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Namibia 2012


Trip Report to Namibia


November 2012


Sue Bryan






This was a birding holiday organised by ourselves, Sue Bryan and Paul Jeffery to see some of the birds that we have missed on our other adventures in Southern Africa. We also targeted Black Rhinoceros as we have failed to see this on our other trips. We used the excellent Southern African Birdfinder guidebook by Callan Cohen, Claire Spottiswoode and Jonathan Rossouw as our main guide but also had a trip report written by J and J Geeson with us.




10th November       Heathrow  – Johannesburg


11th November       Johannesburg  - Windhoek- Daan Viljoen Game Park


12th November       Daan Viljoen Game Park - Walvis Bay


13th November       Walvis Bay – Swakopmund - Spitzkoppe


14th November       Spitzkoppe  - Waterberg Plateau


15th November       Waterberg Plateau – Roy’s Camp


16th November       Roy’s Camp – Rundu – Popa Falls


17th November       Popa Falls + Mahango NR


18th November       Popa Falls – Etosha NP (Namutoni Camp)


19th November       Etosha NP (Namutoni Camp)


20th November      Etosha NP (Namutoni Camp- Halali Camp)


21st November       Etosha NP (Halali Camp)


22nd November      Etosha NP – Hobatere


23rd November      Hobatere – Daan Viljoen Game Park


24th November      Daan Viljoen Game Park – Windhoek – Johannesburg


25th November     Arrival at Heathrow





International flights to Windhoek via Johannesburg with South African Airways cost 2 x £887.65 return.


Vehicle Hire


We hired a 4x4 camper van from Motorhome Bookers  who sub-contracted to Bobo Campers at a cost of £1302. We paid and extra £40 locally for being picked up from the airport on a Sunday and taken to the depot. Whilst the vehicle coped with all the gravel roads and some sand tracks well, it was rather old and the 'pop-up' top leaked during the three thunderstorms that we had, making our bedding wet. The sub-tank did not work that meant we ran short of fuel in our main tank needlessly.




We obtained South African Rand from the ATM at Windhoek airport but it only accepts Visa cards as Mastercard is not accepted at many ATM machines in Namibia. South African Rand is accepted in Namibia although you will get Namibian Dollars in change, which has the same exchange rate. Before leaving the country make sure you ‘get-rid’ of Namibian Dollars as they are difficult to exchange once back home. Credit cards are not accepted at petrol stations in Namibia and petrol/diesel has to be bought in cash. There are often ATMs at petrol stations in towns but not at camps.




The weather was hot (30°+ C) and sunny during the day but we did have three thunderstorms either at night or late afternoon, flooding out our campsite on one occasion at Etosha NP.




At the coast Namibia is famed for the huge dunes forming part of the Namib Desert which also consist of gravel plains and rocky hills. Further east the desert gives way to Acacia savannah. The Caprivi Strip in the north-east is a narrow piece of land which is the wettest region of Namibia consisting of extensive wetlands and woodlands.


Daily Log


10th November


Paul and I caught the train to Heathrow for our evening flight to Johannesburg.


11th November


After arriving in Johannesburg, we caught a flight to Windhoek and were picked up at the airport to be driven to Kappsfarm, where we picked up our 4x4 camper van. We were shown all we needed to know about the van and set off for Windhoek. After some shopping for supplies in the city we made our way to Daan Viljoen Game Park where we did a little birding in the campsite.




















                                             Great Sparrow                                                                      Familiar Chat


Great Sparrow and Red-billed Spurfowl were around the van as I prepared the evening meal and Greater-striped Swallow flew overhead. A Familiar Chat and Mountain Wheatear were good to catch up with again since our last time in Southern Africa, as we made our way to the small lake. Here Red-billed Duck, African Jacana and Blacksmith Plover were on show as well as Painted Snipe and Three-banded Plover. A Lilac-breasted Roller looked smart as Rock Martin and Brown-throated Martin flew above us.























                                Three-banded Plover                                                                  Lilac-breasted Roller


In the bushes by the side of the campsite, I life-ticked Burnt-necked Eremomela. By the time the sun set we had forty-five species on the trip list.


12th November


The following morning we drove around the loop road of Daan Viljoen Game Park and admired some of the animals.




















                                           Blue Wildebeest                                                                                  Giraffe and baby


A Blue Wildebeest was stood right by the roadside as we watched Black-chested Prinia and Ashy Tit in the bushes. We soon arrived at the small gorge where our hunt for Rockrunner began. A Ground-scraper Thrush was carrying food to a nest as Paul located a Rockrunner on top of the cliff. We added Sabota Lark and Pale-winged Starling as well as Mariqua Flycatcher before making our way back to the campsite, where at the cliffs at the back we had better views of Rockrunner.Black-chested Prinia                                                                              





After lunch we decided to use the gravel C28 road to Walvis Bay. It was slow-going through the mountains and it took us nearly six hours allowing for a few stops to watch Purple Roller, Pale Chanting Goshawk, Monteiro’s Hornbill, Ruppell’s Bustard, Black-shouldered Kite, Namaqua Sandgrouse and Martial Eagle along the way.





































                                    C28 road                                                                          nearing Walvis Bay in the camper van























Pale Chanting Goshawk                Namaqua Sandgrouse









Once we had reached Walvis Bay we had difficulty locating the campsite which was hidden in a suburban street. However it was soon dark and gave us no chance of any more birding that day.


