aviv but not before stopping off at some fish ponds where a Clamorous Reed Warbler put on a fine show singing at the top of a reed. Spoonbill and Spotted Redshank were also added to our tally.


My final tally was 199 species for the trip and some excellent life birds.


My thanks must go to Lee for the organisation and driving and for his excellent birding skills. I also thank Rob, Lee and Paul for some excellent company and for some highly entertaining moments some of which had tears rolling down our cheeks!


Systematic List


1. Little Grebe Tachybaptus ruficollis      Bet She'an   25/03/2008

2. Black-necked Grebe      Podiceps nigricollis         Sea of Galilee        25/03/2008

3. Sooty Shearwater Puffinus griseus      Eilat   27/03/2008

4. Pygmy Cormorant Phalacrocorax pygmeus  Hula Fish Ponds    24/03/2008

5. Great Cormorant  Phalacrocorax carbo carbo      Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

6. Little Egret  Egretta garzetta     Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

7. Western Reef-egret        Egretta gularis [garzetta] Eilat   26/03/2008

8. Grey Heron Ardea cinerea       Hula Fish Ponds    24/03/2008

9. Purple Heron        Ardea purpurea     Hula Fish Ponds    24/03/2008

10.  Great White Egret        Egretta alba Hula Fish Ponds    24/03/2008

11.  Cattle Egret      Bubulcus ibis    Tel Aviv           24/03/2008

12.  Squacco Heron  Ardeola ralloides   Eilat   26/03/2008

13.  Green Heron      Butorides virescens [striatus]    Yotvata       26/03/2008

14.  Black-crowned Night-heron  Nycticorax nycticorax     Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

15.  Black Stork        Ciconia nigra         Bet She'an   25/03/2008

16.  White Stork       Ciconia ciconia      Pardes Hana         24/03/2008

17.  Glossy Ibis         Plegadis falcinellus Pardes Hana         24/03/2008

18.  Eurasian Spoonbill       Platalea leucorodia         Bet She'an   30/03/2008

19.  Greater Flamingo         Phoenicopterus ruber      K20 Eilat     26/03/2008

20.  Egyptian Goose  Alopochen aegyptiacus   Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

21.  Common Shelduck      Tadorna tadorna   K20 Eilat     26/03/2008

22.  Eurasian Wigeon          Anas penelope      K40 Eilat     26/03/2008

23.  Common Teal    Anas crecca crecca        Hula Fish Ponds    24/03/2008

24.  Mallard     Anas platyrhynchos platyrhynchos      Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

25.  Northern Pintail  Anas acuta  Hula Fish Ponds    24/03/2008

26.  Garganey  Anas querquedula Eilat   26/03/2008

27.  Northern Shoveler       Anas clypeata       Hula Fish Ponds    24/03/2008

28.  Tufted Duck       Aythya fuligula       Bet She'an   25/03/2008

29.  Crested Honey-buzzard         Pernis ptilorhyncus [apivorus]   Eilat   26/03/2008

30.  Black-shouldered Kite Elanus caeruleus    Hasheron     24/03/2008

31.  Black Kite          Milvus migrans migrans   Mount Hermon     24/03/2008

32.  White-tailed Eagle        Haliaeetus albicilla Hula Fish Ponds    24/03/2008

33.  Egyptian Vulture Neophron percnopterus  K152 Eilat   28/03/2008

34.  Short-toed Eagle          Circaetus gallicus gallicus          Mount Hermon     24/03/2008

35.  Western Marsh-harrier Circus aeruginosus          Hula Fish Ponds    24/03/2008

36.  Hen Harrier        Circus cyaneus cyaneus  Yotvata       26/03/2008

37.  Pallid Harrier      Circus macrourus  Yotvata       25/03/2008

38.  Eurasian Sparrowhawk          Accipiter nisus      Pardes Hana         24/03/2008

39.  Steppe Buzzard  Buteo buteo vulpinus      Pardes Hana         24/03/2008

40.  Long-legged Buzzard   Buteo rufinus         Mount Hermon     24/03/2008

41.  Lesser Spotted Eagle   Aquila pomarina    Mount Hermon     24/03/2008

42.  Steppe Eagle      Aquila nipalensis    Ein Gedi      25/03/2008

