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                                                                                                                                   Senegal and The Gambia Trip Report                    by Sue Bryan

Dec 5th – Dec 21st 2022

Sue Bryan

 John Geeson

Alessio Chiusi

Linda Arthur



This trip was planned with one bird in mind. Twenty five years ago I had visited The Gambia, which was my first adventure to Africa and its wonderful birdlife. I was bowled over by the vivid colours that many of the birds exhibited, but time was short and I never made it up the Gambia River as far as Basse where a stunning wader was meant to be able to be seen. I made myself a promise that I would return to Africa one day and put the nagging omission to my world list right. I also like to get away from the awful winter weather in the U.K. and get some much-needed sun. As it turned out I could not have chosen a better time slot as John and I bathed in 40 degree celsius heat, whilst the UK suffered day-time temperatures of minus 7 degrees celsius. I did not want to repeat the experience that I had 25 years ago just birding in The Gambia but wanted to explore a different area. Birding Ecotours offered us the perfect trip which would take us to Senegal for the main part of the trip but return via Wassadou on the Gambia River in The Gambia where the stunning Egyptian Plover could be seen.


We wanted to travel with Dylan Vasapolli as our guide as we had enjoyed his company in Mozambique so much. Birding Ecotours sorted our trip out, also using a local guide and driver and we were joined by Alessio and Linda who were good company as well as being very knowledgeable.


Guides: Dylan Vasapolli, Kebba







5th Dec    Heathrow – Brussels – Dakar –Banjul


6th Dec    Banjul – ferry across Gambia River – Barra – Toubakouta


7th Dec    Toubakouta – Misirah – Toubakouta


8th Dec    Toubakouta – boat trip to Saloum Delta – Kaolak


9th Dec    Kaolak


10th Dec  Kolak – Tip – St. Louis


11th Dec  Kaolak - Mbantou


12th Dec   Mbantou – Djoudj


13th Dec Djoudj


14th Dec Djoudj - Kaolak


15th Dec Kaolak - Simenti


16th Dec Sementi (Niokolo National Park)


17th  Dec Sementi - Wassadou


18th Dec Wassadou –Sabi – Basse - Janjanbureh


19th  Dec Janjanbureh – Soma - Banjul


20th July Banjul – Abuko National Park – Banjul - Brussels


21st Dec Brussels -Heathrow




International return flights to Banjul via Brussels and Dakar with Brussels Airlines was booked through Trailfinders at a cost of £711 each.




The final tour price was £3554 each as we had an extra night in Banjul at the start of the tour. We also had an evening flight out of Banjul and Dylan kindly arranged for us to spend the morning in Abuko National Park.






U.K. nationals do not require a visa for The Gambia or Senegal.




We obtained some money (£130 each) for alcoholic drinks and sundries from an ATM in Senegal. (The ATM in Banjul airport was broken.) We settled a bar bill in The Gambia with Dylan at the end of the tour.




It was extremely hot nearing 40 degrees every single day with wall to wall sunshine and blue skies. We had some thin cloud near the end of our stay for a few hours in The Gambia.



Senegal has a semi-arid climate and is largely desert but south of the Gambia River the rainfall is higher and the terrain consists of savannah grassland and forest. The country is fairly flat and below 500 m. There are some low, rolling hills in the southeast of the country. The northern half of the coast is sandy and flat, whereas south of Dakar can be muddy with some swamps.


Daily Log


4th Dec


John and I drove to Heathrow where we spent part of the night in a Heathrow hotel.


5th Dec


John and I boarded a flight to Brussels in the early hours having left the car at the hotel. Later we flew on to Dakar and onto Banjul. We were met at the airport by Dylan, who had had his luggage mislaid by his airline in Banjul and taken to the Senegambia Hotel for the night.

6th Dec
John and Sue

Our day started in the Senegambia Hotel with a leisurely breakfast where we were joined on the terrace outside by Alessio and Linda as well as Dylan (our guide) and together we watched Green Wood Hoopoes from our breakfast table in the African sun and heat. A Cattle Egret spied our breakfast as it sat and watched us eat with Yellow-billed Kites soaring overhead. Common Bulbuls were in the trees as we watched Hooded Vultures, a Broad-billed Roller and a Western Plantain eater all alight in nearby trees. A Palm Nut Vulture and a Western Red-billed Hornbill joined in the melee as I struggled to write down all the birds we were seeing as well as trying to eat my breakfast.

Palm-Nut Vulture

A Blue-bellied Roller was soon added to the list as we were introduced to Kebba, the local guide and Baba who was to be our driver for the tour.


We loaded up the minibus and drove to the Gambia River via the Bund Road. It was almost 25 years since I was last birding along the Bund Road and it brought memories flooding back as to how excited I was to see all the amazing birds that linger here. I was soon adding Western Reef Heron, Pink-backed pelican, African Darter, Spur-winged Plover, Squacco Heron, Striated Heron, Black-winged Stilt, Pied Kingfisher, Wood Sandpiper, Caspian Tern, African Spoonbill, Crested Lark, as well as a host of common waders.