13th November


We had two different locations for the finding of Dune Lark, our target bird; so we headed for what we thought might be the easiest site and headed for the salt works along the coast road at Walvis Bay. However dunes are mobile and since the writing of one of the trip reports that we had with us, a rather large sand dune has shifted position and completely obliterated the track-way that we needed to travel on. Although we had a 4x4 vehicle it was out of the question taking it either over the top or round the sand dune. We had a quick look at some of the waders on the pools and followed our second set of instructions. This too proved problematical as a road sign that we were expecting did not exist and we had several aborted attempts disappearing down track-ways all blocked by a new pipeline. Paul does not give up easily and eventually we found a road now labelled as the D1983. We followed this for 24km and drove inside a compound at the edge of the dunes. This may or not have beeen Rooibank. We walked south for about a mile along the line of vegetation in the searing heat until we eventually found four Dune Lark.




















                                                     Dune Lark                                            Paul searching for Dune Lark                                                                


 Steppe Buzzard


As our target bird had now been seen, we returned back to the coast road where we enjoyed watching Greater Flamingo, Chestnut-banded Plover, White Pelican, Kelp Gull, Swift Tern, Hartlub’s Gull and Damara Tern amongst many other common waders and terns.







































                         Hartlub's Gull                                                                           Swift Tern



The coastal birding was excellent which we enjoyed but as we have been to Southern Africa several times before we were keen to get going and drove to Swakopmund where we spent four fruitless hours searching near the salt works for Gray’s Lark. Tractrac Chat was the only addition to our trip list here and we had to admit defeat if we were to arrive at Spitzkoppe before nightfall.


White Pelican







We drove along the B2 admiring Double-banded Courser and Ludwig’s Bustard along the way but the scenery was dire. Unfortunately it was dark as we arrived at Spitzkoppe which caused us a few problems as we failed to locate the campsite on arrival due to poor signage at the reserve. It never fails to surprise me how dark it can be in Africa! However we did manage good views of a Rufous-cheeked Nightjar sitting on the track way! After returning to the gatehouse and with better directions we found a camping location suitable for an early start in the morning.






14th November


We were up as the sun rose at Spitzkoppe and searched the area below the rocks for Herero Chat. Unfortunately it evaded us and we could not find it. White-tailed Shrike, Monotonous Lark, Rosy-faced Lovebird, Stark’s Lark, Pririt Batis Mountain Wheatear, Pale-winged Starling and Cape Crombec were all added to the trip list but soon we had to move on as we had a long way to go.
































                               Rosy-faced Lovebird                                                                           Mountain Wheatear 

























                              Pale-winged Starling                                                      Pririt Batis


We eventually arrived at The Waterberg Plateau late in the afternoon and soon settled into the campsite at the Waterberg National Park.


15th November


The day started really well and we soon located some of our target birds. A Violet Woodhoopoe was sat in trees by the petrol pump by the reception area and one of the workers in the campsite called us across to see a Ruppell’s Parrot feeding not far from our camper van in the trees. Bradfield’s Swift, White-rumped Swift, African Hoopoe, Bearded Woodpecker were all welcome additions to the trip list and Damara Hornbill was life-ticked by us both.


Grey Go-away-bird


We wandered around and saw many other common species and enjoyed taking lots of photographs in the campsite trees and scrub. A Grey Go-away-bird posed in a tree as a Banded Mongoose scurried across the campsite.











































                       Ruppell’s Parrot                                                                Damara Hornbill


We were pleased with our early efforts and Paul returned to the van. I followed but soon disaster struck as Paul announced that he had filled the diesel tank with several litres of water mistaking it for the water hole, even though each hole on the side of our van was clearly labelled. Horror upon horror ensued.





















                                                                   Dismantling the fuel tank


We realised the severity of Paul’s mistake and I made my way to the camp reception, where luckily they had a mechanic on site. There was nothing for it but to take off the fuel tank, as siphoning the fuel/water out was not an option. Our next worry was that the camp did not have any diesel and we were a long way from any fuel supply. The mechanic did an amazing job and managed not only to take off the tank and drain all the fuel/water out but saved 95% of the diesel too (for the non-scientific amongst you water and diesel separate out) Three hours later the van was all back together and we celebrated with a pleasant lunch in the restaurant where we watched a Southern Masked Weaver build its nest.


Southern Masked Weaver


This was perhaps the most relaxed we were the whole holiday, as it was bliss just to sit and contemplate having seen some good birds and overcome what could have been a disaster for our trip to be! However we had a long way to go and we were now behind schedule so we never did get to see the animals (Black Rhinoceros was promised) at the top of the plateau. However we did see some Oryx back down on the road out.


























                                                               Waterberg Plateau                                                         Oryx (Gemsbok)


We travelled on the gravelled D2512 all the way to Grootfontein, an excellent route that involved several stops to open and shut farmer’s gates. Breaking down would not be an option as we did not pass another vehicle all the way. Eventually we met the main road and continued on the B8 55km north of Grootfontein to Roy’s Camp where we stopped the night along with many other travellers breaking the journey. Here I enjoyed a swim in the small pool and we ticked Black-faced Babbler which was easy to spot here. A small waterhole kept Paul amused as I relaxed swimming after our eventful day.


16th November


After a disappointing birding session at Roy’s Camp we left and drove the 200km to Rundu. Here we made for the sewage ponds (don’t all holidays target sewage ponds?) and delighted in the number of birds on offer. The ponds are located by turning left off the B8 and into Rundu town. At the end of the road at the T-junction you turn right and after 4km the settling ponds appear on the left. Here we met some Dutch birders and shared views of many common waders as well as, Slaty Egret, Senegal Coucal, Didric Cuckoo, Southern Carmine Bee-eater, Lesser Swamp Warbler, Red-faced Mousebird, Kittlitz Plover, Hottentot Teal and Jameson’s Firefinch.


It was excellent birding here but we still had to travel another 200km to Popa Falls and time was disappearing fast. After another straight run without much to look at we eventually arrived at the small campsite at Popa Falls. We chose a pitch and a Giant Kingfisher greeted us.




















