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Spain and Portugal 2008


                                                                            Trip report to Spain and Portugal 2008           


                                                                                             May 25th -31st 2008


                                                             Participants:             Sue Bryan

                                                                                                 Paul Jeffery

                                                                                                 Lee Evans

                                                                                                 Mike Robinson




Having been on a couple of trips with Lee Evans before, Lee had sent had sent an E-mail to some of us that he knew, that might be interested in joining him on a Grand Tour of Iberia in late May. This was to be a trip encompassing many of Spain and Portugal’s special birds as well as a few introduced species and a couple of twitchable Category ‘C’ birds to add to our Western Palearctic Lists. Lee had extensive information on sites from other British and Spanish birders and Paul had agreed to navigate on our 4,500 km journey. Our journey began at Madrid and we travelled from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean and back via Portugal.




25th May  Luton – Madrid – Extremadura

26th May   Extremadura and Monfrague National Park

27th May   Trujillo – Coto Donana

28th May   Coto Donana – Chipiona

29th May   Southern Portugal – Oeirs- O Grove, Spain

30th May   O Grove – Cantabrian Mountains –Pyrenees

31st May   Pyrenees – Belchite – Madrid- Luton




Lee arranged the flight and car hire. Cost of the flight, and share of the car hire and petrol came to £468. We flew with a budget airline from Luton to Madrid from where we hired the car.




We had 4 nights in hotels en-route which we did not pre-book. We haggled on price and also had 2 nights sleeping in the car. Food was mainly snacks bought from petrol stations or shops but we also frequented cafes where available. I spent around £200 in total on food and accommodation for the week’s tour.




I used Euros throughout.




We expected much better weather than we had. Spain had had almost continual rain showers for the previous nine weeks and we made it ten. We abandoned our first attempt in the Pyrenees due to the constant rain. We had slightly better weather in Extremadura and the Mediterranean with some sun, but showers were never far away.




The Pyrenees is a mountainous region between France and Spain. Besides twisting roads which took an age to travel along, we took a cable-car ride to the top of the mountain at Potes to look for Snow Finch where we followed a rough track. The Cantabrian Mountains in the north of Spain are also high where we experienced some poor weather.


Extremadura is an unspoilt region of lush forests, majestic mountains and vast agricultural plains peppered with towns and hamlets seemingly frozen in time. It has a wealth of World Heritage sites and protected nature reserves teeming with wildlife,


Monfrague National Park is one of the important raptor reserves in Europe and is the best place in Spain to go for a glimpse of Black Vultures and the rare Spanish Imperial Eagle. The park has been declared a protected zone by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) because of its rare flora and fauna, including the endangered Iberian lynx.


Much of mainland Spain and Portugal is covered with agricultural crops as well as orchards.


Daily Log


25th May


Paul and I left home in Norfolk at 3am for our journey to Luton where we met up with Lee and Mike. In pouring rain we flew on an Easyjet flight to Madrid. After hiring a car we headed for the Pyrenees in rain, cold and mist. Spotless Starlings and White Storks soon let us know that we were out of Britain even if the weather didn’t.





















                                  White Storks nesting                                                                                     Spotless Starling 


In the Sierra de Guarderama at Alto del Navacedarra we soon added one of my wanted birds of Citril Finch.


Citril Finch


Several birds were watched as we wandered around in the rain amongst the trees in the ski resort. A stunning Iberian Pied Flycatcher gave a good performance. A Black Restart flicked around as we located a Crested Tit and Short-toed Tree-creeper. We listened to Firecrests and Goldcrests calling from the trees above us as a White Wagtail ran around the road. A Rock Bunting perched on a tree before we drove a few miles to locate several Western Bonelli’s Warblers singing in roadside trees. Continuing rain added to a stream where we watched a Grey Wagtail catching insects in the ever increasing torrent of water.







In the inclement weather, a decision was made to abandon the journey to the rest of the Pyrenees and we headed south-west to Extremadura. Once here the weather brightened just a little and although we were still dodging showers we managed to watch birds out of the car during sunny spells.