                            Western-Reef Heron

                                    Pied Kingfisher

              Sue waiting for the ferry at Banjul

                             The Gambia River

We made our way to the ferry port where chaos reigned. It was now very hot and it was soon apparent that we would be here for hours as there was little organisation and it seemed to be every man for himself. We jumped the queue with the minibus but it was still several hours wait. We made the most of it and watched the chaos as well as airborne birds adding Little Swift, Red-necked Falcon, Common Tern and Sandwich Tern at the port. Linda and I saw a Beautiful Sunbird and a Red-cheeked Cordonbleu in a small tree as we wandered around the port.


Eventually we boarded the ferry and sailed across the river watching West African Crested Terns, African Fish Eagles and Pomarine Skuas joining hundreds of passengers all crammed on the top deck giving us wonderful views of the river. I had views of an unidentified petrel but could not get the others onto it. Grrr

West African Crested Tern


We soon headed for the Senegal border where Dylan had a visa problem. In African style this was sorted and we headed for Toubakouta which took us a few hours until we arrived at the Kairaba Hotel. John and I had a small rondavel which suited our purposes and we settled in and sorted ourselves out.





Later we had a cruise on the river in the Saloum Delta. The birds were wonderful to watch as we glided down the river. We saw Sacred Ibis, Beaudouin’s Snake Eagle, Swallow-tailed Bee-eater, Pygmy Sunbird, Black Heron, Hamerkop, Senegal Parrot, Vinaceous Dove, Long-tailed Glossy Starling, Lanner, Black Kite, Shrika, Little Bee-eater and Malachite Kingfisher as well as many common waders. We turned the boat around as we still had not found our quarry. Our search for a much-wanted heron took some time as we searched amongst the mangroves at the side of the river. As the sun set and the moon rose we finally found the White-crested Tiger Heron. A lifer for all of us!

Our boat ride down the Saloum Delta

                             Our boat ride down the Saloum Delta

                              Black Kite                                               

                                Little Bee-eater

White-crested Tiger Heron


I was very lucky to get a photograph as in a moving wobbly canoe confined to my seat and a moving bird in mangroves, it was not easy.

7th December


We had a pre-breakfast walk around our lodge at Toubakouta where Dylan and I had an excellent view of a pair of Stone Partridges running down a small woodland track. It was already very warm as we watched six Broad-billed Rollers displaying above our heads whilst an Abyssinian Roller sat on a tree above us.  Bearded Barbet gave us an excellent view whilst a Grey Woodpecker flew through whilst we tried to locate it on a tree.   We had been advised to wear long trousers and shoes or boots so that we could walk through scrub and sharp grass. We added Grey-backed Camaroptera and Piapiac  to our lists.  


After breakfast we drove for a short while and birded a scrubby wooded area at Missirah. Here we watched Bruce’s Green Pigeon and two pairs of Yellow-crowned Gonoleks. It was now nearing 38 degrees in the sun! The birds came thick and fast as I took a photo of a pair of Western Plantain-eaters sat on the top of a tree in wonderful light. We continued birding adding many birds to our lists including  Scarlet-chested Sunbird, Mourning Dove, Lizard Buzzard, Variable Sunbird, Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird, Giant Kingfisher, and two waxbills, Black-rumped Waxbill and Lavender Waxbill. In the skies above us we watched  Mottled Spinetail, Wire-tailed Swallow, Red-chested Swallow before admiring Northern Anteater Chat, Grey Kestrel and Namaqua Dove.  

                 Western Plantain-eater                                              

                                     Yellow-crowned Gonolek

                      Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird                                          

                                     Kairaba Lodge, Toubakouta

It was now exceedingly hot and we returned to the lodge for lunch where I took the opportunity for a swim in the pool to cool down.

Purple Roller


After a delightful lunch we had a couple of hours off during the heat of the day and then had a wander from the lodge down to the estuary which was bordered by mangroves. Western warblers were dominating some of the trees as we watched many birds.  I added the life tick of Lesser Blue-eared Starling and enjoyed several rollers. I managed a photo of a Purple Roller that sat and watched us. Blue-cheeked Bee-eaters are always a delight to watch as was a Vieillot’s Barbet that sat and posed at the top of a tree for ages and I attempted a phone/scoped image of it. A few migrant warblers were admired as we added Chiffchaff, Olivaceous Warbler, Melodious Warbler as well as a Common Redstart. Klass’s Cuckoo, African Harrier Hawk, Purple Starling were also added here. On the mud a Senegal Thick-knee posed for a while. There was a Northern Crombec in one of the small trees as well as a Glossy-backed Drongo which kept us amused for a while before we returned to the lodge for a few beers and a very tasty evening meal before venturing out in the warmth of the night to watch an African Scops Owl and a Pearl-spotted Owlet.

