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Black Arches Roydon 23rd July 2006










Grass Emerald Roydon 31st July 2004    Riband Wave Roydon 31st July 2004




Poplar Grey Roydon 25th July 2006









Buff Tip Roydon 25th July 2006    Buff Ermine Roydon 25th July 2006 


Small Magpie Roydon 25th July 2006
















Heart and Dart Roydon 25th July 2006 Common White Wave Roydon 25th July 2006 


Flame Shoulder 25th July 2006
















Swallow Prominent Roydon 23th July 2006          Bright-line Brown-eye Roydon 23rd July 2006 



Beautiful Golden Y Roydon 25th July 2006
















Silver Y Horsey 170706


Hawk Moths











Elephant Hawk Moth Roydon 25th July  2006         Poplar Moth Roydon 25July 2006   



Privet Hawk Moth Roydon 25th July 2006

















                                                                  Hummingbird Hawk Moth Roydon  18th July 2006









Smoky Wainscot Roydon 25th July 2006                Shoulder-striped Wainscot 25th July 2006



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