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Panama 2011

Trip Report to Panama

September/October 2011


Sue Bryan







Whilst my partner Paul was birding on Fair Isle for a fortnight, I wished to go birding somewhere a little warmer where I could gain a few lifers and be safe, since I was going to be on my own for the whole of my trip. My friend Carol suggested Canopy Tower would be ideal. After looking at their website  and sending an e-mail ([email protected]) outlining my requirements, I received a prompt an efficient e-mail back and I initially booked a week at Canopy Tower with a further night in the airport hotel. This enabled me to take part in the full week’s birding package that the Canopy Tower offered. After further discussions with Carol, she suggested that I spilt my week with 4 nights at Canopy Tower and then transfer to Canopy Lodge, a three hour drive south into the highlands, staying for the remaining 3 nights. I booked this, although the transfer cost me a little extra with further guiding and transport in a different habitat. I was impressed by the efficient manner in which my e-mail enquiries were dealt with. The seven night Canopy package cost £1051.




22nd September  Drove to Heathrow to stay overnight and leave car at Easyhotel (the cheapest overnight stay at the airport and leave car for 8 nights I could find) booked through  cost £115


23rd September 5am taxi to Heathrow. Heathrow to Panama City via Madrid.  Shuttle bus to

                        Riande Airport Hotel for overnight stay (booked by Canopy Tower at a cost £92).                   


24th September       am Canopy Tower. pm Gamboa


25th September       am Canopy Tower. pm Gamboa


26th September       am Pipeline Road. pm Gamboa


27th September       Pipeline Road


28th September       am transfer to Canopy Lodge pm short walk to waterfall and surrounds


29th September       am Las Minas Trail. pm Altos del Maria


30th September       am Rio Indio. pm Cariguana Trail


1st October             am La Mesa Trail pm Panama City and flight to Madrid.


2nd October            Madrid to Heathrow





International flights to Panama City via Madrid were booked for £767.43 with E-bookers using Iberia.




I used the US Dollar throughout………..not that I spent any money other than tips and a postcard.




The weather was very warm and sunny throughout with increasing temperatures during the middle part of the day with increasing humidity. This led to a few tropical downpours but given that this was the start of the wet season, I had very little birding interrupted and lost only 2 hours in total for a week’s stay. One of those hours was spent watching birds coming to feeders from the terrace at Canopy Lodge. The other hour, the guides and I continued birding either getting wet or using an umbrella. (I would recommend taking a lightweight fold-up variety). At Canopy Lodge it was cooler in the evenings and I needed a lightweight jumper after dark at around 6.15pm.






















                               Panama Canal


Canopy Tower









Canopy Tower is set at the top of a hill in impressive rainforest. The tower is an ex-US radar station surrounded by trees over-looking the Panama Canal with views to Panama City. It is on a direct migration route between North and South America and gives an excellent vantage view-point for birds migrating overhead as well as birds and animals sitting in trees in close proximity to the observation deck and other rooms.




















                                     Views to Panama City                                                               Alexis and birdmobile on Pipeline Road                  


Gamboa village and tourist area is also in forest with lake, ponds, canal and river habitats.


The famous Pipeline Road is a robust track-way (for the most-part) set in rainforest accessed by either foot from Gamboa or vehicle (4x4 recommended). The original pipe to carry oil from the Pacific to the Caribbean in now broken in many places and was in fact never used.
























                                    Canopy Lodge dining area                                                Canopy Lodge luxury!


Canopy Lodge is at the edge of a mountain valley village surrounded by scenic mountains. The forest encroaches the garden that has a fast-flowing mountain stream running through it. Further up the road the water cascades over a high waterfall where locals have erected a zip-line through the rainforest over the waterfall that attracts tourists.


Sue on the Macho Trail Bridge





















Daily Log


23rd September


After arriving at Tocumen Airport in Panama City in the late afternoon, I caught a hotel shuttle bus to the Riande Airport Hotel which took about 20 minutes. It was dark by the time I arrived, so no birding was done.


24th September


At first light I strolled around the hotel grounds where a Cley-coloured Thrush was the first bird on my list followed by a Rusty-marginated Flycatcher and the ubiquitous Tropical Kingbird. Lurking in the trees were a Red-crowned Woodpecker and a Blue-grey Tanager. American Black Vultures were soaring overhead as a Blue-chested Hummingbird visited some flowers.


After breakfast my transport arrived to take me to Canopy Tower, about a half-hour drive away. A White-tailed Kite flew by as did Barn Swallow and Brown-chested Martin.


Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth


I arrived at Canopy Tower and marvelled at its location set on the top of a hill accessed by a steep road winding its way through the rainforest. After depositing my luggage in a small but comfortable room, I made way up several flights of stairs to the dining room and finally to the observation deck. It certainly had a WOW factor! There sat in the tree in front of me was a Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth.


A short distance away a pair of Keel-billed Toucans ‘chatted’ to each other as a Green Honeycreeper called constantly from the top of his tree at eye-level with me.