                         Toubakouta mangroves                                            

                                                   Vieillot’s Barbet

African Scops Owl (photo courtesy Alessio Chiusi)

                                     Senegal Thick-knee

8th December


We had a pre-breakfast walk watching Double-spurred Francolin and Greater Honeyguide. Once again the birding was good here and we enjoyed the morning’s wander as a Yellow-billed Shrike, Fine-spotted Woodpecker, Broad-billed Roller, African Grey Hornbill, Reed Cormorant and a Black Stork were enjoyed. We said our goodbyes and packed up the vehicle. We had quite a journey to do but stopped several times at various sites but failed to find the expected bustard. However we did see Whinchat, Short-toed Snake Eagle, Northern Wheatear, White-billed Buffalo Weaver, Northern Red Bishop and Desert Cisticola before arriving at Kaolack. Here we got badly caught up in traffic before arriving at the Relais Hotel which was located over-looking the riverside. Here we watched Slender-billed Gulls and Black-headed Lapwings as we checked in.

                     Fine-spotted Woodpecker                                         

                                Lizard Buzzard

Broad-billed Roller

                             Senegal Life

                                Senegal Life

After checking in at the riverside hotel we drove to Ndiaffate where the birding was excellent. You cannot have too many Abyssinian Rollers and African Green Bee-eaters. The scrubby area yielded Woodchat Shrike, Chestnut-bellied Starling and African Silverbill too.

African Green Bee-eater

The next part of our trip can only be described as an adventure in itself as none of us were too sure what was going to happen. A boat ride had been promised to see a Scissor-tailed Kite roost. Normally a boat ride involves getting to a river bank, getting into a canoe, sit back and enjoy the scenery and birds at a leisurely pace. (Just my kind of birding ;-) ! )


However the canoe was some way off across a stretch of sand and mud and so we walked out on the mud until it was obvious that our sandals had to come off. Eventually we got to the canoe where the boatman took us 3 at a time across the narrow stretch of water where we disembarked into more mud. To be honest it did not look very far. Distances can be deceptive and this was certainly the case as we plodded through the mud in the searing heat carrying cameras, scopes, water, bags and sandals to Kousamar Island. It was now 40 degrees! We walked into the very high vegetation and played follow-the-leader through it as Dylan and Kebba disappeared ahead of us. After several minutes we were met with an amazing sight as 15 000 Scissor-tailed Kites were in the air above us and we weren’t too sure where to look first as they flew into roost into trees ahead of us. What an amazing sight!

                        Kebba, the boatman, Sue and Dylan                                

                                         Sue, Kebba, Dylan and the boatman 

Sue starting the pathway to the Scissor-tailed Kite roost

John starting the pathway to the Scissor-tailed Kite roost

                            Scissor-tailed Kite                                                             

                                                  Scissor-tailed Kite                                                             

                             Scissor-tailed Kites at roost

               Sue waiting for the boat ride back across the water

It had been an amazing spectacle as we were in awe of the birds above us as they circled around with a few disgruntled birds jostling for a position on a branch of a tree. All too soon it was time to leave as it would not be long before the sun set and we had the mud to face once again before getting into the canoe to cross the water and walk back to the minibus.


What an evening it had been as we arrived back at the hotel with its Christmas decorations up around the pool. It seemed so incongruous in the searing heat of the night.



The Christmas decorations around the pool of the Relais Hotel

9th December


After yesterday’s phenomenal sighting we were up before first light and motored north for a couple of hours for a remote spot near the village of Tip on the R60. Here we walked up and down the scrubby area for several hours looking for the near-mythical and elusive Quail Plover. This is one of Africa’s enigmatic and sought-after species.  We kept at it until it reached 40 degrees and we returned back to the van deflated after all our efforts without a sniff of one. John thought he saw a Common Quail at one stage but we enjoyed Chestnut-backed Sparrow Lark, Crested Lark, Great Grey Shrike, Woodchat Shrike, Sudan Golden Sparrow, Western Subalpine Warbler, Common Whitethroat,  White-backed Vulture , Singing Bush-lark, Northern Anteater Chat, Cut-throat Finch and an Orphean Warbler. I then spotted a couple of Temminck’s Coursers which pleased the rest of the group. As it was so hot and a lot of trudging was required I only took my small bridge camera with me, hence only a few photos today! We spent the next few hours in the van picking off nasty prickles which had bedded themselves into our socks (and fingers afterwards). Some decided to throw away their socks all together!

                      Chestnut-backed Sparrow-Lark                               

                        Northern Anteater Chat


                                   Temminck’s Courser                                                

                                  Common Whitethroat

After returning to the hotel I had a swim in the pool before watching many Slender-billed Gulls out on the riverside as well and Pink-backed Pelicans and Western Reef Herons.

