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Morocco 2009


                                  Morocco Trip Report                  By Sue Bryan


May 5th – May 12th  2009


Lee Evans

Robert Fuge

Sue Bryan

 Paul Jeffery

Joan Thompson





Paul, Sue, Lee, Rob and Joan




Having been on several birding trips with Lee Evans before, Lee had sent had sent an E-mail to some of us that he knew, who might be interested in joining him on a trip to Morocco and The Western Sahara.


Lee is an excellent birder with an ability to pick out birds at great distance and identify them at ease. He has a sound knowledge of bird calls which he can pick out whilst travelling. He has an excellent network of contacts with years of knowledge of bird sites so that very few species are missed. Paul and I have enjoyed his company on several trips with him now and so we took the opportunity to accompany him, Robert Fuge and Joan Thompson in our adventure to the desert and Atlas Mountains.




5th May   Gatwick - Marrakech - Agadir

6th May   Agadir - Oued Massa - Oued Syed –Guelmin-Afhenhir

7th May   Afhenhir - Tarfaya- Laayoune- Boujdour - Daklar (Western Sahara)

8th May   Daklar – Aoussard – Daklar – Afhenhir

9th May   Afhenhir – Tan Tan –Cap Ghir – Tamri – Essaouira – El Jajida

10th May  El Jadida – Sidi Bourhaba - El Hajeb - Azrou – Dayet Aaoua – Zeida

11th May  Zeida - N’Zala -  Rissani – Tineghir - Boumaine el Dades

12th May  Boumaine el Dades – Ait Barkla - Marrakech


Flights and Car Hire


Lee arranged the flight and car hire through Easyjet  and Sixti . Cost of the flight, and share of the car hire and petrol came to just under £430. We flew from Gatwick to Marrakech.




Accommodation was varied and extremely cheap. We never pre-booked any accommodation but found hotels/hostels in villages where we ended our day. The most we paid for room only was £8 a night each and the cheapest £2.50 a night. In Boumaine el Dades we had a wonderful stay with an authentic meal and entertainment and a good hotel in Zeida. In the Western Sahara hostels were basic with good beds and blankets but dubious washing facilities! 




I used my credit card at the airport to obtain 2000 Dirhams (about £160). Morocco does not allow import/export of currency. After purchasing all accommodation and food with this cash I still had £45 (equivalent) left at the end of the trip




In May it was very hot and we survived most of the day in T-shirts and shorts. I wore ‘zip-off’ trousers for the first hour of the day. In the Atlas mountains we encountered a little light rain and mist; here I needed a fleece whilst searching for the Tristam’s Warbler. At the Pharaoh’s Eagle Owl site near Rissani it reached 115 degrees  in the blazing sun.




Most of our journey consisted of desert scrub with low-lying bushes in amongst the rock and sand. Rivers were mainly shallow with rocky bedrock. The Atlas Mountains were covered with Spring flowers interspersed with craggy outcrops with a few gorges. We stopped at a few lagoons that were surrounded with vegetation.





















                                               Near Marrakech                                                                                  Atlas Mountains





                                                                                      Oued Ziz


Daily Log


5th May


After leaving Gatwick for our early afternoon flight we arrived in Marrakech in the early evening. At the airport we hired our car and departed with some local currency from a cash machine. We drove for 3 hours arriving in Agadir for the night. Common Bulbuls and Southern Grey Shrikes were added to our list as were White Storks nesting on all available spots.




White Stork

















6th May


Whilst travelling we added common birds to our lists before arriving at the Oued (river) Massa estuary. This reserve is managed by Birdlife International and a chap at the entrance tried to con us that we had to have a guide to enter. This is not necessary as it is a public road through the reserve. A Spectacled Warbler was the first warbler of the trip followed by my first life tick of Moussier’s Redstart. The birds came thick and fast with Fan-tailed Warblers ‘zitting’ everywhere. We walked along the riverbank adding Spoonbill, Grey, Little and Purple Herons as well as Glossy Ibis to our lists. Warblers included; Willow, Olivaceous, Garden, Wood, Great Reed and Sardinian. A Rufous Bushchat competed with a Serin for the singing title. We saw many common waders amongst the Greater Flamingos. We walked through some scrub where a Quail and a Barbary Partridge flew to cover in the now searing heat. Back at the car we admired the North African race of Chaffinch as well as Pied Flycatchers.