                                                          Giant Kingfisher                                                  Paul at Popa Falls


The habitat looked good and we wandered around the trees following the trail by the side of one of the tributaries of the river. A White-browed Robin-Chat and Dark-capped Bulbul put in brief appearances as Thick-billed Weaver, Hartlub’s Babbler and Terrestrial Bulbul added to the list. We were keen to see Rock Pratincole and made our way to the main river where several Rock Pratincole lurked on the rocks and flew around. An African Fish Eagle sat in a tree above the river and a Black Crake showed too. Light was fading fast and it was time for a meal beside the river.


17th November


We were up for an early morning stroll around the campsite where a Black Cuckoo was calling. Meve’s Glossy Starling and Dickinson’s Kestrel added themselves to the list but we were disappointed by how few birds we saw and decided to head for Mahango Game Reserve just up the road. The lady at the gate was on African timing and not in too much of a hurry as we were to get in. However it was a fabulous day and we certainly had good views of both animals and birds but because we had birded the region before we did not have many in the way of ticks!



















                                                             Lion                                                                         Burchell’s Zebra


Our first and only lions of the trip were just inside the boundary gate as we watched Yellow-billed Kite, Bateleur, Black-backed Puffback and Goliath Heron. The nearby Zebra seemed to be oblivious of the lions’ presence as we admired a Brown Snake Eagle. I enjoyed a better view of a Southern Carmine Bee-eater as Paul picked out a Gymnogene.






























                   Brown Snake Eagle                                                     Southern Carmine Bee-eater


We added many other species to our trip list but continued to an area over-looking the river for one of our target species. After admiring Wattled Crane, White-fronted Bee-eater and Jacobin Cuckoo we had a stroke of luck. A Common Cuckoo landed in the reeds at the side of the river forcing out a Greater Swamp Warbler who seemingly was defending its patch. I started to talk about African Skimmer and with that one obligingly flew by! Now if only it would always happen like that.























White-fronted Bee-eater                                                      Mahango Game Reserve






















                                                                      Roan                                                                    Tsessebe



The animals were good to see in Mahango, giving us views of some rarer species. We watched Tsessebe and Roan here. We soon added African Grey Hornbill, Blue-cheeked Bee-eater, Green Woodhoopoe, Red-billed Firefinch and Pin-tailed Whydah to our trip list before making our way back to the campsite for the night.


18th November


After a discussion about how much time we had left in Namibia and the distances involved, in order to give ourselves enough time in Etosha National Park, we sadly decided we ought to turn tail and make our way back along the B8 and head towards Etosha. Two weeks is simply not enough time to cover Namibia properly. However we thought before we started the long trail back we would follow some instructions and walk the outside of the perimeter fence of Mahango Game Reserve. Here we watched Golden Oriole and Arrow-marked Babbler before game wardens told us we were in danger and to return to our vehicle. We had no choice and after a little more birding from the road we headed back to Rundu.


After several hours of motoring we stopped for lunch in Rundu at another swampy area just south of the town where Swamp Boubou, Bru Bru, Rufous-bellied Heron and Mosque Swallow were added to the trip list.


We continued for what seemed like an eternity in the van and in the early evening arrived at Etosha National Park. After completing formalities we pitched the van in the campsite and made our way to the waterhole at Namutoni.




The long straight roads of Namibia





























                                                       Namutoni Waterhole                                                Black Rhinoceros


As the sun was about to set many people were in the shelter at the waterhole all admiring the Zebra that came in to drink. A whisper went round as a Black Rhinoceros stood amongst the vegetation over to our right hand side. It was too shy to come in to the water hole. However Paul and I were delighted as we had missed Black Rhinoceros on all of our other African trips. Close views were had of Blacksmith Plover as the sun set for the night.




Blacksmith Plover
















19th November


After a disappointing walk to the waterhole where the only bird of any note was Painted Snipe, and a search around the swimming pool for Barred Wren Warbler we decided to drive north to some of the waterholes. However November is not a good month for animal watching as the small rains leave puddles everywhere and the animals don’t have to visit waterholes. However it is meant to be good for birding. We added many trip ticks to our list but the briefest of views of a disappearing babbler meant I could not add the target bird of Bare-cheeked Babbler that I had wanted. We added Little Sparrowhawk, Red-headed Finch, Scaly Weaver, Burchell’s Sandgrouse, Double-banded Sandgrouse, Red-crested Korhaan, Northern Black Korhaan, Blue Crane and Crested Francolin as well as the most Kori Bustard I have ever seen strutting across the open plains.



















              Burchell’s Sandgrouse                                                                     Painted Snipe



















                                                  Kori Bustard                                                              Northern Black Korhaan





















Scaly Weaver








Animals were spread across the open plains and we added Springbok, Black-backed Jackal, Steenbok, Elephant, and Black-faced Impala as well as seeing plenty of Burchell’s Zebra and Blue Wildebeest. I was hopeful of getting back to the camp early but it was not to be; however we did have another brief view of Black Rhinoceros lurking near the Acacia bushes.


20th November


We left Namutoni camp early and took a route to Halali Camp via all the waterholes. The track we chose was not the best and we were glad that we had a 4x4 vehicle to cope with the rough gravelled surface. The main route through Etosha is gravelled and very good but some of the other routes are uneven and fill up with water during storms. En-route to one of our first waterholes we watched a Spotted Hyena drooling. Rabies in present in the park and we wondered if it was affected by this.



