I was given a cup of tea and allowed to take in the scene with the observation platform’s views to the Panama Canal and distant Panama City. It did seem weird to watch huge ships sailing through the middle of the rainforest.















          Keel-billed Toucan                                         Green Honeycreeper


After lunch Alexis took me and another couple to Gamboa, a short distance away alongside the Panama Canal. Unfortunately it had started raining but all was not lost as we sheltered on a house terrace and watched as a multitude of birds came to a feeder. Crimson-backed Tanager, Palm Tanager, Plain-coloured Tanager, Buff-throated Saltator, Grey-headed Tanager, Red-legged Honeycreeper and Flame-rumped Tanager all made visits to the bananas supplied, as well as Rufous-tailed Hummingbird and Violet-bellied Hummingbird feeding from the hummingbird feeder. The birds were appearing so fast, I had difficulty writing them all down, as well as trying to take photographs in poor light conditions.
















The road at Gamboa by the Panama Canal                  Flame-rumped Tanager                                 Crimson-backed Tanager


















                Plain-coloured Tanager                                            Palm Tanager                                     Blue-grey Tanager


At last the rain stopped and Alexis took us around the lake and tourist village, where we continued to add birds such as Black-bellied Whistling Duck and Southern Lapwing. Great-tailed Grackle were common as we pulled up alongside the Chagres River. In a ditch Alexis called out a White-throated Crake as we watched a Barred Antshrike. A Spotted Sandpiper and Amazon Kingfisher all added to the scene and just as it was getting dark we saw a Yellow Warbler going to roost.


25th September


Just after dawn I made my way up to the dining room deck where a Bat Falcon kept me company whilst I had my cup of tea. On the observation deck a Slaty Antshrike was noted as Northern Rough-wing Swallow and Cliff Swallow were in abundance. A Blue Dacnis also put in an appearance in the canopy as we logged Slate-coloured Grosbeak, Tropical Gnatcatcher, Green Shrike-Vireo and a distant Grey-headed Kite. Mealy Parrots were flying overhead and we noted a distant Scaled Pigeon.


                                                                                                                                        Bat Falcon


After breakfast the guide took three of us for a slow walk down the access road (Semaphore Hill) where it seemed very quiet at first. All of a sudden we had a big flock of birds and too much to look at all at once. It was a matter of trying to ignore the North American migrants of Canada Warbler, Blackburnian Warbler, Red-eyed Vireo, Baltimore Oriole and American Redstart and concentrate on the rainforest birds. Black-breasted Puffbird, White-shouldered Tanager and a Crimson-crested Woodpecker mixed with an outrageous Olivaceous Flatbill and were all in the flock to see. On our way down the hill Lesser Greenlet and Fasciated Antshrike added to my list before I was enchanted by a Broad-billed Motmot. I adore motmots and was thrilled to see this bird as it posed for us. Soon after its larger cousin the Rufous Motmot posed for us too just before a Plumbeous Kite flew overhead. Howler Monkeys were also lurking in the trees before I was thrilled as a Lesser Anteater climbed a tree and posed for quite a while for us. Now down by the main road a Black-cheeked Woodpecker eventually gave itself up.


Back up at Canopy Tower for lunch I was overwhelmed by the mass migration of Mississippi Kites that were flying right over my head with a few Swallow-tailed Kites mixed in with them. A real spectacle to behold.


Broad-billed Motmot


After lunch I went birding with Domi at Gamboa where he concentrated on the more difficult to see antbirds and antwrens of the area. However I was pleased with the bigger birds such as the Collared Forest Falcon and the Blue-crowned (Whooping) Motmot. However my best bird was the Golden-collared Manakin as it was my 4000th world tick!


                                         Collared Forest Falcon


My evening meal was accompanied with a glass of red wine or two! A real shame that there was no-one to share it with as by now all other visitors had departed.









26th September


After an early breakfast Alexis and Nando drove me to the famous Pipeline Road. This was the area I had been looking forward to, as the unique track gives good access to the rainforest which many rainforest habitats do not have. Northern Waterthrushes seemed to be in every puddle. As soon as we started the track proper, a pair of Great Tinamou ran across in front of us. A little further on a Great Jacamar sat waiting for his photo to be taken followed by a Black-throated Trogon and a Slaty-tailed Trogan. This is my type of birding! Big bold and beautiful in a warm climate !!!!!






















                Great Jacamar                                   Slaty-tailed Trogon


Alexis meanwhile, is working hard for me and after watching a lurking Scaly-throated Leaftosser we delve into the undergrowth and into the darkness of the vegetation as he has heard a Streak-chested Antpitta. It was obviously close but it gave the two of us the run around. We often saw movement but it always seemed to be one step ahead of us. It was well camouflaged against the forest floor but with stealth we eventually crept up on it and saw it extremely well. What a shame that there was no light for a photograph.