Moussier’s Redstart


Red-rumped Swallows and Plain Martins were amongst the hirundines as we stopped on a nearby bridge. A few European Bee-eaters called above our heads as we admired a newly fledged brood of Barn Swallows.


Stopping at Oued Syed we began the search for Streaked Scrub Warbler. In the heat it was long search as we added Thekla and Short-toed Larks to our list as well as a Desert Wheatear. Trumpeter Finch was also added before we left. After a long search Joan managed to locate a Streaked Scrub Warbler. Unfortunately I had started a migraine and felt unable to return for a close view making do with a poor flight view (luckily we were to have much better views later in the trip).


Several hours later after a good dose of medication I felt a little better and 22km south of Guelmin we drove off the road to search for larks. Here we had good views of Bar-tailed, Temminck’s and Thick-billed Larks.










 Bar-tailed Lark 



    Cream-coloured Courser












The stop proved to be a good one as a Long-legged Buzzard flew by as well as obtaining good views of a Barbary Falcon. Cream-coloured Coursers ran around whilst we took photographs in the sun. Birds were abundant but were proving difficult to approach. We also had fun with some locals requiring cigarettes and sheep milling around with some females in tow! (not too sure what negotiations Lee and Rob were entering into here?)



Temminck’s Horned Lark
















































              Thick-billed Lark                                                         Barbary Falcon



Long-legged Buzzard


After a few laughs we continued our way south where we spent the night at Afhenhir, where we had a night in a very basic hostel. At £5 a night each we couldn’t complain as this far south choice is very limited. With us all being very tired, we slept well.








             Hoopoe Lark










7th May


A short distance from Afhenhir Lee drove to Khenifiss Lagoon at Tarfaya. Here Rob and Lee were keen to add Kelp Gull to their Western Palearctic Lists. It was a misty start to the day but it soon cleared and with a search with the scopes Kelp Gulls were soon located. We sorted through the Terns and added Gull-billed, Sandwich, Little and Lesser-crested to the list. I was thrilled at the sighting of a Hoopoe Lark on the approach road.


Motoring on through Laayoune we added Griffon Vulture and later at Boujdour we added Black Wheatear and Melodious Warbler. Most of the day was spent in the car making the long journey south into The Western Sahara. We had many stops by police controls wishing to inspect our passports. They were intrigued for some reason about our professions and we spent a lot of time filling out forms at each stop. Rob enlivened the situation by having a different profession at each stop. Our professions ranged from professors to scientists, to directors to perfumers but we drew the line at male prostitutes! All this was done in good humour with the police welcoming us at most stops. Interestingly on our return journey through the same control points, we hit on the idea of being tourists and this seemed to prevent the form filling and demands for passports.


Eventually we made it to Daklar where we had our cheapest night at a cost of £2.50 in a dubious hostel. At least the bed was relatively clean. At this point I should mention that although many places have the word restaurant above the door this does not mean that food is obtainable in these remote desert outposts. Many places are for men only, drinking tea! (alcohol is banned here). It is wise to have some back-up plan for food and we bought bread, dairylea cheese and yogurts at village shops, as and when we could for such times.


8th May


A 5am start was necessary for our trip into the desert before the heat got too much. It was a long monotonous road but we stopped to admire Desert Warblers and Desert Sparrows.





















                                                                                   Desert Warbler                                                                               Desert Sparrow

































                     Black-crowned Finch-lark                                                                                             Fox




Black-crowned Finch-larks also put on a good show but were much more difficult to photograph as was a Fox that peered over the top of a distant cliff. A Black Kite pitched down in the road in font of us but was too shy to have his photo taken on the ground.


Black Kite



















Funny sights are often seen whilst travelling and we were amused by two Dromedary Camels being transported in the back of a truck.


Dromedary Camels
















We stopped to admire some of the Dromedary Camels encountered.