At Segovia we started to encounter the first of the many Corn Buntings that we were to see. They were abundant on fences surrounding vast agricultural areas that was reminiscent of how Britain used to be in my childhood. It was a delight to see them singing as we added Woodchat Shrikes and Azure-winged Magpies to our lists. Golden Orioles sang from rambling hedgelines as Hoopoes and Woodlarks flew around.



A Red Kite soared overhead as we made our way to Avila. Here a Short-toed Eagle and Booted Eagle put in an appearance as Griffon Vultures and Black Kites made birding a delight.
































                              Azure-winged Magpie                                                                                           Red Kite                                   











Short-toed Eagle











Along one of the farm tracks we stopped to watch a Southern Grey Shrike impale a Corn Bunting on a barbed-wire fence and gorge itself on it. It made for gory watching.






















                                                                  Southern Grey Shrike devouring a Corn Bunting


Although fascinating we were having difficulty on knowing where to look as Bee-eaters and Rollers were perching on fences all around us near Arenas. We could hear Nightingales and Serins singing from the other side of the track as we made our way along watching Crested Larks.
























                              A pair of Rollers                                                                                                         European Bee-eater 


We motored on to Calera y Chozas where we pulled up a farm track where Lee could hear a Little Bustard calling. We soon located a Stone Curlew and then saw a Little Bustard in a near field, After a short while I spotted a ‘large lump’ on a hillside, where upon stopping and raising binoculars to our eyes we established 2 Great Bustards roaming around. A Montagu’s Harrier flew through our vision as well as a Little Egret. Birds were everywhere, as Hobbies and Calandra Larks were wonderful to see. We discussed the diversity of the area and how farming could be like this in Britain to benefit not only people but wildlife too. We saw several Little Owls, but they were too skittish to allow close approach to allow us to photograph them.


We spent several hours revelling in the sheer delight of birding and enjoying the many Great Bustards that Lee eventually found. Fan-tailed Warblers (Zitting Cisticola) zitted away in the fields as we drove to Embalse de Azutan. Here we saw our first Purple Gallinules and Purple Herons. A Night Heron flew as a Great Reed Warbler played hide and seek with us as he sang to attract a mate. Back on the motorway we found a hotel where we spent the night after an interesting meal without any vegetables or salad that I would not recommend.


May 26th


At Embalse de Arracampo at Almaraz Lagoons we eventually had good views of a Savi’s Warbler reeling away. Cetti’s and Reed Warblers were singing as a Little Bittern gave a surprise flight out of the reeds.


Monfrague National Park




Continuing our journey we entered Monfrague National Park. Here we were in true wilderness where the birds were abundant. Rock Sparrows were seen on exposed rocks as Thekla Larks appeared in vegetated areas. We stopped at many points to admire Crag Martins, Spanish Sparrows and Sardinian Warblers.











Views of Pena Falcon in Monfrague National Park


We made our way to Pena falcon in Monfrague National Park and climbed to the top of a nearby view point. Here we were at eye level to the many Griffon Vultures that were swirling around us. It was awe–inspiring as they ‘eyed-balled’ us as they found the thermals. Luckily for us the weather had improved and we had some sun in which to enjoy our birding.















Griffon Vulture



The specialised habitat here brought specialised birds as Alpine Swifts and Blue Rock Thrushes were added to our sightings. Paul walked out to a precipice and shouted to us as an Egyptian Vulture circled below him. Lee spotted a Hawfinch in a bush clinging to the rock-face as a Wren hopped beneath it. We enjoyed the sun and made our way down the many steps where we enjoyed the spot. It had given us excellent birding as well as some opportunity for photography and to take in the delights of the surrounding scenery in the sun.




