                                                              Violet (Blue)-crowned Woodnymph


Violaceous Trogon



Back on the track a White-tailed Trogon delighted me. All these wonderful birds within the first hour of birding. Soon we added Violaceous Trogon to my list too! A Violet (Blue)-crowned Woodnymph zoomed around some trackside flowers before we had a huge surprise as a Great Currasow ran across the track just up ahead of us. An Ocellated Antbird eventually gave itself up and just to please those who often ask why there are so few photos of antbirds, antwrens, antshrikes etc…….well you give it a go in thick jungle with no light and see how you get on!





                            Ocellated Antbird






After lunch Domi took over the guiding and soon had me up to my neck in head-high grass after a Rosy Thrush-Tanager in some dense roadside vegetation back in Gamboa. Us birders suffer for our birding as I was clambering around in some dangerous poisonous-bearing plant, desperate to keep it away from me but still wanting to see the bird. We both deserved to see the bird after what we went through to see it!

Having survived, the rest of the afternoon was done at a more leisurely pace and only two more life ticks were added to my list. A Rufescent Tiger-Heron posed for a while as we watched a juvenile Yellow-tailed Oriole and at dusk a Little Tinamou walked around in the mosquito-ridden undergrowth as we bid it goodnight.





 Yellow-tailed Oriole


After the evening meal Domi drove us down Semaphore Hill very slowly for some spot-lighting. Unfortunately we did not see any owls but we did see a Hoffman’s Two-toed Sloth.








27th September


I was pleased to be told that we were to have another crack at the Pipeline Road where initially birding was a bit slow. However with Domi and his recording equipment we soon saw Dusky Antbird and a Black-bellied Wren. We drove a bit further along Pipeline road where there was more activity and soon had a small flock with a Tawny-faced Antwren and Olive (Carmils) Tanager. A Veery picked its way under a bush as a White-whiskered Puffbird gave itself up. I was pleased as most of these birds were lifers. All of a sudden we looked up to discover a Magnificent Frigatebird sailing overhead. It seemed bizarre in the middle of the rainforest, but of course this is Panama with ocean close by either side of it. An Olive-sided Flycather was added to the list before Domi decided to call a halt to any further progress along the road. It was a shame as it was getting birdy. Turning around we flushed a White Hawk out of its hiding place but it did not want its photo taken. We added a Plain Xenops and a Crane Hawk to the trip list before returning back to the tower for lunch.





















                           Pipeline Road                                      The pipe after which the road is named


At the tower I was joined by Nancy a keen birder and photographer, where we saw a Fulvous-vented Euphonia. We all returned to the Pipeline Road where it had gone very quiet. However I added Purple Fruitcrow, Cinnamon Woodpecker and Moustached (Pygmy) Antwren to my trip list.


28th September


After a wonderful breakfast taken in part on the observation deck, I added Band-tailed Swift and a Short-tailed Hawk to my list and said goodbye to Nancy and her husband and was taken by minibus for a 3 hour drive to Canopy Lodge. This was a wonderful drive over the Panama Canal, down the Pan-American highway and up into the mountains to El Valle de Anton, a forested deep valley where Canopy Lodge nestled just below a waterfall at the edge of a village.


After being shown to my luxurious bedroom and facilities I wandered around the gardens. It certainly had a wow factor in terms of luxury and setting. The gardens had a fast-flowing stream running through it and the tropical gardens were alive with birds. Fruit was added to the feeders and I spent some time taking photographs. Thick-billed Euphonia was accompanied by Crimson-backed Tanagers and a Green Kingfisher sat on a wire above the garden pond. A Bananaquit sat in a bush and added to the colour of the scene as did a Baltimore Oriole and Prothonotary Warbler.
























                                Thick-billed Euphonia                                                           Baltimore Oriole


Prothonotary Warbler


Eliecer came at 3pm but we were thwarted in our attempts at birding as a tropical downpour started and we sat and watched the feeders until it stopped 40 minutes later. We then headed up the road and onto the Macho Trail that took us across a rope bridge to a waterfall. (The more adventurous could take a hike and come down via a zip line in 4 stages across the waterfall if they desired!)


A Snowy-bellied Hummingbird fed on some flowers as we headed to the start of the Macho Trail and a Golden-headed Tanager lurked in roadside bushes. Once on the trail it seemed very quiet but we added Bay Wren, Rufous-capped Warbler and Long-billed Gnatwren before returning to the road where it was a little more birdy. Red-crowned Ant-Tanager, Dusky-faced Tanager, Rufous-breasted Wren we added to my list as well as a huge flock of White-collared Swifts flying overhead. The highlight of the walk was a pair of Tody Motmots that Eliecer heard calling from dense roadside vegetation. There followed a patient search by us both before Eliecer managed to track down a narrow viewing angle where we could both see them perching a few feet back.


29th September


Eliecer arrived early and we headed up the road in the vehicle to the Las Minas Trail. After a few minutes walk adding Yellow-faced Grassquit to the list we had an excellent mixed feeding flock full of North American migrants but I added Tawny-capped Euphonia, Spotted Woodcreeper, Scarlet-thighed Dacnis, Bay-headed Tanager, Silver-throated Tanager, Green Hermit and a host of other birds too including, Thick-billed Seedfinch, Pale-vented Thrush, and Paltry Flycatcher.





