                                     Spotted Hyena                                                                        Black-faced Impala



























                                                                  Secretarybird                                                         Elephant


Unfortunately nearly all the waterholes on our route were dried up and were therefore very disappointing. We watched a Secretarybird forage for snakes in the long grass and added Long-tailed Paradise Whydah to our world list. We eventually reached Halali Camp where it was extremely hot. After booking in and setting up in the dirt camp we sought some beers in the restaurant and enjoyed being in an air-conditioned room for a while. Crossing over the campsite we watched Golden-breasted Bunting and Greater Blue-eared Starling. Whilst we sat in the restaurant the heavens opened and a thunderstorm rolled in. After a short while we decided to make our way back to the van but before long we were marooned by water. Some tents were flooded out and people were hurriedly moving belongings. We watched shoes, boots and clothing being carried away by the rising water around us. We sat in our leaking van and decided to pull our ‘pop-up’ bit down. The storm was raging and the water was rising. Paul decided that it was time to move our van to higher ground…………..on a flat campsite this was tricky!




















Paul photographing the rising water in the campsite                             Greater Blue-eared Starling


 The storm continued to rage all afternoon so birding was abandoned for the day.


21st November























                                              Grey-backed Camaroptera                                             Purple Roller


At first light we walked around the campsite looking for some target species. We were to be disappointed. A Grey-backed Camaroptera showed well but was difficult to photograph as it flitted in the bushes.


We drove a loop road around Halali Camp in Etosha NP, where we had some interesting sightings but did not add any species to my world list. Paul added African Cuckoo to his. The trip list gained Golden-tailed Woodpecker, Lanner Falcon at one of the waterholes, Greater Kestrel, Desert Cisticola, Plain-backed Pipit and Pallid Harrier.


As we made our way up towards the main route through Etosha from Halali, we were surprised by a herd of African Elephants that appeared from the acacia bushes on our left hand side and stopped to drink from the puddle in the road in front of us. At first we rather enjoyed the spectacle until we realised that there were more African Elephants in a puddle behind us. We were trapped and the matriarch was none too pleased that we were so close to the small African Elephants as she shook her head and ears at us. A few worrying moments ensued before the herd eventually moved off.





















                                                                  Greater Kestrel                                                          Road Block !




















                                                                                                    African Elephants


After dark we disturbed a White-faced Scops Owl from a tree as we made our way back from an evening meal at the restaurant.



Paul on the Etosha Pan (which is nearly always dry)



















22nd November


We had a long way to travel today as we had to leave Etosha, but we did so visiting a waterhole where we watched a Whiskered Tern. We headed for the other campsite where we hope to get some diesel.


















                                           Springbok                                                                       Red Hartebeest


After yesterday’s road block we had a couple more when Springbok and Ostrich blocked our way. A young Red Hartebeest kept us amused for a while too as it annoyed the adults it was with.




When we arrived at Okaukuejo Camp they only had petrol on sale. This was a cause for concern as our sub tank was refusing to pump into the main tank. This was very annoying when we knew the sub tank was full. We now drove on a wing and a prayer that our diesel would last the 97km to the nearest town for a fill-up. It was very annoying as we had to drive extra mileage in the wrong direction when we already had a long way to go that day. Luckily we made it to Outjo and I breathed a sigh of relief. We turned round and headed back north through swarms of Common Swift. I have never seen so many!


Eventually we arrived at Hobatere. Here we were a bit unsure where the campsite was, as even though it was marked at the side of the road there was no indication how far down the track it was. Distances along tracks can be huge in Namibia. We went back to the main road and drove in through the entrance to Hobatere Reserve. After 10km we met a vehicle that stopped to inform us that the reserve was now closed and was waiting to be sold. However we asked if we could remain to watch the birds, which luckily he agreed to. He said we needed to return to the campsite for the night though. After admiring a black morph Gabar Goshawk, Verraux’s Black Eagle and Alpine Swift we eventually found the campsite and two people who welcomed us with the warning not to stray too far from the van as lions were around. We were shown to the viewing platform that looked down into the valley below that contained the waterhole where Elephants had caused some damage some weeks earlier. We were also warned about them too.


The campsite at Hobatere


After cooking a meal we made up our bed and listened once again to an enormous thunderstorm that kept us awake for a large part of the night. We felt very exposed on top of the hill with lightning flashing all around us and rain thudding on the roof. With lions around too, it made a wee in the middle of the night a quick one!















23rd November


Luckily the morning was bright and sunny as we made our way back to the Hobatere Reserve. We added Carp’s Tit as a life tick and Pygmy Falcon to the trip list as well as Walberg’s Eagle. Several vehicles passed us but they did not seem to mind that we were there. All too soon we had to leave as we were a long way from Windhoek. After several hundred kilometres and noting Black-shouldered Kite perched on telegraph posts, we decided to spend the night back at Daan Viljoen Game Park. Unfortunately they had some kind of event on totally out of keeping with a game park and we were kept awake for hours during the night.


Black-shouldered Kite


















24th November


In the morning we were once again short of diesel and the management of Daan Viljoen kindly let us have a jerry can of diesel to see us safely back to Windhoek. Once there we had to re-fill the gas bottle and get the van washed. At the wash place a House Sparrow was busy building a nest.


Back at the depot we changed back into winter clothing and were taken back to the airport for our flight back to Johannesburg and onto an overnight flight back to Heathrow.