                    Egyptian Vulture                                                                                         Griffon Vulture





Rock Bunting


We made our way down to Portilla del Tietar where a Bonelli’s Eagle appeared in flight. Soon we were watching a pair of Spanish Imperial Eagles riding up in the thermal as they took off from behind the huge rock face that we were searching for Eagle Owls on. I was delighted as this was a bird that I had failed to see on several Spanish trips before. After arranging some accommodation in Trujillo, Mike put in a long vigil with his scope on a crack back at Pena Falcon on the opposite rock-face where Black Storks were nesting, for White-rumped Swifts. I had seen one fly out earlier but it was a brief view. Mike alerted us to another sighting and we eventually had some decent views albeit quick views of White-rumped Swifts flying to and from their nest site.


Rock Buntings, Blue Rock Thrushes, Crag Martins and Serins all added to our delight as we enjoyed the sun. Back at Portilla del Tietar other birders had their scopes on an Eagle Owl. We enjoyed good views of them before trying a nearby spot for Red-necked Nightjar. Unfortunately we could not find any and returned to our accommodation in Trujillo for the night.










Crag Martin



27th May


We birded all around the Trujillo area where we added common birds to our list. I was keen to see Black-bellied Sandgrouse and Lee did his best and drove around track ways that he had seen them before. After several hours a small group of them flew from our left and we all had good views of them. A Quail also flew from long grass. At Campo Lugar we made our way around lagoons where Gull-billed Terns were flying around. Collared Pratincoles were sat in roadside fields. We added Red Avadavat and a Melodious Warbler to our lists before driving around a series of lagoons that waders were frequenting. Some common waders were accompanied by Black and Whiskered Terns. After leaving the lagoons we spotted some Pin-tailed Sandgrouse in flight as well as a Great Spotted Cuckoo perched on a fence.






Great Spotted Cuckoo


Short-toed Larks were displaying in the fields as we made our way to El Acebron where Lee had a site for Red-necked Nightjar. We were a little unsure if we had the correct track way but with a perseverance we had a couple of views of a Red-necked Nightjar sat on the track. Unfortunately Mike missed the sightings. We found accommodation at El Rocco in the Coto Donana and Paul and I went for an interesting meal in a local restaurant where we watched a Barn Owl flying in the dark.










28th May


Rising early we watched common ducks amongst the Greater Flamingos in the Coto Donana. We travelled on to fields of vines where Rufous-tailed Scrub-robins sat on top of the vines singing.




Rufous-tailed Scrub-robin


At Los Palacios y Villafranca a Western Olivaceous Warbler put in an appearance as we located a colony of Common Waxbills. Near Pinzon at Brazo del Este we had ‘fun and games’ with more Category C birds as Black-headed Weavers gave us all identification problems as none of us had an African field guide with us. We had lots of weavers in view as well as many young birds. Driving around the various pools we had good views of Spanish Wagtails and we added Glossy Ibis and Avocet to our lists.


Our next target was Red-knobbed Coot near Zorilla at Espera Lagoons. On the walk down we flushed another Red-necked Nightjar. We failed to see any Red-knobbed Coots amongst the hundreds of Common Coots but added Black-necked Grebe and Red-crested Pochard to our lists. We had another view of Red-necked Nightjar on our return walk back up the track, much to the delight of Mike and I.


Back in the car once again Lee drove us to Chipiona. After a few text messages to a helpful Spanish birder we made our way to the fish factory and located several Little Swifts before driving into Portugal and spending the night in the car.


29th May


After some sleep we awoke to find a huge lorry had parked up at the side of us in the lay-by. Not one of us had heard it arrive, so we concluded that we must all have had some sleep even though a Nightingale had sung us to sleep in the bushes at the side of the car. At Barroca D’Alva we added another Category C bird to our Western Palearctic list as a Yellow-crowned Bishop bird sat atop a Papyrus reed. More Common Waxbills were seen as Cetti’s Warblers and Squacco Herons flew around.


Paul navigated Lee to Oeirs where the sun appeared as we added another Category C bird in the shape of Crested Myna. Here we enjoyed a few minutes rest at a beach-front restaurant in the sun as we ate a meal. Continuing to O-Grove back in Spain the rain clouds were gathering at the end of the day. Once again we had good information from our Spanish birder and we located a Pied Crow that was almost certainly ship assisted to its location in Spain. We checked in to a hotel in the street we were in and negotiated a bed for the night and an evening meal before the rain set in once again.