                          Yellow-faced Grassquit                                                                                        Snake!


It suddenly went quiet and the birds had gone. We walked for quite a while before getting back in the vehicle and adding a few miles. We did not see much new but I spotted a distant Ornate Hawk Eagle perched at the top of tree on the far hillside. A Blue-throated Toucanet was also a nice addition to the list.

























                                     Altos del Maria                                                                                          Orange-bellied Trogon


After lunch Sara joined us and we headed up to Altos del Maria which was a steep climb in the vehicle with commanding views over the valley. We added Scale-crested Pygmy Tyrant and a flock of Black-chested Jays before making our way past some Mandarin orange trees (they were delicious) and spotting an Orange-bellied Trogon sitting quietly in the forest on a trail.


30th September


At first light Eliecer took me on a bone-shaking ride in the 4x4 vehicle up the mountain tracks to the Rio Indio area. Beto spotted a Grey Hawk en-route, which we admired before we stopped to examine some arable fields where we added Tawny-crested Tanager and Long-tailed Tyrant. After crossing a few mountain streams and ascending some rough terrain we stopped in some excellent forest habitat where it started to drizzle. However birding was not interrupted as we saw White-lined Tanager, Common Tody Flycatcher, Wedge-billed Woodcreeper and Masked Tityra. It was a tanager fest but I added a few lifers in the form of Emerald Tanager and Sulphur-rumped Tanager. Slaty-coloured Seedeater was also new for me.






























                             Common Tody-Flycatcher                                                    Roadside Hawk


On our return journey we saw a Roadside Hawk that was not so pleased to see us!






















Rio Indio area






After lunch I was re-joined by Nancy who had also transferred from Canopy Tower with her husband. Together with Eliecer, we walked the Cariguana Trail just above the village where we had permission to enter a garden to see a pair of Tropical Screech Owls roosting in a tree. The forested village road also held Yellow-crowned Euphonia, Lance-tailed Manakin and Yellow-bellied Elaenia.


1st October


My last morning meant a change of guide and Moyo took Nancy and her husband and I to La Mesa where the open fields added a few trip ticks for me in the shape of Smooth-billed Ani, Eastern Kingbird, Crested Oropendola, Yellow-billed Cacique, White-throated Spadebill and a Swainson’s Thrush.  My only lifer was a Rufous and White Wren that was seen on a narrow trail.


All too soon I was taken back to the lodge for lunch and to say my goodbyes. A three hour journey back to Panama City and the airport meant my trip to Panama had come to an end. It was a shame that my driver would not stop by the water’s edge as there were many waders to be seen and plenty of time to see them. Hey ho………..that’s life. I had enjoyed my stay in Panama and as always had wished that it could have been longer. There were certainly more birds to be seen if only I could have afforded to stay longer. I can certainly recommend Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge as excellent places to stay with excellent birding to be had.


Species List


1.      Great Tinamou  Tinamus major  26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

2.      Little Tinamou         Crypturellus soui           26/09/2011      Gamboa          

3.      Neotropic Cormorant         Phalacrocorax brasilianus          01/10/2011      Panama City    

4.      Brown Pelican        Pelecanus occidentalis   24/09/2011      Gamboa          

5.      Magnificent Frigatebird       Fregata magnificens      27/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

6.      Snowy Egret           Egretta thula    01/10/2011      Panama City    

7.      Great White Egret   Egretta alba      25/09/2011      Gamboa          

8.      Cattle Egret            Bubulcus ibis    24/09/2011      Gamboa          

9.      Green Heron          Butorides virescens [striatus]     25/09/2011      Gamboa          

10.  Rufescent Tiger-heron         Tigrisoma lineatum        26/09/2011      Gamboa          

11.  Black-bellied Whistling-duck          Dendrocygna autumnalis           24/09/2011      Gamboa          

12.  American Black Vulture      Coragyps atratus          24/09/2011      Panama City    

13.  Turkey Vulture       Cathartes aura  25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

14.  King Vulture           Sarcoramphus papa      26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

15.  Grey-headed Kite   Leptodon cayanensis    25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

16.  American Swallow-tailed Kite         Elanoides forficatus       25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

17.  White-tailed Kite    Elanus leucurus [caeruleus]        24/09/2011      Panama City    

18.  Snail Kite   Rostrhamus sociabilis    24/09/2011      Gamboa          

19.  Mississippi Kite      Ictinia mississippiensis [plumbea]           25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