43.  Eastern Imperial Eagle  Aquila heliaca       Hula Fish Ponds    25/03/2008

44.  Osprey     Pandion haliaetus   Hula Fish Ponds    24/03/2008

45.  Common Kestrel         Falco tinnunculus   Pardes Hana         24/03/2008

46.  Eurasian Hobby  Falco subbuteo     Nazana       29/03/2008

47.  Sand Partridge   Ammoperdix heyi  Eilat   28/03/2008

48.  Chukar     Alectoris chukar    Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

49.  Black Francolin  Francolinus francolinus    Hula Fish Ponds    25/03/2008

50.  Common Quail   Coturnix coturnix   Eilat   26/03/2008

51.  Common Moorhen      Gallinula chloropus         Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

52.  Eurasian Coot    Fulica atra   Hula Fish Ponds    24/03/2008

53.  Houbara Bustard         Chlamydotis undulata      Nazana        29/03/2008

54.  Eurasian Oystercatcher          Haematopus ostralegus   Eilat   27/03/2008

55.  Black-winged Stilt        Himantopus himantopus  K20 Eilat     26/03/2008

56.  Pied Avocet       Recurvirostra avosetta    K20 Eilat     27/03/2008

57.  Stone-curlew      Burhinus oedicnemus      Nazana        29/03/2008

58.  Cream-coloured Courser       Cursorius cursor   Nazana        29/03/2008

59.  Collared Pratincole      Glareola pratincola         K20 Eilat     27/03/2008

60.  Grey Plover        Pluvialis squatarola         Eilat   26/03/2008

61.  Common Ringed Plover         Charadrius hiaticula        Eilat   26/03/2008

62.  Little Ringed Plover      Charadrius dubius Yotvata       26/03/2008

63.  Kentish Plover    Charadrius alexandrinus  K20 Eilat     26/03/2008

64.  Greater Sand Plover    Charadrius leschenaultii   Eilat   26/03/2008

65.  Caspian Plover   Charadrius asiaticus        Yotvata       25/03/2008

66.  Spur-winged Plover     Vanellus spinosus  Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

67.  White-tailed Plover      Vanellus leucurus  Yotvata       26/03/2008

68.  Spotted Redshank       Tringa erythropus  Bet She'an   30/03/2008

69.  Common Redshank     Tringa totanus       Eilat   26/03/2008

70.  Marsh Sandpiper         Tringa stagnatilis    K20 Eilat     26/03/2008

71.  Common Greenshank  Tringa nebularia    K20 Eilat     26/03/2008

72.  Green Sandpiper          Tringa ochropus    Hula Fish Ponds    24/03/2008

73.  Wood Sandpiper         Tringa glareola      Yotvata       26/03/2008

74.  Common Sandpiper     Tringa hypoleucos Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

75.  Little Stint Calidris minuta      K20 Eilat    26/03/2008

76.  Ruff Philomachus pugnax       K20 Eilat    26/03/2008

77.  Arctic Skua        Stercorarius parasiticus   Eilat   26/03/2008

78.  White-eyed Gull Larus leucophthalmus     Eilat   26/03/2008

79.  Steppe Gull        Larus cachinnans barabensis     Eilat   26/03/2008

80.  Armenian Gull    Larus armenicus [argentatus]    Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

81.  Baltic (Lesser Black-backed) Gull   Larus fuscus fuscus         Eilat   26/03/2008

82.  Great Black-headed Gull       Larus ichthyaetus  Eilat   27/03/2008

83.  Black-headed Gull       Larus ridibundus   Sea of Galilee        25/03/2008

84.  Slender-billed Gull       Larus genei  Eilat   26/03/2008

85.  Little Gull  Larus minutus        Eilat   26/03/2008

86.  Caspian Tern      Sterna caspia        Eilat   26/03/2008

87.  Sandwich Tern   Sterna sandvicensis         Eilat   27/03/2008

88.  Common Tern    Sterna hirundo       Eilat   26/03/2008

89.  Little Tern Sterna albifrons     Eilat   29/03/2008

90.  Whiskered Tern Chlidonias hybridus        Sea of Galilee        25/03/2008

91.  Pin-tailed Sandgrouse  Pterocles alchata   Nazana        29/03/2008

92.  Spotted Sandgrouse     Pterocles senegallus        Nazana        29/03/2008

93.  Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse      Pterocles lichtensteinii     Eilat   27/03/2008