30th May


Leaving before breakfast Lee drove to Rio Caldo lagoons where a Pied-billed Grebe had taken up residence. Iberian Chiffchaffs were singing from the trackside bushes. However the grebe was very shy and we spent several hours trying to find it. For once the sun was shining and we all enjoyed some peaceful birding watching several pairs of Great-crested Grebes enjoying courtship routines. As we were having difficulty locating the Pied-billed Grebe we all split up to search for it. Eventually after watching a few ducklings, one caught my eye that made me look again. There was the Pied-billed Grebe surfacing from by the reeds. I was stood right by the car. All our wanderings had proved unnecessary.


Motoring on to the Cantabrian Mountains we saw a few Red-backed Shrikes sitting on wires near Cremenes. Eventually we made it to Fuente De in the Europa National Park. Lee pulled up in the car park whilst the rest of us investigated the cost and timings of the cable-car ride to the top of the mountain. Mike, Paul and I decided to take the cable-car and enjoyed the scenery to the top. We watched Egyptian Vultures flying below us and as we arrived at the top another birder delighted us with the news that he had just been watching Snow Finches. Sure enough we soon heard them in the spot he had told us. All of a sudden we were watching them. I was really pleased as this was one of my ‘wanted’ birds. We heard and saw a Rock Thrush singing from a rock below us as Alpine Choughs wheeled around our heads. The three of us really enjoyed our time at the top of the mountain in the sun and cursed the fact that the cable car was shutting its operation for the day so soon. We spent an hour delighting in the magnificent scenery and enjoyed our birds in the sun. We descended back down in the cable car and re-joined Lee in the car park where we soon added Bullfinch and Yellowhammer to our lists.






31st May


After a lot of driving up mountainous roads and a night in the car, we awoke in the Hecho Gorge in the Pyrenees and watched a Dipper on one of the mountain streams. At Astun we wrapped up warmly against the ever present rain showers and cold and watched Water and Tree Pipits. We were surrounded by mountains as we watched a pair of Lammergeiers flying down one of the valleys. We tried one of Lee’s regular spots for Wallcreeper without success but the rain beat us. However Lee had another spot to try and after a cup of tea in a local café to warm up, Lee and Mike set off. Paul and I followed but I was ill-shod and slipped down the muddy path. The rain was making the going very unpleasant and I stupidly decided to return to the car to catch up on my notes and hope the rain would relent to give me an opportunity to take some photos of some Citril Finches that I had spotted near the car. Later I was to curse, as the others returned with the news that they had seen a Wallcreeper. I was cross with myself and only had myself to blame for not continuing down the muddy track. Leaving in heavy rain we said goodbye to the wet Pyrenees and travelled back towards Madrid through many orchards.


At Belchite we started our search for Dupont’s Lark in the scrub. We could hear one singing and watched one singing on a distant bush. We made our way over and located a second bird. Lesser Short-toed larks were also singing as we watched Calandra, Thekla and Crested Larks in the scrub. Rain set in once again and we set off for the airport for our journey home.


Thanks must go to Lee for all his driving, organisation, birding skills and company as well as Paul for his navigation and to Mike for keeping us all sane!