20.  Plumbeous Kite      Ictinia plumbea 25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

21.  Crane Hawk           Geranospiza caerulescens         27/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

22.  White Hawk           Leucopternis albicollis   27/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

23.  Grey Hawk            Asturina plagiata [nitida]            30/09/2011      Rio Indio         

24.  Roadside Hawk      Buteo magnirostris        30/09/2011      Rio Indio         

25.  Broad-winged Hawk          Buteo platypterus          26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

26.  Short-tailed Hawk  Buteo brachyurus          28/09/2011      Canopy Tower

27.  Ornate Hawk-eagle            Spizaetus ornatus          29/09/2011      Las Minas Trail

28.  Yellow-headed Caracara    Milvago chimachima     26/09/2011      Gamboa          

29.  Collared Forest-falcon        Micrastur semitorquatus            25/09/2011      Gamboa          

30.  Bat Falcon  Falco rufigularis            25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

31.  Grey-headed Chachalaca    Ortalis cinereiceps [garrula]       24/09/2011      Gamboa          

32.  Great Curassow     Crax rubra        26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

33.  White-throated Crake         Laterallus albigularis      24/09/2011      Gamboa          

34.  Grey-necked Wood-rail     Aramides cajanea         26/09/2011      Gamboa          

35.  Common Moorhen Gallinula chloropus        24/09/2011      Gamboa          

36.  Wattled Jacana       Jacana jacana [spinosa]            24/09/2011      Gamboa          

37.  Southern Lapwing   Vanellus chilensis          24/09/2011      Gamboa          

38.  Marbled Godwit     Limosa fedoa    01/10/2011      Panama City    

39.  Spotted Sandpiper  Tringa macularia [hypoleucos]   24/09/2011      Gamboa          

40.  Scaled Pigeon         Columba speciosa        25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

41.  Pale-vented Pigeon Columba cayennensis    24/09/2011      Gamboa          

42.  Ruddy Ground-dove           Columbina talpacoti      24/09/2011      Panama City    

43.  White-tipped Dove Leptotila verreauxi        29/09/2011      Altos del Maria

44.  Grey-chested Dove            Leptotila cassini            26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

45.  Orange-chinned Parakeet   Brotogeris jugularis       24/09/2011      Gamboa          

46.  Blue-headed Parrot            Pionus menstruus          25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

47.  Red-lored Parrot    Amazona autumnalis     24/09/2011      Gamboa          

48.  Mealy Parrot          Amazona farinosa         25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

49.  Squirrel Cuckoo     Piaya cayana    26/09/2011      Gamboa          

50.  Greater Ani            Crotophaga major        24/09/2011      Gamboa          

51.  Smooth-billed Ani   Crotophaga ani 01/10/2011      La Masa          

52.  Tropical Screech-owl         Otus choliba     30/09/2011      Cariguana Trail

53.  White-collared Swift           Streptoprocne zonaris   28/09/2011      Canopy Lodge

54.  Band-rumped Swift            Chaetura spinicauda      28/09/2011      Canopy Tower

55.  Lesser Swallow-tailed Swift            Panyptila cayennensis    25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

56.  Band-tailed Barbthroat       Threnetes ruckeri [leucurus]      26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

57.  Green Hermit          Phaethornis guy            29/09/2011      Las Minas Trail

58.  Long-tailed Hermit  Phaethornis superciliosus           25/09/2011      Gamboa          

59.  Little Hermit           Phaethornis longuemareus         25/09/2011      Gamboa          

60.  White-necked Jacobin        Florisuga mellivora        25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

61.  Blue-crowned Woodnymph            Thalurania colombica [furcata]  26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

62.  Violet-bellied Hummingbird Damophila julie 24/09/2011      Gamboa          

63.  Blue-chested Hummingbird Amazilia amabilis          24/09/2011      Panama City    

64.  Snowy-breasted Hummingbird        Amazilia edward           28/09/2011      Canopy Lodge

65.  Rufous-tailed Hummingbird Amazilia tzacatl 24/09/2011      Gamboa          

66.  White-vented Plumeleteer   Chalybura buffonii         26/09/2011      Canopy Tower

67.  Purple-crowned Fairy         Heliothryx barroti [aurita]          25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

68.  Slaty-tailed Trogon Trogon massena           26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

69.  White-tailed Trogon            Trogon viridis   26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

70.  Orange-bellied Trogon        Trogon aurantiiventris    29/09/2011      Altos del Maria

71.  Black-throated Trogon       Trogon rufus     26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

72.  Violaceous Trogon Trogon violaceus          26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

73.  Amazon Kingfisher Chloroceryle amazona  24/09/2011      Gamboa          

74.  Green Kingfisher     Chloroceryle americana            28/09/2011      Canopy Lodge

75.  Tody Motmot         Hylomanes momotula    28/09/2011      Canopy Lodge

76.  Broad-billed Motmot          Electron platyrhynchum 25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

77.  Rufous Motmot      Baryphthengus martii [ruficapillus]         25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

78.  Blue-crowned Motmot [sp]            Momotus momota        25/09/2011      Gamboa          

79.  Great Jacamar        Jacamerops aureus       26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

80.  Black-breasted Puffbird      Notharchus pectoralis   25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

81.  Pied Puffbird          Notharchus tectus         26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

82.  White-whiskered Puffbird   Malacoptila panamensis            27/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