Paul at Daan Viljoen Game Park












Species Lists





  1. African Ostrich Struthio camelus camelus          12/12/2012      C28    
  2. Little Grebe      Tachybaptus ruficollis    11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  3. Long-tailed Cormorant Phalacrocorax africanus            11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  4. White-breasted Cormorant       Phalacrocorax carbo lucidus     13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  5. African Darter  Anhinga rufa [melanogaster]      11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  6. White Pelican   Pelecanus onocrotalus   13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  7. Slaty Egret        Egretta vinaceigula        16/12/2012      Rundu 
  8. Little Egret        Egretta garzetta 13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  9. Grey Heron      Ardea cinerea   11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  10. Black-headed Heron    Ardea melanocephala   19/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  11. Goliath Heron   Ardea goliath    17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  12. Great White Egret         Egretta alba      17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  13. Intermediate Egret        Mesophoyx intermedia  17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  14. Cattle Egret      Bubulcus ibis    16/12/2012      Rundu 
  15. Squacco Heron            Ardeola ralloides          11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  16. Rufous-bellied Heron    Ardeola rufiventris        18/11/2012      Rundu 
  17. Striated Heron  Butorides striatus [striatus]        12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  18. Black-crowned Night-heron     Nycticorax nycticorax   16/12/2012      Rundu 
  19. Hamerkop        Scopus umbretta           12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  20. Marabou Stork Leptoptilos crumeniferus           17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  21. African Spoonbill          Platalea alba     19/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  22. Greater Flamingo          Phoenicopterus ruber    13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  23. Lesser Flamingo           Phoenicopterus minor   13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  24. White-faced Whistling-duck      Dendrocygna viduata    17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  25. Egyptian Goose            Alopochen aegyptiacus 11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  26. Spur-winged Goose      Plectropterus gambensis            17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  27. Red-billed Duck           Anas erythrorhyncha     11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  28. Hottentot Teal  Anas hottentota            16/12/2012      Rundu 
  29. Cape Shoveler  Anas smithii      19/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  30. Black-shouldered Kite  Elanus caeruleus           12/12/2012      C28    
  31. Black Kite        Milvus migrans migrans 16/12/2012      Roy's Camp    
  32. Yellow-billed Kite        Milvus migrans parasitus           17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  33. African Fish-eagle         Haliaeetus vocifer         16/12/2012      Popa Falls       
  34. African White-backed Vulture Gyps africanus [bengalensis] 17/12/2012            Mahango Game Reserve          
  35. Lappet-faced Vulture    Torgos tracheliotus tracheliotus 17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  36. Black-chested Snake-eagle       Circaetus pectoralis [gallicus]    23/11/2012      Hobatere         
  37. Brown Snake-eagle      Circaetus cinereus         17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  38. Bateleur            Terathopius ecaudatus  17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  39. Pallid Harrier    Circus macrourus          21/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  40. African Harrier-hawk    Polyboroides typus [radiatus]    17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  41. Pale Chanting-goshawk            Melierax canorus          12/12/2012      C28    
  42. Gabar Goshawk           Micronisus gabar          22/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  43. Shikra  Accipiter badius            14/12/2012      Spitzkoppe      
  44. Little Sparrowhawk      Accipiter minullus          19/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  45. Steppe Buzzard            Buteo buteo vulpinus     13/12/2012      Rooibank        
  46. Tawny Eagle     Aquila rapax     14/12/2012      Waterberg Plateau NP 
  47. Steppe Eagle    Aquila nipalensis           17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  48. Verreaux's Eagle           Aquila verreauxii           22/11/2012      Hobatere         
  49. Wahlberg's Eagle          Aquila wahlbergi           23/11/2012      Hobatere         
  50. African Hawk-eagle      Hieraaetus spilogaster [fasciatus]           24/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  51. Martial Eagle    Polemaetus bellicosus   12/12/2012      C28    
  52. Secretary-bird  Sagittarius serpentarius  12/12/2012      C28    
  53. Pygmy Falcon   Polihierax semitorquatus            23/11/2012      Hobatere         
  54. Common Kestrel          Falco tinnunculus          12/12/2012      C28    
  55. Greater Kestrel Falco rupicoloides        21/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  56. Dickinson's Kestrel       Falco dickinsoni            17/12/2012      Popa Falls       
  57. Lanner Falcon  Falco biarmicus            21/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  58. Crested Francolin         Francolinus sephaena    19/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  59. Red-billed Francolin     Francolinus adspersus   11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  60. Swainson's Spurfowl     Francolinus swainsonii   17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  61. Helmeted Guineafowl    Numida meleagris         11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  62. Black Crake     Amaurornis flavirostra   16/12/2012      Popa Falls       
  63. Purple Swamphen [sp]  Porphyrio porphyrio     16/12/2012      Rundu 
  64. Common Moorhen       Gallinula chloropus        11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  65. Red-knobbed Coot      Fulica cristata   12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  66. Blue Crane       Grus paradisea 19/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  67. Wattled Crane  Grus carunculatus         17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  68. Ludwig's Bustard          Neotis ludwigii  13/12/2012      Swakopmund  
  69. Kori Bustard    Ardeotis kori    19/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  70. Red-crested Bustard     Eupodotis ruficrista       19/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  71. White-quilled Bustard   Eupodotis afraoides [afra]         19/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  72. Rüppell's Bustard          Eupodotis rueppellii [vigorsii]    12/12/2012      C28    
  73. African Jacana  Actophilornis africanus  11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  74. Greater Painted-snipe   Rostratula benghalensis 11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  75. Black-winged Stilt        Himantopus himantopus            16/12/2012      Rundu 
  76. Pied Avocet     Recurvirostra avosetta  13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  77. Double-banded Courser           Rhinoptilus africanus     13/12/2012      Swakopmund  
  78. Rock Pratincole            Glareola nuchalis           16/12/2012      Popa Falls       
  79. Grey Plover      Pluvialis squatarola        13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  80. Common Ringed Plover            Charadrius hiaticula       13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  81. Kittlitz's Plover Charadrius pecuarius    16/12/2012      Rundu 
  82. Three-banded Plover    Charadrius tricollaris     11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  83. Chestnut-banded Plover           Charadrius pallidus       13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  84. White-fronted Plover    Charadrius marginatus   13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  85. Long-toed Lapwing      Vanellus crassirostris     17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  86. Blacksmith Lapwing      Vanellus armatus           11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  87. Crowned Lapwing        Vanellus coronatus        17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  88. Bar-tailed Godwit         Limosa lapponica          13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  89. Whimbrel         Numenius phaeopus      13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  90. Marsh Sandpiper          Tringa stagnatilis           16/12/2012      Rundu 
  91. Common Greenshank   Tringa nebularia            13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  92. Green Sandpiper          Tringa ochropus            16/12/2012      Rundu 