Thekla Lark























      Systematic List


  1. Little Grebe      Tachybaptus ruficollis    Trujillo  27/05/2008
  2. Pied-billed Grebe         Podilymbus podiceps    Rio Caldo         30/05/2008
  3. Great Crested Grebe   Podiceps cristatus          Navacedarra Reservoir 25/05/2008
  4. Black-necked Grebe    Podiceps nigricollis        Espera Lagoon 28/05/2008
  5. Northern Gannet           Morus bassanus            Chipiona           28/05/2008
  6. Great Cormorant          Phalacrocorax carbo carbo       Embalse de Azutan       25/05/2008
  7. Little Egret        Egretta garzetta Calera y Chozas           25/05/2008
  8. Grey Heron            Ardea cinerea         Trujillo  27/05/2008
  9. Purple Heron    Ardea purpurea            Embalse de Azutan       25/05/2008
  10. Great White Egret         Egretta alba      Embalse de Azutan       25/05/2008
  11. Cattle Egret      Bubulcus ibis    Calera y Chozas           25/05/2008
  12. Squacco Heron            Ardeola ralloides          Brazo del Este  (Pinzon)            28/05/2008
  13. Black-crowned Night-heron     Nycticorax nycticorax   Embalse de Azutan       25/05/2008
  14. Little Bittern      Ixobrychus minutus       Embalse de Arracampo            26/05/2008
  15. Black Stork      Ciconia nigra    Monfrague National Park          26/05/2008
  16. White Stork      Ciconia ciconia Madrid 25/05/2008
  17. Glossy Ibis         Plegadis falcinellus      Brazo del Este  (Pinzon)            28/05/2008
  18. Eurasian Spoonbill        Platalea leucorodia        Campo Lugar   27/05/2008
  19. Greater Flamingo          Phoenicopterus ruber    El Rocio Coto Donana  28/05/2008
  20. White-headed Duck     Oxyura leucocephala    Espera Lagoon 28/05/2008
  21. Greylag Goose Anser anser      El Rocio Coto Donana  28/05/2008
  22. Gadwall            Anas strepera   El Rocio Coto Donana  28/05/2008
  23. Mallard  Anas platyrhynchos platyrhynchos       Alto del Navacedarra (Sierra)   25/05/2008
  24. Northern Shoveler        Anas clypeata   El Rocio Coto Donana  28/05/2008
  25. Red-crested Pochard    Netta rufina      Espera Lagoon 28/05/2008
  26. Common Pochard   Aythya ferina         El Rocio Coto Donana  28/05/2008
  27. Black-shouldered Kite  Elanus caeruleus           Arenas 25/05/2008
  28. Red Kite          Milvus milvus    Segovia            25/05/2008
  29. Black Kite        Milvus migrans migrans Avila    25/05/2008
  30. Lammergeier    Gypaetus barbatus        Astun (Pyrenees)          31/05/2008
  31. Egyptian Vulture  Neophron percnopterus         Monfrague National Park          26/05/2008
  32. Eurasian Griffon-vulture            Gyps fulvus       Avila    25/05/2008
  33. Eurasian Black Vulture  Aegypius monachus      Puerto de Menga          25/05/2008
  34. Short-toed Eagle          Circaetus gallicus gallicus          Avila    25/05/2008
  35. Western Marsh-harrier Circus aeruginosus        Calera y Chozas           25/05/2008
  36. Montagu's Harrier            Circus pygargus         Calera y Chozas           25/05/2008
  37. Common Buzzard         Buteo buteo      Segovia            25/05/2008
  38. Spanish Imperial Eagle Aquila adalberti [heliaca] Monfrague National Park 26/05/2008
  39. Bonelli's Eagle  Hieraaetus fasciatus      Monfrague National Park          26/05/2008
  40. Booted Eagle    Hieraaetus pennatus      Avila    25/05/2008
  41. Lesser Kestrel  Falco naumanni Calera y Chozas           25/05/2008
  42. Common Kestrel          Falco tinnunculus          Madrid 25/05/2008
  43. Eurasian Hobby            Falco subbuteo Calera y Chozas           25/05/2008
  44. Red-legged Partridge    Alectoris rufa    Calera y Chozas           25/05/2008