83.  Emerald Toucanet   Aulacorhynchus prasinus           29/09/2011      Las Minas Trail

84.  Collared Aracari     Pteroglossus torquatus  25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

85.  Keel-billed Toucan Ramphastos sulfuratus   24/09/2011      Gamboa          

86.  Black-cheeked Woodpecker          Melanerpes pucherani   25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

87.  Red-crowned Woodpecker            Melanerpes rubricapillus           24/09/2011      Panama City    

88.  Cinnamon Woodpecker      Celeus loricatus            27/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

89.  Crimson-crested Woodpecker        Campephilus melanoleucos       25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

90.  Plain-brown Woodcreeper Dendrocincla fuliginosa 26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

91.  Wedge-billed Woodcreeper           Glyphorynchus spirurus 30/09/2011      Rio Indio         

92.  Barred Woodcreeper         Dendrocolaptes certhia 26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

93.  Buff-throated Woodcreeper            Xiphorhynchus guttatus 25/09/2011      Gamboa          

94.  Black-striped Woodcreeper           Xiphorhynchus lachrymosus      26/09/2011      Gamboa          

95.  Spotted Woodcreeper        Xiphorhynchus erythropygius    29/09/2011      Las Minas Trail

96.  Buff-throated Foliage-gleaner          Automolus ochrolaemus            27/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

97.  Scaly-throated Leaftosser   Sclerurus guatemalensis 26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

98.  Plain Xenops          Xenops minutus            27/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

99.  Fasciated Antshrike            Cymbilaimus lineatus     25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

100.          Great Antshrike            Taraba major    26/09/2011      Gamboa          

101.          Barred Antshrike          Thamnophilus doliatus   24/09/2011      Gamboa          

102.          Slaty Antshrike Thamnophilus punctatus            25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

103.          Russet Antshrike           Thamnistes anabatinus   26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

104.          Plain Antvireo   Dysithamnus mentalis    29/09/2011      Las Minas Trail

105.          Spot-crowned Antvireo            Dysithamnus puncticeps            26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

106.          Pygmy Antwren            Myrmotherula brachyura           27/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

107.          Checker-throated Antwren       Myrmotherula fulviventris          25/09/2011      Gamboa          

108.          White-flanked Antwren Myrmotherula axillaris   26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

109.          Slaty Antwren   Myrmotherula schisticolor         29/09/2011      Las Minas Trail

110.          Dot-winged Antwren    Microrhopias quixensis 25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

111.          Dusky Antbird  Cercomacra tyrannina   27/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

112.          Jet Antbird       Cercomacra nigricans   26/09/2011      Gamboa          

113.          White-bellied Antbird   Myrmeciza longipes     25/09/2011      Gamboa          

114.          Chestnut-backed Antbird          Myrmeciza exsul           25/09/2011      Gamboa          

115.          Bicoloured Antbird       Gymnopithys bicolor [leucaspis]            26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

116.          Spotted Antbird            Hylophylax naevioides  26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

117.          Ocellated Antbird         Phaenostictus mcleannani          26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

118.          Black-faced Antthrush  Formicarius analis analis            26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

119.          Streak-chested Antpitta            Hylopezus perspicillatus            26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

120.          Purple-throated Fruitcrow         Querula purpurata         27/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

121.          Red-capped Manakin   Pipra mentalis   26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

122.          Blue-crowned Manakin            Pipra coronata  25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

123.          Golden-crowned Manakin        Pipra vilasboasi 25/09/2011      Gamboa          

124.          Lance-tailed Manakin   Chiroxiphia lanceolata   30/09/2011      Cariguana Trail

125.          Olive-striped Flycatcher            Mionectes olivaceus      29/09/2011      Las Minas Trail

126.          Ochre-bellied Flycatcher           Mionectes oleagineus    26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

127.          Common Tody-flycatcher         Todirostrum cinereum   30/09/2011      Rio Indio         

128.          Paltry Tyrannulet           Zimmerius vilissimus      29/09/2011      Las Minas Trail

129.          Brown-capped Tyrannulet        Ornithion brunneicapillum          25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

130.          Yellow Tyrannulet         Capsiempis flaveola      26/09/2011      Gamboa          

131.          Forest Elaenia   Myiopagis gaimardii      25/09/2011      Gamboa          

132.          Yellow-bellied Elaenia  Elaenia flavogaster        30/09/2011      Cariguana Trail

133.          Scale-crested Pygmy-tyrant      Lophotriccus pileatus    29/09/2011      Altos del Maria

134.          Southern Bentbill          Oncostoma olivaceum   26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

135.          Olivaceous Flatbill        Rhynchocyclus olivaceus           25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

136.          Yellow-margined Flycatcher     Tolmomyias assimilis     25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

137.          White-throated Spadebill          Platyrinchus mystaceus  01/10/2011      La Masa          

138.          Ruddy-tailed Flycatcher            Myiobius erythrurus      25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