  93. Wood Sandpiper          Tringa glareola  11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  94. Common Sandpiper      Tringa hypoleucos         13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  95. Sanderling        Calidris alba     13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  96. Little Stint         Calidris minuta  13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  97. Curlew Sandpiper         Calidris ferruginea         13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  98. Ruff      Philomachus pugnax      16/12/2012      Rundu 
  99. Kelp Gull          Larus dominicanus        13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  100. King Gull          Larus hartlaubii [novaehollandiae]          13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  101. Caspian Tern    Sterna caspia    13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  102. Great Crested-tern       Sterna bergii     13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  103. Sandwich Tern Sterna sandvicensis       13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  104. Common Tern  Sterna hirundo  13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  105. Damara Tern    Sterna balaenarum        13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  106. Whiskered Tern            Chlidonias hybridus       22/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  107. White-winged Tern       Chlidonias leucopterus  16/12/2012      Rundu 
  108. African Skimmer           Rynchops flavirostris [niger]      17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  109. Namaqua Sandgrouse   Pterocles namaqua        12/12/2012      C28    
  110. Double-banded Sandgrouse      Pterocles bicinctus        19/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  111. Burchell's Sandgrouse   Pterocles burchelli         19/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  112. Speckled Pigeon           Columba guinea            12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  113. Laughing Dove Streptopelia senegalensis           11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  114. Ring-necked Dove        Streptopelia capicola [vinacea]  12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  115. Emerald-spotted Wood-dove   Turtur chalcospilos        15/12/2012      Roy's Camp    
  116. Namaqua Dove            Oena capensis  11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  117. Rüppell's Parrot            Poicephalus rueppellii    15/12/2012      Waterberg Plateau NP 
  118. Rosy-faced Lovebird    Agapornis roseicollis     14/12/2012      Spitzkoppe      
  119. Grey Go-away-bird      Corythaixoides concolor [personatus]   11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park           
  120. Pied Cuckoo [sp]         Oxylophus jacobinus     17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  121. Black Cuckoo  Cuculus clamosus         17/12/2012      Popa Falls       
  122. Common Cuckoo         Cuculus canorus           17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  123. African Cuckoo            Cuculus gularis [canorus]          21/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  124. Didric Cuckoo  Chrysococcyx caprius   16/12/2012      Rundu 
  125. Senegal Coucal Centropus senegalensis 16/12/2012      Rundu 
  126. White-faced Scops-owl            Otus leucotis     21/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  127. Pearl-spotted Owlet     Glaucidium perlatum [passerinum]         19/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  128. Rufous-cheeked Nightjar          Caprimulgus rufigena     13/12/2012      Spitzkoppe      
  129. African Palm-swift        Cypsiurus parvus          11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  130. Alpine Swift      Tachymarptis melba      22/11/2012      Hobatere         
  131. Common Swift Apus apus        18/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  132. Bradfield's Swift           Apus bradfieldi 15/12/2012      Waterberg Plateau NP 
  133. Little Swift        Apus affinis       11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  134. White-rumped Swift     Apus caffer       15/12/2012      Waterberg Plateau NP 
  135. White-backed Mousebird         Colius colius     11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  136. Red-faced Mousebird   Urocolius indicus          16/12/2012      Rundu 
  137. Grey-headed Kingfisher            Halcyon leucocephala   17/12/2012      Popa Falls       
  138. Woodland Kingfisher    Halcyon senegalensis    16/12/2012      Rundu 
  139. Giant Kingfisher            Megaceryle maxima      16/12/2012      Popa Falls       
  140. Pied Kingfisher Ceryle rudis      16/12/2012      Rundu 
  141. White-fronted Bee-eater           Merops bullockoides    17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  142. Little Bee-eater Merops pusillus            14/12/2012      Waterberg Plateau NP 
  143. Swallow-tailed Bee-eater          Merops hirundineus      11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  144. Blue-cheeked Bee-eater           Merops persicus [superciliosus]            17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve           
  145. European Bee-eater      Merops apiaster           16/12/2012      Rundu 
  146. Southern Carmine Bee-eater     Merops nubicoides       16/12/2012      Rundu 
  147. Lilac-breasted Roller    Coracias caudata          11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  148. Rufous-crowned Roller Coracias noevia            12/12/2012      C28    
  149. African Hoopoe            Upupa africana 15/12/2012      Waterberg Plateau NP 
  150. Green Woodhoopoe     Phoeniculus purpureus  17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  151. Violet Woodhoopoe     Phoeniculus damarensis 15/12/2012      Waterberg Plateau NP 
  152. Common Scimitar-bill   Rhinopomastus cyanomelas       12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  153. Monteiro's Hornbill       Tockus monteiri            12/12/2012      C28    
  154. Red-billed Hornbill       Tockus erythrorhynchus            16/12/2012      Rundu 
  155. Damara Hornbill           Tockus damarensis       15/12/2012      Waterberg Plateau NP 
  156. Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill            Tockus leucomelas [flavirostris] 12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park    
  157. African Grey Hornbill    Tockus nasutus 17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  158. Pied Barbet      Tricholaema leucomelas            14/12/2012      Spitzkoppe      
  159. Golden-tailed Woodpecker      Campethera abingoni    21/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  160. Cardinal Woodpecker  Dendropicos fuscescens            12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  161. Bearded Woodpecker  Dendropicos namaquus 15/12/2012      Waterberg Plateau NP 
  162. Monotonous Lark         Mirafra passerina [javanica]      14/12/2012      Spitzkoppe      
  163. Rufous-naped Lark       Mirafra africana [hypermetra]    18/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  164. Fawn-coloured Lark     Mirafra africanoides      12/12/2012      C28    
  165. Sabota Lark     Mirafra sabota  12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  166. Dune Lark        Certhilauda erythrochlamys [albescens] 13/12/2012      Rooibank        
  167. Spike-heeled Lark        Chersomanes albofasciata         14/12/2012      Spitzkoppe      
  168. Gray's Lark      Ammomanes grayi        14/12/2012      Spitzkoppe      
  169. Red-capped Lark         Calandrella cinerea       22/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  170. Stark's Lark     Eremalauda starki         14/12/2012      Spitzkoppe      
  171. Plain Martin      Riparia paludicola         11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  172. Rock Martin     Hirundo fuligula 11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  173. Barn Swallow   Hirundo rustica 13/12/2012      Walvis Bay      
  174. Greater Striped-swallow           Hirundo cucullata          11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  175. Rufous-chested Swallow           Hirundo semirufa          17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  176. Mosque Swallow          Hirundo senegalensis     18/11/2012      Rundu 
  177. House Martin   Delichon urbica 23/11/2012      Outjo  
  178. African Pipit     Anthus cinnamomeus [novaeseelandiae]            11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park           
  179. Plain-backed Pipit        Anthus leucophrys        21/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  180. Buffy Pipit        Anthus vaalensis           15/12/2012      Waterberg Plateau NP 
  181. African Pied Wagtail     Motacilla aguimp [alba] 17/12/2012      Popa Falls       
  182. Cape Wagtail   Motacilla capensis        11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  183. Dark-capped Bulbul     Pycnonotus tricolor [barbatus]  16/12/2012      Popa Falls       
  184. Black-fronted Bulbul     Pycnonotus nigricans [barbatus]            12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park           
  185. Yellow-bellied Greenbul           Chlorocichla flaviventris            16/12/2012      Popa Falls       
  186. Terrestrial Brownbul     Phyllastrephus terrestris 16/12/2012      Popa Falls       
  187. Red-backed Scrub-robin          Cercotrichas leucophrys            15/12/2012      Waterberg Plateau NP 
  188. Kalahari Scrub-robin    Cercotrichas paena       14/12/2012      Spitzkoppe      