10th December


After a hotel breakfast we drove once again to the village of Tip stopping off en-route at a small pond surrounded by scrub. Here we added Sahel Paradise Wydah to our lists, a lifer for me. We also saw Griffon Vultures and a White-backed Vulture at the side of the road at Louga which were feeding on a kill.  Once we had arrived at Tip we walked in an organized fashion through the scrub once again in 40 degree heat. We saw several Greater Blue-eared Starlings sitting in trees when all of a sudden Dylan shouted that he had a Quail Plover in front of him which ran straight for cover into a bush. We surrounded the bush and at last we all managed to have a view of the bird before it flew out and promptly disappeared. One of target birds seen at last! We were all relieved after spending 5 hours yesterday searching for one! On our way back to the van we watched a Common Buttonquail, Great Grey Shrike, Abyssinian Roller, Sudan Sparrow and a Wryneck to name but a few.


                     Greater Blue-eared Starling                                         

                                             Great Grey Shrike

              Griffon Vultures and White-backed Vulture                   

Linda Alessio Dylan Kebba and Sue (photo courtesy John Geeson)

After our victory we motored on for several more hours northwards and arrived in the city of St. Louis at the Mauritanian border. Brimming with people everywhere, we watched all the multi-coloured fishing boats and the Barn Swallows flying over them as they pulled up onto the beach. After being allocated our room at the hotel, I had a delightful swim in the hotel’s pool by the sea. It was good to enjoy a sea breeze in the heat.

11th December


Northern Crombec                                                                     


After leaving our hotel we birded the Marigot’s area where we failed miserably to find Savile’s Bustard. However it was a lovely birding area and I enjoyed seeing some good birds including Senegal Batis, Brubru, Black-headed Weaver, Northern Crombec, European Hoopoe, Zitting Cisticola, Yellow-bellied Eremomela, Bonelli’s Warbler, Spur-winged Goose, Egyptian Goose, Chestnut-bellied Starling and Orange-breasted Waxbill.

                                Senegal Batis                                                               

                           Yellow-bellied Eremomela


                                 Chestnut-bellied Starling                                               

                             Red-throated Pipit

We motored on in the searing heat stopping off at places and added White Pelican at Ndiongo and near Richard Toll we added Black-winged Kite, Gabar Goshawk, White Wagtail, Village Inigobird, Yellow-billed Oxpecker and Little Weaver to our trip lists. We also watched a Red-throated Pipit for some time trying to get its photograph.


At Podor we added Comb Duck and Glossy Ibis. After some confusion over our hotel booking we ended up in an unexpected camp and had to double back to the Golden Nightjar site which had been absolutely trashed by unexpected road construction. Here we added Red-billed Firefinch, Green Sandpiper and House Martin. However our local guide suggested that we try his location where the scrub was better and Dylan soon had us watching a Golden Nightjar at dusk. We also had excellent views of two Long-tailed Nightjars.


We made our way back to the alternative camp at Mbantou which was in a delightful setting on a tributary of the Senegal River which forms the boundary of Senegal and Mauritania. We watched a Black Scrub Robin before watching the sunset over the swimming pool and river as we sat on the terrace to eat our evening meal in the warm African night.


                                       Our Cabin

            John and Sue at Mbantou                                                


12th December  


We had an early morning walk around the cabins at Mbantou (a 2km drive off the main road to Podar from Richard Toll) after breakfast and discovered some sunken concrete bird hides at the lodge. Here we saw many Sudan Golden Sparrows, African Collared Dove as food had been put down. A Senegal Thick-knee and a Kestrel was also seen well as we walked to the hides. Red-cheeked Cordon-bleus also joined in the scene as a water channel had been installed feeding a huge concrete water bowl. Why this place is not advertised as a good birding lodge we did not know. One of our group also saw a Golden Nightjar before first light here!

                     Sudan Golden Sparrow

                              Red-cheeked Cordonbleu

                      Western Red Hornbill                                                        


We drove onto Mourkadie where we soon found Cricket Warbler, Little Grey Woodpecker, Vitelline Masked Weaver, Yellow-fronted Canary, Yellow-billed Oxpeckers, Abyssinian Roller, African Grey Woodpecker, Black-headed Lapwing, Black-crowned Sparrow Lark and Black Scimitarbill.

                              Abyssinian Roller                                                            

                       African Grey Woodpecker

                              Black-crowned Sparrow Lark                                                

                             Black-headed Lapwing

                          Cricket Warbler                                                                     

                                         Cut-throat Finch

                          Little Grey Woodpecker                                    

                      Yellow- billed Oxpeckers on Donkeys


                                       Horus Swift

We had a short stop at Gamandi Gare to watch a colony of Horus Swifts which were a disjunct population here.

Street Cobbler mending my desert boot


We stopped at Richard Toll for lunch where Kebba found me a street cobbler as one of the soles of my desert boots had fallen off and I had had an awkward time walking around with it flapping around.


At another stop near Richard Toll we watched Sennar Penduline Tits and our driver spotted two Northern White-faced Owls sitting in a tree by the side of the road. We also added Yellow-fronted Canary here.