139.          Black-tailed Flycatcher Myiobius atricaudus      24/09/2011      Gamboa          

140.          Tufted Flycatcher          Mitrephanes phaeocercus         29/09/2011      Las Minas Trail

141.          Olive-sided Flycatcher  Contopus borealis         27/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

142.          Eastern Wood-pewee   Contopus virens            25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

143.          Tropical Pewee            Contopus cinereus        30/09/2011      Rio Indio         

144.          Acadian Flycatcher       Empidonax virescens    30/09/2011      Rio Indio         

145.          Long-tailed Tyrant        Colonia colonus            30/09/2011      Rio Indio         

146.          Rufous Mourner           Rhytipterna holerythra   26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

147.          Dusky-capped Flycatcher         Myiarchus tuberculifer   25/09/2011      Gamboa          

148.          Tropical Kingbird         Tyrannus melancholicus 24/09/2011      Panama City    

149.          Fork-tailed Flycatcher  Tyrannus savana           24/09/2011      Panama City    

150.          Eastern Kingbird           Tyrannus tyrannus         01/10/2011      La Masa          

151.          Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher         Myiodynastes luteiventris          25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

152.          Rusty-margined Flycatcher        Myiozetetes cayanensis 24/09/2011      Panama City    

153.          Social Flycatcher          Myiozetetes similis        25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

154.          Great Kiskadee            Pitangus sulphuratus      24/09/2011      Gamboa          

155.          Cinnamon Becard         Pachyramphus cinnamomeus     25/09/2011      Gamboa          

156.          Masked Tityra  Tityra semifasciata        30/09/2011      Rio Indio         

157.          Mangrove Swallow       Tachycineta albilinea     24/09/2011      Gamboa          

158.          Brown-chested Martin  Phaeoprogne tapera      24/09/2011      Panama City    

159.          Grey-breasted Martin   Progne chalybea [subis]            24/09/2011      Gamboa          

160.          Northern Rough-winged Swallow Stelgidopteryx serripennis 25/09/2011 Canopy Tower          

161.          Southern Rough-winged Swallow Stelgidopteryx ruficollis          25/09/2011      Gamboa          

162.          Barn Swallow   Hirundo rustica 24/09/2011      Panama City    

163.          Cliff Swallow    Hirundo pyrrhonota      25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

164.          Black-bellied Wren       Thryothorus fasciatoventris        27/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

165.          Rufous-breasted Wren  Thryothorus rutilus        28/09/2011      Canopy Lodge

166.          Bay Wren         Thryothorus nigricapillus            28/09/2011      Canopy Lodge

167.          Rufous-and-white Wren            Thryothorus rufalbus     01/10/2011      La Masa          

168.          Plain Wren       Thryothorus modestus   25/09/2011      Gamboa          

169.          Buff-breasted Wren      Thryothorus leucotis [longirostris]          24/09/2011      Gamboa          

170.          House Wren     Troglodytes aedon        24/09/2011      Gamboa          

171.          White-breasted Wood-wren     Henicorhina leucosticte 29/09/2011      Las Minas Trail

172.          Song Wren       Cyphorhinus phaeocephalus [aradus]    25/09/2011      Gamboa          

173.          Tropical Mockingbird   Mimus gilvus [polyglottos]         24/09/2011      Gamboa          

174.          Veery   Catharus fuscescens      27/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

175.          Swainson's Thrush        Catharus ustulatus         01/10/2011      La Masa          

176.          Pale-vented Thrush       Turdus obsoletus [fumigatus]     29/09/2011      Las Minas Trail

177.          Clay-coloured Thrush   Turdus grayi     24/09/2011      Panama City    

178.          Tawny-faced Gnatwren            Microbates cinereiventris          27/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

179.          Long-billed Gnatwren   Ramphocaenus melanurus         28/09/2011      Canopy Lodge

180.          Tropical Gnatcatcher    Polioptila plumbea plumbea       25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

181.          Black-chested Jay        Cyanocorax affinis        29/09/2011      Altos del Maria

182.          Green Shrike-vireo       Vireolanius pulchellus    25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

183.          Red-eyed Vireo            Vireo olivaceus 25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

184.          Scrub Greenlet Hylophilus flavipes [olivaceus]   25/09/2011      Gamboa          

185.          Lesser Greenlet            Hylophilus decurtatus    25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

186.          Yellow Warbler            Dendroica petechia petechia     24/09/2011      Gamboa          

187.          Blackburnian Warbler   Dendroica fusca            25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

188.          Black-and-white Warbler         Mniotilta varia   25/09/2011      Gamboa          

189.          American Redstart        Setophaga ruticilla         25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

190.          Prothonotary Warbler   Protonotaria citrea        28/09/2011      Canopy Lodge

191.          Northern Waterthrush   Seiurus noveboracensis 26/09/2011      Canopy Tower

192.          Canada Warbler           Wilsonia canadensis      25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

193.          Rufous-capped Warbler [sp]    Basileuterus rufifrons     28/09/2011      Canopy Lodge

194.          Bananaquit       Coereba flaveola          28/09/2011      Canopy Lodge

195.          Common Bush-tanager  Chlorospingus ophthalmicus  29/09/2011         Las Minas Trail

196.          Rosy Thrush-tanager     Rhodinocichla rosea      26/09/2011      Gamboa          

197.          Dusky-faced Tanager   Mitrospingus cassinii     28/09/2011      Canopy Lodge

198.          Olive Tanager [sp]        Chlorothraupis carmioli [olivacea]         27/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