                                                                                                                                                        Lee with Dromedary Camels






41km short of Aoussard we searched for Cricket Warblers. We soon had excellent views as one bird flew around us calling. Fulvous Babblers were hidden in the bushes and did not show well enough for a good photo but Melodious and Olivaceous Warblers did. There were several Southern Grey Shrikes here, as we all enjoyed the fabulous birding, making the long journey very worthwhile. The sun was actually a very welcome change after the cold spells we have endured in England this year.





                                                                                          Cricket Warbler   























                               Southern Grey Shrike                                                                     























                                     MelodiousWarbler                                                                  Olivaceous Warbler





Spotted Flycatcher


In recent years we have often wondered where all our Spotted Flycatchers have gone too. Now I know as every bush in the desert seemed to have one. Eventually we returned to the peninsular at Daklar where we watched Audouin’s Gulls, Caspian and Royal Terns. Retracing our steps we returned to Afhenhir where we spent a second night in the same hostel for another £2.50.















9th May


Lee drove us back up north, over the border into Morocco once again. It must have been a gruelling drive for him with little rest. Although we had just as many police control stops we seemed to sail through them once we had established a routine of saying we were just tourists. We had a few minor incidents with them and a con artist who tried to enforce a bribe out of us but with Rob’s quick thinking of taking his number and writing it down in his notebook in front of his eyes he quickly returned our money.


Hours later we had a roadside stop where 29km south of Tan Tan we had much better views of Streaked Scrub Warbler. I was pleased with this as I had had a migraine at the previous site and had had only distant flight views. We now headed for Cap Ghir and Tamri where we saw the threatened Northern Bald Ibis. Once we had taken several photographs we headed for their breeding cliffs where we met an extremely officious individual who claimed he was the warden and asked us to leave. I have never met such an individual who did nothing to explain or welcome visiting birders as to why it is so important to protect the birds. We were stood well away from the birds not interfering in any way. Educating and welcoming visitors, whilst managing them is the only way birds are going to be protected in the first place! They need to have a look at places like Loch Garten, Bempton Cliffs and Weeting to see how it can be done!


















Northern Bald Ibis







We were nearing the end of our day (or so I thought) and we followed a route to Essaouira. Here we had one of those magical moments in birding as 30+ Eleanora’s Falcons took to the sky at dusk hawking insects above our heads. Try as I might to take a photograph there was simply not enough light and so I just enjoyed the spectacle. After a long journey Lee drove onward and we found a bed at midnight at El Jadida in a block of flats. We enjoyed a wonderful hot shower and I slept like a log!


10th May


Adventurous journeys are never without their problems and our day started with a slow puncture. Luckily being in a town, a garage was soon found and two young lads quickly had us on our way. We started at Sidi de Bouhaba which is a lagoon in a river valley, which was made interesting for all the males onboard by all the pretty university girl students studying biology! They certainly took an interest in us and our telescopes as we searched for our birds (feathered variety or otherwise).


Red-knobbed Coots accompanied Marbled Teal one side of the road whilst Black-necked Grebes and White-headed Ducks kept Ferruginous Ducks company the other side.



Marbled Teal














We left the coast and started the trek across to the Atlas Mountains. Near El Hajeb we had a wonderful show of 29 Honey Buzzards in a kettle, soaring above our heads. Heading ever higher we reached Azrou where we searched for Atlas Flycatcher. After a blank result, with only views of African Blue Tit and a Firecrest we moved a little further on where Paul managed to locate a pair high up in the broad-leafed trees. We watched for quite a while as the male put on a courtship display for the female. It was lovely to see.

Our journey over the Atlas Mountains was made memorable by the massive migration of Painted Lady Butterflies taking place. Millions were flying through the air and it was impossible to avoid them on the road as they flew at car height. I hate to think how many we inadvertently killed in our progress. However the birds were having a feeding frenzy.



Admiring the Spring flowers we made our way to Dayet Aaoua where I was disappointed to find it heaving with people that meant that we dipped the Levaillant’s Woodpecker expected at this site. Compensation came in the way of a Roller sat in a poplar tree.


