                         Sennar Penduline Tit                                          

                      Northern White-faced Owl

After a two hour drive we arrived at Djoudj National Park where we watched many water birds on the lake, including Greater Flamingoes,  Lesser Flamingoes, White-faced Whistling Ducks in their thousands as well as Painted Snipe, Black Crake, Dunlin, Little Stint, Yellow-billed Stork, Shoveler, Whiskered Tern, Avocet, Spoonbill, Sedge Warbler, Kittlitz’s Plover and several Squacco Herons. We stopped for the night in some small cabins where we were fed and ate out in the wonderfully warm night listening to a Barn Owl calling.


                         One of the lakes at Djoudj

13th December


After breakfast, since we were staying in the park we drove to the wetlands of Djoudj. After picking up our park ranger we walked by a swampy area where we watched Greater Swamp Warbler, Reed Warbler, Winding Cisticola, Stonechat, Purple Heron, Malachite Kingfisher and River Prinia.

                            Malachite Kingfisher                                                 

                                                     Lesser Flamingoes

                                     Purple Heron                                                           

                                              River Prinia

                          Squacco Heron                                          

                               Winding Cisticola

We drove out to the reserve proper where we searched in vain for the Arabian Bustard. Unfortunately we were obliged to have a park ranger in our vehicle who took over control of where we went. He insisted taking us to lakeside hides instead of stopping frequently to scan for the bustard. He really didn’t understand our birding needs but wanted to show us familiar waterbirds that we had already seen. Grrrrr.....

Linda, Kebba and Sue at the entrance to Djoudj National Park
                                   The group scanning for the Arabian Bustard

However we all enjoyed the Greater Flamingoes and Lesser Flamingoes as well as Great White Pelicans and dozens of Spoonbills amongst the White-faced Whistling Ducks. A Fulvous Whistling Duck flew over as Blue-cheeked Bee-eaters flew all around us. It was soon very hot again but there was quite a strong breeze blowing which made the air fill with sand making all today’s photos a bit hazy. We saw several Golden Wolves (Jackals) and Common Warthogs.


At the bird hides we saw thousands of Garganey, Shoveler and Pintail ducks before we inadvertently disturbed a Barn Owl sitting on to two eggs which was using the bird hide as a nest box! Black-crowned Cranes flew over us along with a Purple Heron as we watched Kentish Plover, Kittlitz’s Plover, Curlew Sandpiper, Wood Sandpiper, Garganey, Black-tailed Godwit, Intermediate Egret, Pintail and Little Stint along with Yellow Wagtails.

                                             Common Warthog                                                        

                                      Golden Wolf (Jackal)

On the ground we saw thousands of Sand Martins as we tried to make the most of the few stops that we had for scanning for the bustard.

                                 Sue scanning for Arabian Bustard                                   
                                                                 Sand Martins

We returned to our cabins for lunch and a short snooze and walked through the village to re-visit the wetlands where once again we watched thousands of White-faced Whistling Ducks and watched the sun set on the day.


                         White-faced Whistling Ducks

                     Women bundling up the reeds at Djoudj                                                


                        Sue at Djoudj (photo courtesy John Geeson

                                      Sunset at Djoudj

14th December

                 Our cabins at Djoudj                                   

               The schoolroom at Djoudj



Before the morning dawned we watched Long-tailed Nightjars flying over us as we were eating breakfast. It was still very warm outside. As the van was being packed up, I took the opportunity to take a few photos of our accommodation and visited the local school before the children arrived. As a retired teacher I was interested in the resources in the school. It all looked very different to my classroom!


The minibus was soon underway and we started heading back south after our adventures near the Mauritanian border. We stopped to take a photo of an Osprey sat on the ground as we left Djoudj. We had a long way to travel today and only stopped once again at Marigot to have another try for Savile’s Bustard. Once again we failed dismally. We tried another area and watched 7 Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse and added Spotted Thick-knee to our trip list. We stopped at a roadside pool where we admired a few African Jacanas and Moorhens. Two African Fish Eagles were also sat watching us near St Louis.

African Fish Eagles



We continued on our way south and arrived back at Kaolack where I dived into the hotel’s swimming pool as soon as we arrived to cool down, over-looking the river with decorated Christmas trees now all lit up in the hot evening darkness after taking a few photos of Pied Kingfishers sat on the hotel’s railings and watching a Laughing Dove wandering around on the ground.

                              African Pied Kingfisher                                                    

                                       Laughing Dove

15th December



It was going to be another long day of travel as we left our wonderful hotel with its swimming pool over-looking the river at Kaolack early this morning. It was already hot and I was due to be in the front of the minibus with its scorching floor. Linda and I settled in and left the men (or rather John) talking about their various adventures across the globe at the back of the minibus as the miles rolled on by. After several hours we had a short comfort stop at Missirah and stretched our legs watching Sahel Paradise Whydahs and Abyssinian Rollers.