  45. Common Quail Coturnix coturnix          Trujillo  27/05/2008
  46. Purple Swamphen [sp]  Porphyrio porphyrio     Embalse de Azutan       25/05/2008
  47. Common Moorhen       Gallinula chloropus        Trujillo  27/05/2008
  48. Eurasian Coot   Fulica atra        Trujillo  27/05/2008
  49. Little Bustard    Tetrax tetrax     Calera y Chozas           25/05/2008
  50. Great Bustard   Otis tarda         Calera y Chozas           25/05/2008
  51. Black-winged Stilt           Himantopus himantopus         Calera y Chozas           25/05/2008
  52. Pied Avocet     Recurvirostra avosetta  Brazo del Este  (Pinzon)            28/05/2008
  53. Stone-curlew    Burhinus oedicnemus    Calera y Chozas           25/05/2008
  54. Collared Pratincole       Glareola pratincola        Campo Lugar   27/05/2008
  55. Common Ringed Plover            Charadrius hiaticula       Campo Lugar   27/05/2008
  56. Little Ringed Plover      Charadrius dubius         Campo Lugar   27/05/2008
  57. Black-tailed Godwit      Limosa limosa   Lisbon  29/05/2008
  58. Common Redshank      Tringa totanus   Campo Lugar   27/05/2008
  59. Dunlin   Calidris alpina   Campo Lugar   27/05/2008
  60. Ruff           Philomachus pugnax Campo Lugar   27/05/2008
  61. Yellow-legged Gull    Larus cachinnans atlantis   Margarida do Sadao   29/05/2008
  62. Black-headed Gull        Larus ridibundus           Campo Lugar   27/05/2008
  63. Gull-billed Tern Sterna nilotica   Campo Lugar   27/05/2008
  64. Little Tern         Sterna albifrons Embalse de Arracampo            26/05/2008
  65. Whiskered Tern            Chlidonias hybridus       Campo Lugar   27/05/2008
  66. Black Tern          Chlidonias niger niger Campo Lugar   27/05/2008
  67. Pin-tailed Sandgrouse   Pterocles alchata           Campo Lugar   27/05/2008
  68. Black-bellied Sandgrouse         Pterocles orientalis        Trujillo  27/05/2008
  69. Rock Dove       Columba livia    Calera y Chozas           25/05/2008
  70. Stock Dove      Columba oenas Madrid 25/05/2008
  71. Wood Pigeon   Columba palumbus       Madrid 25/05/2008
  72. European Turtle-dove   Streptopelia turtur         Calera y Chozas           25/05/2008
  73. Eurasian Collared-dove            Streptopelia decaocto   Velada 25/05/2008
  74. Great Spotted Cuckoo Clamator glandarius      Campo Lugar   27/05/2008
  75. Common Cuckoo         Cuculus canorus           Avila    25/05/2008
  76. Barn Owl         Tyto alba          Campo Lugar   27/05/2008
  77. Eurasian Eagle-owl       Bubo bubo       Monfrague National Park          26/05/2008
  78. Little Owl         Athene noctua  Calera y Chozas           25/05/2008
  79. Red-necked Nightjar    Caprimulgus ruficollis    Campo Lugar   27/05/2008
  80. Alpine Swift      Tachymarptis melba      Monfrague National Park          26/05/2008
  81. Common Swift Apus apus        Madrid 25/05/2008
  82. Pallid Swift            Apus pallidus           Brazo del Este  (Pinzon)            28/05/2008
  83. Little Swift            Apus affinis   Chipiona           28/05/2008
  84. White-rumped Swift     Apus caffer       Monfrague National Park          26/05/2008
  85. Common Kingfisher      Alcedo atthis    Trujillo  27/05/2008
  86. European Bee-eater      Merops apiaster           Arenas 25/05/2008
  87. European Roller            Coracias garrulus          Arenas 25/05/2008
  88. Eurasian Hoopoe          Upupa epops    Segovia            25/05/2008
  89. Great Spotted Woodpecker Dendrocopos major Alto del Navacedarra (Sierra) 25/05/2008
  90. Iberian Green Woodpecker Picus viridis sharpie Monfrague National Park        26/05/2008
  91. Calandra Lark  Melanocorypha calandra           Calera y Chozas           25/05/2008