                        Atlas Flycatcher                                                                                     European Roller                                                      


Moving on we climbed even higher. Rob was keen to see Seebohm’s Wheatear which after some driving was spotted perching on a rock. Crested Larks were singing as we stumbled over various rocks. We also paid a quick visit to the Barbary Apes.





























 Seebohm’s Wheatear                                                                    Crested Lark                                                              





 Lee with Barbary Apes




We finally made it to Zeida where the hotel was positively luxurious compared to our recent nights but the food it offered was hugely disappointing considering the comfortable surroundings it seemed to offer.









11th May


Starting our day high on a high Atlas Mountain plateau we searched for Dupont’s Larks. The low scrubby bushes made viewing difficult because as soon as we located a lark in flight it dropped into the scrub and ran as fast as it could and out of sight. It was a frustrating search and after a long time I had to be satisfied with flight-only views. A Hobby flew over as we searched.


Lee drove on and into a gorge at N’Zala where we watched an Alpine and Red-billed Chough as well as Crag Martins. Passing over the Oued Ziz we watched a Moroccan Pied Wagtail feeding young as I picked up a Hoopoe in flight. Our next destination was almost unreal as we headed into the bleakness of the Sahara Desert once again. I picked up a Lanner in flight 38km north of Rissani.




Moroccan Pied Wagtail



In Rissani Lee identified a Rufous Bushchat that the rest of us struggled with in the heat-haze sitting in the sun.













                                                                                Rufous Bushchat








After passing through Rissani we stopped 32km short of Erfoud on the N12. Here we searched around the back of a long rock outcrop. The cliffs were imposing as the 115 degree heat took its toll on us. I took a few photos of the Desert Larks that seemed to resent us invading their remoteness.



Desert Lark 



Out of nowhere a few lads appeared trying to sell us fossils. We had no common language and at first found them a bit of a nuisance. However once we had established what we were looking for Lee offered one of the lads his binoculars. After a persistent but fruitless search in the middle of the day (not the best time to be searching for our quarry) one lad seemed to know what he was about and indicated that he knew of a better site for Pharaoh Eagle Owl. He jumped in our car and the other lads followed on their bikes to a site 6km away that used to be an old film location. I was expecting John Wayne to come riding by at any moment!







The outcrop of rock had a wall of stone enclosing an area within and we followed the lead lad as he searched the walls of the outcrop. A White-crowned Black Wheatear was a nice diversion as we all searched the crags.



White-crowned Black Wheatear       Pharaoh Eagle-Owl



























Soon things disintegrated as Rob departed to the car followed by Lee. Paul meanwhile had disappeared up above me somewhere. The lads had also disappeared over another wall ahead of us. Joan and I were still searching as one of the lads beckoned us. I shouted to Paul and Lee but did not know what was happening. As Joan and I scrambled over the wall we looked in the direction that the lad was pointing and there in front of us was a Pharaoh Eagle Owl! Lee soon joined us but unfortunately the bird flew off over a ridge before Paul and Rob could get there.



The lads put in another great effort in trying to relocate it but except for a flight view which once again Paul did not see, we needed to move on as we had a long way to travel before nightfall.























Short-toed Lark


                                                                                                             Blue-cheeked Bee-eater


Travelling near Jarf we had a few Blue-cheeked Bee-eaters as well as Short-toed Larks.


At Tineghir we drove down a track-way where Paul picked up a Booted Eagle flying over a rise before reappearing several minutes later.
































               Lee on the bongo                                                     Rob with a big one!


Arriving at Boumaine El Dades we stumbled upon a lovely authentic hotel that was a fitting end for a last night’s stay. At Hotel Chems we enjoyed a fabulous evening with a good Moroccan meal and bongo drum entertainment that we all had to participate in.







                                                                                     Paul and Joan playing the bongos!


12th May




























                              Red-billed Chough                                                               Red-rumped Wheatear


Leaving the hotel at 5.30am we admired the Red-rumped Wheatears that had been fairly common throughout our journey in Morocco. We climbed back up the Atlas Mountains through gorges where we encountered a few Rock Sparrows, Serins and Red-billed Choughs.





