94.  Rock Dove        Columba livia        K40 Eilat    26/03/2008

95.  European Turtle-dove  Streptopelia turtur Yotvata       26/03/2008

96.  Laughing Dove   Streptopelia senegalensis          Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

97.  Eurasian Collared-dove         Streptopelia decaocto     Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

98.  Namaqua Dove  Oena capensis       K40 Eilat    26/03/2008

99.  Rose-ringed Parakeet  Psittacula krameri  Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

100.            Monk Parakeet     Myiopsitta monachus      Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

101.            Great Spotted Cuckoo   Clamator glandarius        Pardes Hana         24/03/2008

102.            Little Owl    Athene noctua       Nazana       29/03/2008

103.            Long-eared Owl   Asio otus     Nazana       29/03/2008

104.            Egyptian Nightjar  Caprimulgus aegyptius    Yotvata       25/03/2008

105.            Common Swift      Apus apus   Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

106.            Pallid Swift  Apus pallidus        Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

107.            White-breasted Kingfisher        Halcyon smyrnensis        Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

108.            Pied Kingfisher     Ceryle rudis Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

109.            Little Green Bee-eater    Merops orientalis  Ein Gedi      25/03/2008

110.            European Bee-eater       Merops apiaster    Ein Gedi      25/03/2008

111.            Eurasian Hoopoe  Upupa epops        Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

112.            Eurasian Wryneck Jynx torquilla         'En Netafim 27/03/2008

113.            Syrian Woodpecker       Dendrocopos syriacus    Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

114.            Desert Lark Ammomanes deserti       'En Netafim 27/03/2008

115.            Bimaculated Lark  Melanocorypha bimaculata       Yotvata       26/03/2008

116.            Short-toed Lark    Calandrella brachydactyla [cinerea]    Yotvata       25/03/2008

117.            Lesser Short-toed Lark  Calandrella rufescens      Nazana        29/03/2008

118.            Crested Lark        Galerida cristata    Mount Hermon     24/03/2008

119.            Temminck's Lark      Eremophila bilopha [alpestris]        K20 Eilat    27/03/2008

120.            Sand Martin          Riparia riparia       Hatzeva       25/03/2008

121.            Eurasian Crag-martin      Hirundo rupestris  'En Netafim 27/03/2008

122.            Pale Crag-martin   Hirundo obsoleta [fuligula]        Ein Gedi      25/03/2008

123.            Barn Swallow       Hirundo rustica     Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

124.            Red-rumped Swallow     Hirundo daurica    Pardes Hana         24/03/2008

125.            House Martin        Delichon urbica     Mount Hermon     24/03/2008

126.            Richard's Pipit       Anthus richardi [novaeseelandiae]      Eilat   28/03/2008

127.            Tawny Pipit Anthus campestris Yotvata       26/03/2008

128.            Long-billed Pipit   Anthus similis        Bet She'an   30/03/2008

129.            Tree Pipit    Anthus trivialis       Mount Hermon     24/03/2008

130.            Olive-backed Pipit         Anthus hodgsoni   Eilat   26/03/2008

131.            Meadow Pipit       Anthus pratensis    Hula Fish Ponds    25/03/2008

132.            Red-throated Pipit          Anthus cervinus     Hula Fish Ponds    25/03/2008

133.            Water Pipit  Anthus spinoletta   Yotvata       26/03/2008

134.            White Wagtail       Motacilla alba alba         Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

135.            Black-headed Wagtail    Motacilla flava feldegg    K40 Eilat     26/03/2008

136.            Grey Wagtail        Motacilla cinerea   Yotvata       26/03/2008

137.            White-spectacled Bulbul  Pycnonotus xanthopygos [barbatus]  Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