  189. White-browed Robin-chat        Cossypha heuglini         16/12/2012      Popa Falls       
  190. Tractrac Chat   Cercomela tractrac       13/12/2012      Swakopmund  
  191. Familiar Chat    Cercomela familiaris      11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  192. Southern Anteater-chat Myrmecocichla formicivora       11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  193. Mountain Wheatear      Oenanthe monticola      11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  194. Capped Wheatear        Oenanthe pileata           17/11/2012      Popa Falls       
  195. Short-toed Rock-thrush            Monticola brevipes       12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  196. Groundscraper Thrush  Psophocichla litsipsirupa           12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  197. Damara Rock-jumper   Achaetops pycnopygius            12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  198. Rattling Cisticola           Cisticola chinianus         11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  199. Tinkling Cisticola          Cisticola tinniens           17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  200. Desert Cisticola            Cisticola aridulus           21/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  201. Tawny-flanked Prinia    Prinia subflava  18/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  202. Black-chested Prinia     Prinia flavicans  12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  203. Grey-backed Camaroptera       Camaroptera brevicaudata [brachyura] 11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park    
  204. African Reed-warbler   Acrocephalus baeticatus [scirpaceus]    12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park           
  205. Greater Swamp-warbler           Acrocephalus rufescens            17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve           
  206. Lesser Swamp-warbler Acrocephalus gracilirostris        16/12/2012      Rundu 
  207. Rufous-vented Warbler Sylvia subcaeruleum      11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  208. Yellow-bellied Eremomela        Eremomela icteropygialis           12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park           
  209. Burnt-neck Eremomela Eremomela usticollis      11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  210. Cape Crombec Sylvietta rufescens        14/12/2012      Spitzkoppe      
  211. Willow Warbler            Phylloscopus trochilus   17/12/2012      Popa Falls       
  212. Mariqua Flycatcher       Bradornis mariquensis   12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  213. Spotted Flycatcher       Muscicapa striata          12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  214. African Paradise-flycatcher       Terpsiphone viridis        15/12/2012      Waterberg Plateau NP 
  215. Black-lored Babbler     Turdoides melanops [reinwardtii]          15/12/2012      Roy's Camp    
  216. White-rumped Babbler Turdoides leucopygius  16/12/2012      Popa Falls       
  217. Southern Pied-babbler  Turdoides bicolor         15/12/2012      Waterberg Plateau NP 
  218. Arrow-marked Babbler            Turdoides jardineii [leucocephalus]        18/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve           
  219. Carp's Tit         Parus leucomelas carpi  23/11/2012      Hobatere         
  220. Black Tit          Parus niger       17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  221. Ashy Tit           Parus cinerascens [afer]            12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  222. Collared Sunbird          Anthreptes collaris        17/12/2012      Popa Falls       
  223. White-breasted Sunbird            Nectarinia talatala         16/12/2012      Popa Falls       
  224. Dusky Sunbird  Nectarinia fusca            11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  225. Mariqua Sunbird           Nectarinia mariquensis  15/12/2012      Waterberg Plateau NP 
  226. Golden Oriole   Oriolus oriolus  18/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  227. White-tailed Shrike       Lanioturdus torquatus   14/12/2012      Spitzkoppe      
  228. Brubru  Nilaus afer        18/11/2012      Rundu 
  229. Black-backed Puffback            Dryoscopus cubla         17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  230. Brown-crowned Tchagra          Tchagra australis           12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  231. Swamp Boubou            Laniarius bicolor [ferrugineus]   18/11/2012      Rundu 
  232. Crimson-breasted Gonolek       Laniarius atrococcineus 14/12/2012      Waterberg Plateau NP 
  233. White Helmetshrike      Prionops plumatus        21/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  234. Pririt Batis        Batis pririt         12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  235. Red-backed Shrike      Lanius collurio [cristatus]           17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  236. Lesser Grey Shrike       Lanius minor     17/12/2012      Popa Falls       
  237. Common Fiscal            Lanius collaris   12/12/2012      C28    
  238. Magpie Shrike  Corvinella melanoleuca 17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  239. White-crowned Shrike  Eurocephalus anguitimens          16/12/2012      Roy's Camp    
  240. Fork-tailed Drongo       Dicrurus adsimilis          11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  241. Cape Crow      Corvus capensis           14/12/2012      Spitzkoppe      
  242. Pied Crow        Corvus albus    16/12/2012      Rundu 
  243. Pale-winged Starling     Onychognathus nabouroup        12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  244. Cape Glossy-starling     Lamprotornis nitens      11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  245. Greater Blue-eared Glossy-starling        Lamprotornis chalybaeus          20/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  246. Burchell's Glossy-starling          Lamprotornis australis   15/12/2012      Waterberg Plateau NP 
  247. Meves' Glossy-starling  Lamprotornis mevesii [caudatus]           17/12/2012      Popa Falls       
  248. Violet-backed Starling  Cinnyricinclus leucogaster         15/12/2012      Waterberg Plateau NP 
  249. Wattled Starling            Creatophora cinerea     19/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  250. Yellow-billed Oxpecker            Buphagus africanus       17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  251. Red-billed Oxpecker    Buphagus erythrorhynchus        16/12/2012      Rundu 
  252. House Sparrow            Passer domesticus        23/11/2012      Windhoek       
  253. Rufous Sparrow           Passer motitensis          11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  254. Cape Sparrow  Passer melanurus          13/11/2012      Walvis Bay      
  255. Grey-headed Sparrow  Passer griseus   11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  256. Red-billed Buffalo-weaver        Bubalornis niger            15/12/2012      Roy's Camp    
  257. Scaly Weaver   Sporopipes squamifrons            19/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  258. White-browed Sparrow-weaver           Plocepasser mahali       11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park           
  259. Lesser Masked Weaver            Ploceus intermedius      11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  260. Southern Masked-weaver         Ploceus velatus 12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  261. Red-billed Quelea         Quelea quelea   19/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  262. Grosbeak Weaver        Amblyospiza albifrons   16/12/2012      Popa Falls       
  263. Green-winged Pytilia     Pytilia melba     12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  264. Red-billed Firefinch      Lagonosticta senegala   17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  265. Jameson's Firefinch       Lagonosticta rhodopareia          16/12/2012      Rundu 
  266. Blue-breasted Cordonbleu        Uraeginthus angolensis  15/12/2012      Waterberg Plateau NP 
  267. Common Grenadier      Uraeginthus granatina    11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  268. Black-cheeked Waxbill Estrilda erythronotos     11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  269. Red-headed Finch        Amadina erythrocephala           19/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  270. Shaft-tailed Whydah     Vidua regia       16/12/2012      Roy's Camp    
  271. Pin-tailed Whydah        Vidua macroura            17/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve                
  272. Eastern Paradise-whydah          Vidua paradisaea          11/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  273. Southern Yellow-rumped Seedeater      Serinus atrogularis         12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park           
  274. Yellow-fronted Canary Serinus mozambicus      18/12/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  275. White-throated Canary Serinus albogularis        14/12/2012      Spitzkoppe      
  276. Cape Bunting    Emberiza capensis        12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  277. Golden-breasted Bunting          Emberiza flaviventris     20/11/2012      Etosha NP       