                                                  Serin                                                                   Rock Sparrow


36km km short of Ait Barkla we encountered our first poor weather. A Sparrowhawk flew over as we got out of the car. Light rain and mist made for a chilly feel to the air and I reached for my fleece to search for Tristam’s Warbler in the Juniper trees. We knew there was one present as we heard it calling but seeing it was quite a different matter. A Subalpine Warbler gave us a false impression for a while as did an Orphean Warbler lurking deep in the vegetation before it revealed itself. Rock Buntings sat at the top of one tree before we had stunning views of a Tristam’s Warbler sat out in full view.





























                                       Tristam’s Warbler                                                                                  Rock Bunting



We were all very pleased with our sightings and beat a hasty retreat to the car for a warm-up. A short stop ensued as we spotted a couple of Common Cuckoos showing well on a wire giving a photo opportunity or so we thought. It proved more difficult than we admitted to, as the mist made focusing difficult.


Common Cuckoo


The mist soon lifted as we made our way back down the mountain into warmth once again. We stopped to watch a few Nightingales battling it out for a territory in a vegetated roadside ditch.


All too soon we ran out of time to try for Levaillant’s Woodpecker near Marrakech and made our way to the airport for our flight back to Gatwick and the end of another wonderful birding trip with Lee, Rob, Joan and Paul.


Lee drove over 5000km and once again I would like to thank him for all his efforts in making it an enjoyable experience. His energy, enthusiasm and sense of humour for all of us to enjoy are second to none!

















Systematic List


1.                  Little Grebe      Tachybaptus ruficollis    06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

2.                  Great Crested Grebe    Podiceps cristatus         10/05/2009      Sidi de Bourhaba         

3.                  Black-necked Grebe    Podiceps nigricollis       10/05/2009      Sidi de Bourhaba         

4.                  Northern Gannet           Morus bassanus            09/05/2009      Afhenhir          

5.                  Great Cormorant          Phalacrocorax carbo maroccanus          06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

6.                  Little Egret        Egretta garzetta 06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

7.                  Grey Heron      Ardea cinerea   06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

8.                  Purple Heron    Ardea purpurea            06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

9.                  Cattle Egret      Bubulcus ibis    05/05/2009      Marrakech      

10.              Little Bittern      Ixobrychus minutus       06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

11.              White Stork      Ciconia ciconia 05/05/2009      Marrakech      

12.              Glossy Ibis       Plegadis falcinellus        06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

13.              Northern Bald Ibis        Geronticus eremita        09/05/2009      Tamri  

14.              Eurasian Spoonbill        Platalea leucorodia        06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

15.              Greater Flamingo          Phoenicopterus ruber    06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

16.              White-headed Duck     Oxyura leucocephala    10/05/2009      Sidi de Bourhaba         

17.              Ruddy Shelduck           Tadorna ferruginea        06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

18.              Gadwall            Anas strepera   10/05/2009      Sidi de Bourhaba         

19.              Mallard            Anas platyrhynchos platyrhynchos         06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

20.              Marbled Duck  Marmaronetta angustirostris      06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

21.              Common Pochard        Aythya ferina    10/05/2009      Sidi de Bourhaba         

22.              Ferruginous Duck         Aythya nyroca  10/05/2009      Sidi de Bourhaba         

23.              European Honey-buzzard         Pernis apivorus 10/05/2009      El Hajeb          

24.              Black Kite        Milvus migrans migrans 09/05/2009      Tan Tan           

25.              Eurasian Griffon-vulture            Gyps fulvus       07/05/2009      Laayoune        

26.              Western Marsh-harrier Circus aeruginosus        07/05/2009      Boujdour         

27.              Eurasian Sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus  12/05/2009      Ait Barkla        

28.              Long-legged Buzzard    Buteo rufinus    06/05/2009      Guelmin 22km south    

29.              Booted Eagle    Hieraaetus pennatus      11/05/2009      Tineghir           

30.              Lesser Kestrel  Falco naumanni 10/05/2009      El Hajeb          

31.              Common Kestrel          Falco tinnunculus          06/05/2009      Agadir 

32.              Eleonora's Falcon         Falco eleonorae            09/05/2009      Essaouira         

33.              Eurasian Hobby            Falco subbuteo 11/05/2009      Ziada   

34.              Lanner Falcon  Falco biarmicus            11/05/2009      Rissani 

35.              Barbary Falcon Falco pelegrinoides [peregrinus]           06/05/2009      Guelmin 22km south    

36.              Barbary Partridge         Alectoris barbara          06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