More endless miles followed when all of a sudden we were aware that the vehicle tax had run out and we needed some kind of a stamp from some authority that was not going to be open for several more hours before we got to the next police check point. Our local guide explained that we could go no further without the correct paperwork and made arrangements for a safari vehicle to take us to the national park. Our luggage was unloaded and loaded on to the safari vehicle and we sped at full speed along the main road in 40 degree heat being blasted at us sitting out on top. I was glad of my sunglasses to keep the wind out of my eyes as we sped along on the tarmaced road.

                 The group in the safari vehicle

Niokolo-Koba National Park

We turned into the park at Niokolo-Koba and motored down the track for the next two hours through the forest, stopping to take a photo of a perched Bateleur. Helmeted Guineafowl, Four-banded Sandgrouse, Little Grebe, White-crowned Lapwing and African Pigeon were observed from our lofty view point as we motored through the park wondering if we were ever going to reach our accommodation after such a long day of travel.

              Niokolo-Koba National Park                                           


Sue and Dylan celebrating the view of an Egyptian Plover



Once at the camp at Simenti we made our beds and found some supplies for our room before Kebba told me about the river and that there was an Egyptian Plover present on one of the banks. I grabbed my scope and there was the awesome bird. An Egyptian Plover on my list at long last but far too far for a photograph! Grrrr........


I was ecstatic after all these years of waiting. 

                       Our cabin at Simenti                                             

                              Staff kitchen

16th December


After breakfast we drove around Niokolo-Koba National Park and stopped at Gue-de-Damantan camp. Here on the river were another two Egyptian Plovers but they were difficult to take photos of without getting wet feet. I tried the best that I could balancing on various stones and twisting to avoid infringing vegetation getting in the way. Oh the joys of the photographer! I managed a few photos before we drove onto Lion camp where after a brief stop we got out of the safari vehicle and watched Violet Turaco, African Goshawk, Red-throated Bee-eater, White-crested Helmetshrike, Short-winged Cisticola, Adamawa Turtle Dove, Senegal Eremomela, Willow Warbler, Brown-throated Wattle-eye and African Paradise Flycatcher.

                                    Egyptian Plover                                                         

                                  Helmeted Guineafowl

We also watched a Green Vervet Monkey and a Kob along the track in the park.

                   African Paradise Flycatcher

                                     White-crested Helmetshrike

We stopped by the river where we eventually added a Singing Cisticola but little else. It was a shame that a bird hide had been burnt down. We stopped again to watch a golden oriole that flew off very quickly but it wasn’t until we looked at my photograph that we realised that it was an African Golden Oriole.

           The burnt-out hide

                  Niokolo-Koba N.P.

                         African Golden Oriole

We returned to camp for lunch and a snooze in the now very hot middle of the day but there was a knock on my cabin door by one of the camp staff who was in an agitated state and beckoned me outside. John had gone for a walk and was nowhere in sight. I followed the member of staff who said that there was a Lion roaming around the camp and he wanted to show me! Aghast I wasn’t too sure what to do but Alessio was ahead of me and so was Dylan.


I followed them to the river and we could hear a lion roaring. After a while I spotted another Lioness on the other side of the river to the delight of all the camp staff who looked through my scope at it. However the member of staff was insistent that one Lion was still around the camp which we could still hear as well as watching a Hippopotamus in the river.

              Alessio and Dylan                           

Sue at the riverside watching the Egyptian Plover



Green Vervet Monkey


We had a late afternoon walk around the camp birding and made our way down to an old bird hide over-looking a marshy area. On our way down we stopped to admire a pair of Red-shouldered Cuckooshrikes, Grey-headed Kingfisher, Blue-breasted Roller, Pied Flycatcher, Sahel Bush Sparrow and Black-winged Red Bishop. Down at the marsh we watched African Pied Wagtails flitting around.




 We had an evening meal back at Simenti and went for a walk in the dark with torches. Behind the staff quarters we spotted a Civet by in the spotlight. Magical! It is not often that these are seen.

Red-shouldered Cuckooshrike (female)

Red-shouldered Cuckooshrike  male)

               Blue-bellied Roller                           

                   Blue-breasted Kingfisher

17th December

Sunrise at Simenti



We were up early and had a wander around the camp grounds before breakfast where we admired two Violet Turacos and a Northern Cuckooshrike. A Northern Puffback was not keen to have its photo taken but the many Long-tailed Glossy Starlings were. As we sat down to breakfast a Green Monkey made off with one of our guide’s breakfast and scampered away with it.

                              Violet Turaco

                                Long-tailed Glossy Starling

Abyssinian Ground Hornbills


We packed up the safari truck with our luggage and drove the long bumpy track back for several hours back to the main road watching several Abyssinian Ground Hornbills also using the track with Common Swifts flying overhead. We eventually reunited with our driver Baba and main vehicle, swopped our luggage over and drove to Wassadou camp stopping along the main road at Diala Kotu to watch Northern Carmine Bee-eaters, Wahlbergs’ Eagle, Grasshopper Buzzard and Pallid Swifts flying over a piece of ground that was on fire.

                           Wahlberg’s Eagle                                     

       John, Dylan, Sue, Alessio and Baba

Luckily it did not take us too long to arrive at Wassadou where we had a delightful lunch over-looking the river in the hot sun.