  92. Short-toed Lark           Calandrella brachydactyla [cinerea]       Campo Lugar   27/05/2008
  93. Lesser Short-toed Lark            Calandrella rufescens    Belchite            31/05/2008
  94. Dupont's Lark  Chersophilus duponti    Belchite            31/05/2008
  95. Crested Lark    Galerida cristata            Velada 25/05/2008
  96. Thekla Lark      Galerida theklae [malabarica]    Monfrague National Park          26/05/2008
  97. Wood Lark      Lullula arborea  Segovia            25/05/2008
  98. Sand Martin     Riparia riparia   Embalse de Azutan       25/05/2008
  99. Eurasian Crag-martin    Hirundo rupestris  Monfrague National Park      26/05/2008
  100. Barn Swallow   Hirundo rustica  Madrid            25/05/2008
  101. Red-rumped Swallow   Hirundo daurica  Calera y Chozas         25/05/2008
  102. House Martin   Delichon urbica Madrid 25/05/2008
  103. Tree Pipit           Anthus trivialis            Astun (Pyrenees)          31/05/2008
  104. Water Pipit         Anthus spinoletta        Astun (Pyrenees)          31/05/2008
  105. White Wagtail   Motacilla alba alba        Alto del Navacedarra (Sierra)   25/05/2008
  106. Spanish Yellow-wagtail Motacilla flava iberiae Brazo del Este (Pinzon)  28/05/2008
  107. Grey Wagtail    Motacilla cinerea          Alto del Navacedarra (Sierra)   25/05/2008
  108. White-throated Dipper Cinclus cinclus gularis Hecho Gorge Pyrenees 31/05/2008
  109. Winter Wren Troglodytes troglodytes troglodytes Monfrague National Park 26/05/2008
  110. Rufous-tailed Scrub-robin Cercotrichas galactotes El Rocio Coto Donana 28/05/2008
  111. European Robin            Erithacus rubecula         Alto del Navacedarra (Sierra)   25/05/2008
  112. Common Nightingale    Luscinia megarhynchos Calera y Chozas           25/05/2008
  113. Black Redstart  Phoenicurus ochruros    Alto del Navacedarra (Sierra)   25/05/2008
  114. Common Stonechat      Saxicola torquata torquata        Villacastin         25/05/2008
  115. Northern Wheatear       Oenanthe oenanthe       Alto del Navacedarra (Sierra)   25/05/2008
  116. Rufous-tailed Rock-thrush        Monticola saxatilis        Fuente De Cantabrian Mountains          30/05/2008
  117. Blue Rock-thrush          Monticola solitarius       Monfrague National Park          26/05/2008
  118. Eurasian Blackbird        Turdus merula   Madrid 25/05/2008
  119. Mistle Thrush    Turdus viscivorus          Segovia            25/05/2008
  120. Cetti's Warbler Cettia cetti        Embalse de Arracampo            26/05/2008
  121. Zitting Cisticola Cisticola juncidis           Calera y Chozas           25/05/2008
  122. Savi's Warbler  Locustella luscinioides Embalse de Arracampo  26/05/2008
  123. Eurasian Reed-warbler Acrocephalus scirpaceus Embalse de Arracampo 26/05/2008
  124. Great Reed-warbler Acrocephalus arundinaceus Embalse de Azutan 25/05/2008
  125. Western Olivaceous Warbler Hippolais pallida opaca Los Palacios y Villafranca            28/05/2008
  126. Melodious Warbler       Hippolais polyglotta      Campo Lugar   27/05/2008
  127. Blackcap          Sylvia atricapilla            Alto del Navacedarra (Sierra)   25/05/2008
  128. Sardinian Warbler Sylvia melanocephala Monfrague National Park        26/05/2008
  129. Common Chiffchaff Phylloscopus collybita Embalse de Azutan 25/05/2008
  130. Iberian Chiffchaff  Phylloscopus Brehmii Rio Caldo       30/05/2008
  131. Western Bonelli's Warbler Phylloscopus bonelli bonelli  Alto del Navacedarra25/05/2008
  132. Goldcrest         Regulus regulus Alto del Navacedarra (Sierra)   25/05/2008
  133. Pied Flycatcher Ficedula hypoleuca       Alto del Navacedarra (Sierra)   25/05/2008