  1. Chacma Baboon           Papio ursinus [cynocephalus]    12/11/2012      C28    
  2. Smith's Bush Squirrel    Paraxerus cepapi          20/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  3. Acacia Rat       Thallomys paedulcus     19/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  4. Black-backed Jackal    Canis mesomelas          18/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  5. Slender Mongoose       Herpestes sanguineus    20/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  6. Banded Mongoose       Mungos mungo 15/11/2012      Waterberg Plateau       
  7. Spotted Hyena Crocuta crocuta            20/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  8. Lion     Panthera leo     17/11/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  9. African Elephant           Loxodonta africana       17/11/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  10. Plains Zebra     Equus burchelli [quagga]           17/11/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  11. Black Rhinoceros         Diceros bicornis            18/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  12. Warthog           Phacochoerus aethiopicus         12/11/2012      C28    
  13. Hippopotamus  Hippopotamus amphibius          17/11/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  14. Angolan Giraffe            Giraffa camelopardalis angolensis          18/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  15. South African Giraffe    Giraffa camelopardalis giraffa 11/11/2012         Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  16. African Buffalo Synceros caffer 17/11/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  17. Greater Kudu   Tragelaphus strepsiceros           12/11/2012      C28    
  18. Southern Reedbuck      Redunca arundinum      17/11/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  19. Tsessebe          Damaliscus lunatus        17/11/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  20. Bontebok         Damaliscus dorcas dorcas         22/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  21. Red Hartebeest            Alcelaphus caama [buselaphus] 21/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  22. Brindled Gnu    Connochaetes taurinus  12/11/2012      C28    
  23. Black-faced Impala      Aepyceros melampus petersi     18/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  24. Southern Impala Aepyceros melampus melampus          17/11/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  25. Roan Antelope Hippotragus equinus     17/11/2012      Mahango Game Reserve          
  26. Gemsbok         Oryx gazella     12/11/2012      Daan Viljoen Game Park         
  27. Steenbuck        Raphicerus campestris  18/11/2012      Etosha NP       
  28. Thomson's Gazelle        Gazella thomsoni           12/11/2012      C28    
  29. Springbuck       Antidorcas marsupialis  18/11/2012      Etosha NP       



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