The afternoon was destined to be an amazing river trip one of the best that I have ever done in my life, due to the quality of birds seen. We walked down to the jetty full of expectation. I just love boat rides for the relaxation that they offer, watching all the wonderful birds that come your way.

                       The port at Wassadou

                                                The jetty at Wassadou

We boarded the canoe and set off downstream towards a bank in the cliff and admired all the nesting Northern Carmine Bee-eaters before arriving at the sand bank that had Egyptian Plovers running around on it. We shifted around to make sure everyone had an opportunity for seeing the plovers well and getting a photograph. Sitting on the Gambian River in the hot sun watching Egyptian Plovers on the sand bank whist Northern Carmine Bee-eaters, Red-throated Bee-eaters, Little Bee-eaters, Pied Kingfishers, Giant Kingfishers, Blue-breasted Kingfishers, Woodland Kingfishers, Grey-headed Kingfishers and Malachite Kingfishers pose for photographs is just stunning.

                                                               Egyptian Plover                                                              

                              Malachite Kingfisher

                                      Northern Carmine Bee-eater

                                                      Northern Carmine Bee-eaters

Little Bee-eater and Northern Carmine Bee-eater                                                    

         Red-throated Bee-eaters nesting in the bank

          Red-throated Bee-eater

                                   Giant Kingfisher                                                      
                                           Grey-headed Kingfisher

After having our fill of watching the Egyptian Plovers at close quarters with Northern Carmine Bee-eaters and Red-throated Bee-eaters flying over our heads we turned the boat around and headed back upstream passing a troop of Guinea Baboons and watched a Swamp Warbler posing on an overhanging branch.

                                  Guinea Baboons

                                           Guinea Baboons

                           Swamp Warbler                                         

                                 Senegal Thick-knee

                                    The Gambia River at Wassadou

               The Gambia River at Wassadou

The supporting cast of Black-crowned Night-heron, Senegal Thick-knee, Osprey, African Harrier Hawk, Adamawa Turtle Dove, and Wahlberg’s Eagle flying around was just wonderful. How lucky we were to be in this wonderful country at this time of year whilst the UK was suffering below zero temperatures!

                       Adamawa Turtle Dove                                  

                 Black-crowned Night Heron

                       African Harrier Hawk

                                     White-backed Night Heron

We searched along the river bank peering into all the mangroves and eventually found a White-backed Heron. I had seen this bird in The Gambia 25 years ago but never got a photo. This time I managed one!

We watched West African Swallows flying overhead as a Levaillant’s Cuckoo crossed over the river. On the bank Hadada Ibis and a Hamerkop wanted their photos taken. I duly obliged!

                                                    Hadada Ibis                                                              


Our cabin at Wassadou


We added Northern Yellow-White-eye, Blackcap Babbler, Yellow-bellied Hyliota and Bronze-tailed Starling in riverside vegetation as we cruised along in the gently flowing water. The sun was now setting and it was time to return to our little cabin and our evening meal. It had been just a magical afternoon and one which will remain in the memory of the day we got up, close and personal to one of my much-wanted waders.

18th December

                        White-crowned Robin Chat                                

Lunch stop for Baba, Sue, John, Alessio, Linda and Dylan

This morning we had a post-breakfast walk for a short while, including looking over the river and down a short trail. Luckily we found a White-crowned Robin-chat which posed for a short while as well as a Black-capped Babbler. We were soon on our way for our long journey back into The Gambia. We stopped for lunch where I am not certain it would get a 5 star rating for it cleanliness in the kitchen area! However we all survived and we continued on our way.


We had some issues at the border and it took quite a while to resolve them all. En-route at Tambacounda, we watched a Dark Chanting Goshawk, Shikra and Grasshopper Buzzard. We stopped at a small litter-strewn pool where we watched more Red-throated Bee-eaters and a Bearded Barbet.

                             Black-capped Babbler                                           

                                 Grasshopper Buzzard

                            Bearded Barbet                                               

                            Missira, The Gambia

Long-tailed Nightjar (photo courtesy of Alessio Chiusi)


Our journey continued and stopped at Basse for a few minutes by the riverside to fulfil my curiosity of seeing the site where many had seen Egyptian Plover before me. We arrived at our lodge for the night at Janjanbureh situated on an island in The Gambia River.


After dinner we walked for a couple of miles along a track at the back of the village in the warm darkness. Gosh it was dark. The stars were amazing. We took torches and saw 7 Long-tailed Nightjars sitting on the edge of the track. Two of them took to flight which we watched through our binoculars.

19th December

Beautiful Sunbird

We had a long drive today back to Banjul but I took a few photos of a Beautiful Sunbird as the minibus was being loaded up. We stopped off at various birding spots along our route. Raptors were the order of the day and we saw Martial Eagle, Brown Snake Eagle, Western Banded Snake Eagle, African Hawk-Eagle, Grasshopper Buzzard, Gabar Goshawk (dark morph), African Harrier-Hawk and Lanner.