  134. Long-tailed Tit Aegithalos caudatus       Alto del Navacedarra (Sierra)   25/05/2008
  135. Coal Tit            Parus ater         Alto del Navacedarra (Sierra)   25/05/2008
  136. Crested Tit       Parus cristatus  Alto del Navacedarra (Sierra)   25/05/2008
  137. Great Tit           Parus major major        Alto del Navacedarra (Sierra)   25/05/2008
  138. Blue Tit            Parus caeruleus Alto del Navacedarra (Sierra)   25/05/2008
  139. Short-toed Treecreeper Certhia brachydactyla Alto del Navacedarra (Sierra) 25/05/2008
  140. Eurasian Penduline-tit Remiz pendulinus Brazo del Este  (Pinzon)           28/05/2008
  141. Golden Oriole   Oriolus oriolus  Segovia            25/05/2008
  142. Red-backed Shrike Lanius collurio [cristatus] Cremenes Cantabrian Mountains 30/05/2008
  143. Southern Grey Shrike   Lanius excubitor meridionalis     Puerto de Menga 25/05/2008
  144. Woodchat Shrike         Lanius senator  Segovia            25/05/2008
  145. Eurasian Jay     Garrulus glandarius       Monfrague National Park          26/05/2008
  146. Azure-winged Magpie  Cyanopica cyana          Segovia            25/05/2008
  147. Black-billed Magpie     Pica pica          Madrid 25/05/2008
  148. Red-billed Chough Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax Fuente De Cantabrian Mountains 30/05/2008
  149. Yellow-billed Chough   Pyrrhocorax graculus    Fuente De Cantabrian Mountains          30/05/2008
  150. Eurasian Jackdaw         Corvus monedula          Madrid 25/05/2008
  151. Carrion Crow   Corvus corone corone  Alto del Navacedarra (Sierra)   25/05/2008
  152. Pied Crow        Corvus albus    O Grove           29/05/2008
  153. Common Raven            Corvus corax    Alto del Navacedarra (Sierra)   25/05/2008
  154. Spotless Starling           Sturnus unicolor            Madrid 25/05/2008
  155. Crested Myna            Acridotheres cristatellus  Oeirs    29/05/2008
  156. House Sparrow            Passer domesticus        Madrid 25/05/2008
  157. Spanish Sparrow Passer hispaniolensis [domesticus]      Monfrague National Park          26/05/2008
  158. Eurasian Tree Sparrow Passer montanus           Campo Lugar   27/05/2008
  159. Rock Sparrow  Petronia petronia          Monfrague National Park          26/05/2008
  160. White-winged Snowfinch Montifringilla nivalis Fuente De Cantabrian Mountains 30/05/2008
  161. Black-headed Weaver [sp] Ploceus melanocephalus     Brazo del Este  (Pinzon)            28/05/2008
  162. Yellow-crowned Bishop           Euplectes afer   Barroca D'Alva            29/05/2008
  163. Common Waxbill          Estrilda astrild   Los Palacios y Villafranca         28/05/2008
  164. Red Avadavat  Amandava amandava    Campo Lugar   27/05/2008
  165. Chaffinch          Fringilla coelebs            Alto del Navacedarra (Sierra)   25/05/2008
  166. European Serin Serinus serinus  Arenas 25/05/2008
  167. Citril Finch        Serinus citrinella            Alto del Navacedarra (Sierra)   25/05/2008
  168. European Greenfinch    Carduelis chloris Monfrague National Park        26/05/2008
  169. Eurasian Linnet Carduelis cannabina      Monfrague National Park          26/05/2008
  170. Eurasian Bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula       Fuente De Cantabrian Mountains 30/05/2008
  171. Hawfinch Coccothraustes coccothraustes Monfrague National Park      26/05/2008
  172. Yellowhammer Emberiza citronella Fuente De Cantabrian Mountains 30/05/2008
  173. Rock Bunting    Emberiza cia     Alto del Navacedarra (Sierra)   25/05/2008
  174. Corn Bunting    Miliaria calandra           Segovia            25/05/2008




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