199.          Grey-headed Tanager   Eucometis penicillata     24/09/2011      Gamboa          

200.          Sulphur-rumped Tanager          Heterospingus rubrifrons           30/09/2011      Rio Indio         

201.          White-shouldered Tanager        Tachyphonus luctuosus 25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

202.          Tawny-crested Tanager            Tachyphonus delatrii     30/09/2011      Rio Indio         

203.          White-lined Tanager     Tachyphonus rufus        30/09/2011      Rio Indio         

204.          Red-crowned Ant-tanager        Habia rubica     28/09/2011      Canopy Lodge

205.          Red-throated Ant-tanager         Habia fuscicauda          25/09/2011      Gamboa          

206.          Crimson-backed Tanager         Ramphocelus dimidiatus            24/09/2011      Gamboa          

207.          Flame-rumped Tanager Ramphocelus flammigerus         24/09/2011      Gamboa          

208.          Blue-grey Tanager        Thraupis episcopus [sayaca]     24/09/2011      Panama City    

209.          Palm Tanager   Thraupis palmarum       24/09/2011      Gamboa          

210.          Yellow-crowned Euphonia        Euphonia luteicapilla      30/09/2011      Cariguana Trail

211.          Thick-billed Euphonia   Euphonia laniirostris      28/09/2011      Canopy Lodge

212.          Fulvous-vented Euphonia          Euphonia fulvicrissa       27/09/2011      Canopy Tower

213.          Tawny-capped Euphonia          Euphonia anneae           29/09/2011      Las Minas Trail

214.          Plain-coloured Tanager Tangara inornata           24/09/2011      Gamboa          

215.          Emerald Tanager          Tangara florida 30/09/2011      Rio Indio         

216.          Silver-throated Tanager            Tangara icterocephala   29/09/2011      Las Minas Trail

217.          Bay-headed Tanager    Tangara gyrola  29/09/2011      Las Minas Trail

218.          Golden-hooded Tanager           Tangara larvata [nigrocincta]     28/09/2011      Canopy Lodge

219.          Scarlet-thighed Dacnis  Dacnis venusta  29/09/2011      Las Minas Trail

220.          Blue Dacnis      Dacnis cayana  25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

221.          Green Honeycreeper    Chlorophanes spiza       24/09/2011      Canopy Tower

222.          Red-legged Honeycreeper        Cyanerpes cyaneus       24/09/2011      Gamboa          

223.          Chestnut-capped Brush-finch    Atlapetes brunneinucha brunneinucha 01/10/2011 La Masa      

224.          Blue-black Grassquit    Volatinia jacarina          30/09/2011      Rio Indio         

225.          Slate-coloured Seedeater          Sporophila schistacea   30/09/2011      Rio Indio         

226.          Variable Seedeater       Sporophila corvina        25/09/2011      Gamboa          

227.          Ruddy-breasted Seedeater       Sporophila minuta         26/09/2011      Gamboa          

228.          Thick-billed Seed-finch Oryzoborus angolensis funereus 29/09/2011 Las Minas Trail    

229.          Yellow-faced Grassquit            Tiaris olivacea   29/09/2011      Las Minas Trail

230.          Slate-coloured Grosbeak          Pitylus grossus  25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

231.          Black-headed Saltator  Saltator atriceps            25/09/2011      Gamboa          

232.          Buff-throated Saltator   Saltator maximus          24/09/2011      Gamboa          

233.          Streaked Saltator          Saltator albicollis           25/09/2011      Gamboa          

234.          Blue-black Grosbeak    Cyanocompsa cyanoides          25/09/2011      Gamboa          

235.          Crested Oropendola     Psarocolius decumanus 01/10/2011      La Masa          

236.          Chestnut-headed Oropendola   Psarocolius wagleri       28/09/2011      Canopy Lodge

237.          Yellow-rumped Cacique           Cacicus cela     25/09/2011      Gamboa          

238.          Scarlet-rumped Cacique [sp]    Cacicus uropygialis       26/09/2011      Pipeline Road  

239.          Yellow-billed Cacique  Amblycercus holosericeus         01/10/2011      La Masa          

240.          Yellow-tailed Oriole     Icterus mesomelas        26/09/2011      Gamboa          

241.          Baltimore Oriole           Icterus galbula  25/09/2011      Canopy Tower

242.          Great-tailed Grackle     Quiscalus mexicanus     24/09/2011      Gamboa          





1.Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth 24/09/1011 Canopy Tower

2.Agouti 24/09/2001 Canopy Tower

3.Lesser Anteater 25/09/2011 Canopy Tower

4.White-nosed Coati 25/09/2011 Canopy Tower

5.Hoffman Two-toed Sloth 26/09/2001 Pipeline Road

6.Red-tailed Squirrel 26/09/2001 Pipeline Road

7.White-faced Capuchin Monkey 26/09/2001 Pipeline Road

8.Crab-eating Racoon 27/09/2001 Gamboa

9.American Pygmy Squirrel 01/10/2011 La Mesa



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