37.              Common Quail Coturnix coturnix          06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

38.              Common Moorhen       Gallinula chloropus        06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

39.              Red-knobbed Coot      Fulica cristata   10/05/2009      Sidi de Bourhaba         

40.              Eurasian Coot   Fulica atra        06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

41.              Eurasian Oystercatcher  Haematopus ostralegus 07/05/2009     Tarfaya Khenifissa Lagoon       

42.              Black-winged Stilt        Himantopus himantopus            06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

43.              Pied Avocet     Recurvirostra avosetta  06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

44.              Stone-curlew    Burhinus oedicnemus    06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

45.              Cream-coloured Courser          Cursorius cursor           06/05/2009      Guelmin 22km south    

46.              Grey Plover      Pluvialis squatarola        07/05/2009      Tarfaya Khenifissa Lagoon       

47.              Common Ringed Plover            Charadrius hiaticula       06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

48.              Little Ringed Plover      Charadrius dubius         07/05/2009      Laayoune        

49.              Kentish Plover  Charadrius alexandrinus            07/05/2009      Tarfaya Khenifissa Lagoon       

50.              Bar-tailed Godwit         Limosa lapponica          07/05/2009      Tarfaya Khenifissa Lagoon       

51.              Whimbrel         Numenius phaeopus      07/05/2009      Tarfaya Khenifissa Lagoon       

52.              Common Redshank      Tringa totanus   06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

53.              Common Greenshank   Tringa nebularia            06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

54.              Common Sandpiper      Tringa hypoleucos         06/05/2009      Agadir 

55.              Ruddy Turnstone          Arenaria interpres         07/05/2009      Tarfaya Khenifissa Lagoon       

56.              Red Knot         Calidris canutus            06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

57.              Sanderling        Calidris alba     06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

58.              Dunlin   Calidris alpina   06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

59.              Curlew Sandpiper         Calidris ferruginea         06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

60.              Ruff      Philomachus pugnax      06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

61.              Audouin's Gull  Larus audouinii 08/05/2009      Daklar 

62.              Kelp Gull          Larus dominicanus        07/05/2009      Tarfaya Khenifissa Lagoon       

63.              Western Yellow-legged Gull     Larus cachinnans (michahellis) 06/05/2009        Oued Massa    

64.              Gull-billed Tern Sterna nilotica   07/05/2009      Tarfaya Khenifissa Lagoon       

65.              Caspian Tern    Sterna caspia    08/05/2009      Daklar 

66.              Royal Tern       Sterna maxima  08/05/2009      Daklar 

67.              Lesser Crested-tern      Sterna bengalensis        07/05/2009      Tarfaya Khenifissa Lagoon       

68.              Sandwich Tern Sterna sandvicensis       07/05/2009      Tarfaya Khenifissa Lagoon       

69.              Common Tern  Sterna hirundo  06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

70.              Little Tern         Sterna albifrons 07/05/2009      Tarfaya Khenifissa Lagoon       

71.              Black Tern       Chlidonias niger niger    06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

72.              Wood Pigeon   Columba palumbus       06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

73.              European Turtle-dove   Streptopelia turtur         06/05/2009      Agadir 

74.              Laughing Dove Streptopelia senegalensis           06/05/2009      Agadir 

75.              Eurasian Collared-dove            Streptopelia decaocto   05/05/2009      Marrakech      

76.              Common Cuckoo         Cuculus canorus           12/05/2009      Ait Barkla        

77.              Pharaoh Eagle-owl       Bubo ascalaphus [bubo]           11/05/2009      Rissani 

78.              Little Owl         Athene noctua  06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

79.              Common Swift Apus apus        05/05/2009      Marrakech      

80.              Pallid Swift       Apus pallidus    05/05/2009      Marrakech      

81.              Little Swift        Apus affinis       06/05/2009      Agadir 

82.              Blue-cheeked Bee-eater           Merops persicus [superciliosus]            11/05/2009      Jarf      

83.              European Bee-eater      Merops apiaster           06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