138.            Winter Wren         Troglodytes troglodytes troglodytes   Mount Hermon     24/03/2008

139.            Black Scrub-robin          Cercotrichas podobe      Eilat   28/03/2008

140.            Bluethroat   Luscinia svecica    Yotvata       26/03/2008

141.            Common Redstart Phoenicurus phoenicurus phoenicurus Yotvata       27/03/2008

142.            Blackstart    Cercomela melanura       Ein Gedi      25/03/2008

143.            Common Stonechat        Saxicola torquata torquata        Yotvata       27/03/2008

144.            White-crowned Black Wheatear       Oenanthe leucopyga       Ein Gedi      25/03/2008

145.            Hooded Wheatear          Oenanthe monacha         'En Netafim 27/03/2008

146.            Northern Wheatear        Oenanthe oenanthe         Eilat   26/03/2008

147.            Mourning Wheatear        Oenanthe lugens    40 K60 Eilat         29/03/2008

148.            Black-eared Wheatear   Oenanthe hispanica         Hatzeva       25/03/2008

149.            Desert Wheatear   Oenanthe deserti   40 K60 Eilat         29/03/2008

150.            Isabelline Wheatear        Oenanthe isabellina         Hatzeva       25/03/2008

151.            Blue Rock-thrush  Monticola solitarius         Eilat   28/03/2008

152.            Eurasian Blackbird         Turdus merula       Pardes Hana         24/03/2008

153.            Cetti's Warbler     Cettia cetti   Hula Fish Ponds    24/03/2008

154.            Zitting Cisticola     Cisticola juncidis   Hula Fish Ponds    25/03/2008

155.            Graceful Prinia      Prinia gracilis         Pardes Hana         24/03/2008

156.            Savi's Warbler      Locustella luscinioides     Hula Fish Ponds    25/03/2008

157.            Sedge Warbler     Acrocephalus schoenobaenus   Hula Fish Ponds    25/03/2008

158.            Eurasian Reed-warbler   Acrocephalus scirpaceus          Hula Fish Ponds   25/03/2008

159.            Clamorous Reed-warbler         Acrocephalus stentoreus Bet She'an   30/03/2008

160.            Olivaceous Warbler        Hippolais pallida   K50 Eilat     03/04/2008

161.            Blackcap     Sylvia atricapilla    Pardes Hana         24/03/2008

162.            Common Whitethroat     Sylvia communis   Mount Hermon     24/03/2008

163.            Lesser Whitethroat         Sylvia curruca       Mount Hermon     24/03/2008

164.            Orphean Warbler  Sylvia hortensis     Mount Hermon     24/03/2008

165.            Arabian Warbler   Sylvia leucomelaena        K152 Eilat   28/03/2008

166.            Rüppell's Warbler Sylvia rueppelli      Yotvata       26/03/2008

167.            Sardinian Warbler Sylvia melanocephala      Mount Gilboa        25/03/2008

168.            Common Chiffchaff        Phylloscopus collybita     Mount Hermon     24/03/2008

169.            Eastern Bonelli's Warbler         Phylloscopus bonelli orientalis   Eilat   28/03/2008

170.            Semi-collared Flycatcher Ficedula semitorquata [albicollis] Mount Hermon  24/03/2008

171.            Arabian Babbler   Turdoides squamiceps    Yotvata       27/03/2008

172.            Sombre Tit  Parus lugubris        Mount Hermon     24/03/2008

173.            Great Tit     Parus major major Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

174.            Rock Nuthatch     Sitta neumayer      Mount Hermon     24/03/2008

175.            Palestine Sunbird  Nectarinia osea     Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

176.            Southern Grey Shrike     Lanius excubitor meridionalis  Sea of Galilee         25/03/2008

177.            Woodchat Shrike  Lanius senator       Mount Hermon     24/03/2008

178.            Masked Shrike     Lanius nubicus      Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

179.            Eurasian Jay          Garrulus glandarius         Pardes Hana         24/03/2008

180.            House Crow         Corvus splendens  Eilat   26/03/2008

181.            Hooded Crow      Corvus corone cornix     Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

182.            Brown-necked Raven     Corvus ruficollis    Ein Gedi      25/03/2008

183.            Fan-tailed Raven   Corvus rhipidurus  Ein Gedi      25/03/2008

184.            Tristram's Starling Onychognathus tristramii Ein Gedi      25/03/2008

185.            Vinous-breasted Starling Sturnus burmannicus       Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

186.            Common Myna     Acridotheres tristis          Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

187.            House Sparrow    Passer domesticus Tel Aviv      24/03/2008

188.            Spanish Sparrow  Passer hispaniolensis [domesticus]     Sea of Galilee       25/03/2008

189.            Indian Silverbill     Lonchura malabarica      Eilat   26/03/2008

190.            Syrian Serin Serinus syriacus [serinus]          Mount Hermon     24/03/2008

191.            European Greenfinch      Carduelis chloris   Mount Hermon     24/03/2008

192.            European Goldfinch        Carduelis carduelis carduelis     Pardes Hana         24/03/2008

193.            Eurasian Linnet     Carduelis cannabina        Mount Gilboa        25/03/2008

194.            Trumpeter Finch   Rhodopechys githaginea 40 K60 Eilat         29/03/2008

195.            Desert Finch         Rhodopechys obsoleta   Hatzeva       25/03/2008

196.            Ortolan Bunting     Emberiza hortulana         Mount Gilboa        25/03/2008

197.            Cretzschmar's Bunting    Emberiza caesia    Mount Hermon     24/03/2008

198.            House Bunting      Emberiza striolata  Ein Gedi      25/03/2008

      199.      Corn Bunting         Miliaria calandra           Sea of Galilee   25/03/2008




       Dorcas Gazelle  roadside desert slopes towards Eilat 25/03/08

       Arabian Oryx     roadside desert slopes towards Eilat 25/03/08

       Hermon Tortoise    Mount Hermon   24/03/08








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