84.              European Roller            Coracias garrulus          10/05/2009      Dayat Aaoua   

85.              Eurasian Hoopoe          Upupa epops    11/05/2009      Oued Ziz         

86.              Great Spotted Woodpecker     Dendrocopos major      10/05/2009      Sidi de Bourhaba         

87.              Black-crowned Sparrow-lark   Eremopterix nigriceps   08/05/2009      Aoussard 41km west   

88.              Bar-tailed Lark  Ammomanes cincturus [phoenicurus]   06/05/2009      Guelmin 22km south    

89.              Desert Lark      Ammomanes deserti     11/05/2009      Rissani 

90.              Hoopoe Lark   Alaemon alaudipes        07/05/2009      Tarfaya Khenifissa Lagoon       

91.              Thick-billed Lark          Ramphocoris clotbey    06/05/2009      Guelmin 22km south    

92.              Calandra Lark  Melanocorypha calandra           10/05/2009      Khenssi           

93.              Short-toed Lark           Calandrella brachydactyla [cinerea]       06/05/2009      Oued Syed      

94.              Lesser Short-toed Lark            Calandrella rufescens    09/05/2009      Tan Tan           

95.              Dunn's Lark      Eremalauda dunni         08/05/2009      Aoussard 41km west   

96.              Dupont's Lark  Chersophilus duponti    11/05/2009      Ziada   

97.              Crested Lark    Galerida cristata            06/05/2009      Agadir 

98.              Thekla Lark      Galerida theklae [malabarica]    06/05/2009      Oued Syed      

99.              Temminck's Lark          Eremophila bilopha [alpestris] 06/05/2009        Guelmin 22km south    

100.          Sand Martin     Riparia riparia   08/05/2009      Aoussard 41km west   

101.          Plain Martin      Riparia paludicola         06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

102.          Eurasian Crag-martin    Hirundo rupestris          11/05/2009      N' Zala

103.          Barn Swallow   Hirundo rustica 06/05/2009      Agadir 

104.          Red-rumped Swallow   Hirundo daurica            06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

105.          House Martin   Delichon urbica 07/05/2009      Laayoune        

106.          White Wagtail   Motacilla alba alba        09/05/2009      Cap Ghir         

107.          Moroccan Pied Wagtail            Motacilla alba subpersonata      11/05/2009      Oued Ziz         

108.          Spanish Yellow-wagtail Motacilla flava iberiae   06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

109.          Common Bulbul            Pycnonotus barbatus     05/05/2009      Marrakech      

110.          Rufous-tailed Scrub-robin         Cercotrichas galactotes 06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

111.          Common Nightingale    Luscinia megarhynchos 12/05/2009      Aguemous       

112.          Common Redstart Phoenicurus phoenicurus  07/05/2009 Tarfaya Khenifissa Lagoon    

113.          Moussier's Redstart      Phoenicurus moussieri   06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

114.          Whinchat          Saxicola rubetra            07/05/2009      Tarfaya Khenifissa Lagoon       

115.          Common Stonechat      Saxicola torquata torquata        06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

116.          White-crowned Black Wheatear           Oenanthe leucopyga     06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

117.          Black Wheatear            Oenanthe leucura          07/05/2009      Boujdour         

118.          Northern Wheatear       Oenanthe oenanthe       07/05/2009      Boujdour         

119.          Seebohm's Wheatear    Oenanthe oenanthe seebohmi    10/05/2009      Dayat Aaoua   

120.          Red-rumped Wheatear Oenanthe moesta          06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

121.          Black-eared Wheatear  Oenanthe hispanica       06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

122.          Desert Wheatear          Oenanthe deserti           06/05/2009      Oued Syed      

123.          Isabelline Wheatear      Oenanthe isabellina       06/05/2009      Guelmin 22km south    

124.          Eurasian Blackbird        Turdus merula   06/05/2009      Agadir 

125.          Mistle Thrush    Turdus viscivorus          10/05/2009      Dayat Aaoua   

126.          Cetti's Warbler Cettia cetti        06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

127.          Zitting Cisticola Cisticola juncidis           06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

128.          Cricket Longtail            Spiloptila clamans         08/05/2009      Aoussard 41km west   

129.          Streaked Scrub-warbler           Scotocerca inquieta      06/05/2009      Oued Syed      

130.          Great Reed-warbler      Acrocephalus arundinaceus       06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

131.          Olivaceous Warbler      Hippolais pallida           06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

132.          Melodious Warbler       Hippolais polyglotta      07/05/2009      Boujdour         

133.          Garden Warbler           Sylvia borin      06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

134.          Desert Warbler Sylvia nana       08/05/2009      Aoussard 41km west   

135.          Orphean Warbler         Sylvia hortensis 12/05/2009      Ait Barkla        

136.          Sardinian Warbler         Sylvia melanocephala    06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

137.          Subalpine Warbler        Sylvia cantillans 12/05/2009      Ait Barkla        

138.          Spectacled Warbler      Sylvia conspicillata        06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

139.          Tristram's Warbler        Sylvia deserticola          12/05/2009      Ait Barkla        

140.          Willow Warbler            Phylloscopus trochilus   06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

141.          Wood Warbler Phylloscopus sibilatrix   06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

142.          Firecrest           Regulus ignicapillus       10/05/2009      Azrou  

143.          Spotted Flycatcher       Muscicapa striata          07/05/2009      Tarfaya Khenifissa Lagoon       

144.          Pied Flycatcher Ficedula hypoleuca       06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

145.          Atlas Pied Flycatcher    Ficedula hypoleuca speculigera 10/05/2009      Azrou  

146.          Fulvous Babbler           Turdoides fulvus           08/05/2009      Aoussard 41km west   

147.          Coal Tit            Parus ater         10/05/2009      Azrou  

148.          Great Tit           Parus major major        06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

149.          Blue Tit            Parus caeruleus ultramarinus      09/05/2009      Tamri  

150.          Golden Oriole   Oriolus oriolus  10/05/2009      Sidi de Bourhaba         

151.          Southern Grey Shrike   Lanius excubitor elegans           05/05/2009      Marrakech      

152.          Woodchat Shrike         Lanius senator  09/05/2009      Tamri  

153.          Black-billed Magpie     Pica pica mauretanica   06/05/2009      Agadir 

154.          Red-billed Chough        Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax          11/05/2009      N' Zala

155.          Yellow-billed Chough   Pyrrhocorax graculus    11/05/2009      N' Zala

156.          Brown-necked Raven   Corvus ruficollis            08/05/2009      Aoussard 41km west   

157.          Common Raven            Corvus corax    09/05/2009      Cap Ghir         

158.          Atlas Raven      Corvus corax tingitanus 10/05/2009      El Hajeb          

159.          Spotless Starling           Sturnus unicolor            05/05/2009      Marrakech      

160.          House Sparrow            Passer domesticus        05/05/2009      Marrakech      

161.          Desert Sparrow            Passer simplex  08/05/2009     Aoussard 41km west   

162.          Rock Sparrow  Petronia petronia          12/05/2009      Aguemous       

163.          Chaffinch          Fringilla coelebs            06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

164.          European Serin Serinus serinus  06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

165.          European Greenfinch    Carduelis chloris           06/05/2009      Agadir 

166.          European Goldfinch      Carduelis carduelis carduelis     06/05/2009      Agadir 

167.          Eurasian Linnet Carduelis cannabina      06/05/2009      Oued Massa    

168.          Trumpeter Finch           Rhodopechys githaginea            06/05/2009      Oued Syed      

169.          Rock Bunting    Emberiza cia     12/05/2009      Ait Barkla        

170.          House Bunting  Emberiza striolata         05/05/2009      Marrakech      

171.          Corn Bunting    Miliaria calandra           10/05/2009      El Hajeb          





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