                         Brown Snake Eagle                                                 

                                Gabar Goshawk

At Bajakarr we had a venture into an area with some dense vegetation and after some time with tapes managed to see an Oriole Warbler. We also admired lots of water birds on the various lily ponds as we neared Pirang. These included African Jacanas, Squacco Herons, Cattle Egret, Moorhens and Coot. A Martial Eagle was also watched at a roadside stop here.

                                    African Jacana                                                                   

                                               Cattle Egrets


                                       Martial Eagle                                                            

                                              Squacco Heron
Spur-winged Plovers

                            Wire-tailed Swallow                                                

                                 Woodchat Shrike

At one stop we admired a Woodchat Shrike that sat and posed as Spotted Thick-knees flew around us. Eventually we arrived at our hotel near the airport in Banjul where we had a cold swim to cool ourselves down! We said our goodbyes to Linda and the rest of us enjoyed an evening meal together.

20th December


The tour was now officially over but as none of us had daytime flights Dylan kindly arranged for Baba to drive us to Abuko Nature Reserve at Lamin near Banjul which I had last seen 25 years ago. Not a lot has changed. Dylan, Alessio, John Kebba and I enjoyed watching Western Bluebills and Red-billed Firefinches along with Beautiful Sunbirds as Yellow-billed Kites and Hooded Vultures wheeled overhead. How lovely it was to enjoy some good Gambian birds as we wandered along taking photographs as we went.

                Sue at Abuko Nature Reserve                             

                   Alessio Kebba John and Dylan

We wandered along the entrance path and noted Red-billed Firefinches and an African Thrush when Dylan heard a Western Bluebill. This was to be my last lifer of the trip and I was pleased to see it.   

                                     Red-billed Firefinch                                                      

                                        African Thrush

A Red-bellied Paradise Flycatcher flew out from the side of me and landed momentarily for me to get one quick photograph of it. Little Greenbul and Yellow-breasted Apalis were new for the trip as was Bronze Manikin, Guinea Turaco and Copper Sunbird. Overhead a Fanti Saw-wing flew over just in time for me to see it. We watched a few Red Colobus Monkeys in the trees but they were not easy to see as they hid in the vegetation.

              Red-bellied Paradise Flycatcher                       

                             Lavender Waxbill

Grey Kestrel


We wandered on and watched a Grey Kestrel pose for us before all too soon it was time to return to the hotel for lunch. We needed to get packed after lunch and have a meeting with Dylan about future trips. After an evening meal we said our goodbyes and thanked Dylan for all his help and guidance at the airport and flew back to Brussels and onto Heathrow.

Species List


  1. White-faced Whistling Duck       Dendrocygna viduata    12/12/2022              Djoudj  Senegal
  2. Fulvous Whistling Duck Dendrocygna bicolor     13/12/2022        Djoudj              Senegal
  3. Spur-winged Goose        Plectropterus gambensis             11/12/2022              Marigots             Senegal
  4. Knob-billed Duck            Sarkidiornis melanotos 11/12/2022        Podor              Senegal
  5. Egyptian Goose Alopochen aegyptiaca   11/12/2022        Marigots              Senegal
  6. Garganey           Spatula querquedula     13/12/2022        Djoudj  Senegal
  7. Shoveler             Spatula clypeata             12/12/2022        Djoudj  Senegal
  8. Pintail   Anas acuta         13/12/2022        Djoudj  Senegal
  9. Helmeted Guineafowl   Numida meleagris          15/12/2022        Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)          Senegal
  10. Stone Partridge Ptilopachus petrosus     07/12/2022        Toubakouta              Senegal
  11. Double-spurred Spurfowl           Pternistis bicalcaratus    08/12/2022              Toubakouta       Senegal
  12. Golden Nightjar               Caprimulgus eximius     11/12/2022        Diartar              Senegal
  13. Long-tailed Nightjar        Caprimulgus climacurus              11/12/2022              Diartar  Senegal
  14. Mottled Spinetail            Telacanthura ussheri     07/12/2022        Misirah              Senegal
  15. African Palm Swift          Cypsiurus parvus            06/12/2022        Kotu              The Gambia
  16. Swift     Apus apus          17/12/2022        Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)              Senegal
  17. Pallid Swift         Apus pallidus    17/12/2022        Diartar  Senegal
  18. Little Swift          Apus affinis       06/12/2022        Banjul   The Gambia
  19. Horus Swift        Apus horus        12/12/2022        Gamandj Gare  Senegal
  20. Western Plantain-eater Crinifer piscator              06/12/2022        Kotu              The Gambia
  21. Violet Turaco     Tauraco violaceus           16/12/2022        Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)            Senegal
  22. Guinea Turaco  Tauraco persa   20/12/2022        Abuko Nature Reserve              The Gambia
  23. Senegal Coucal  Centropus senegalensis               07/12/2022        Misirah              Senegal
  24. Levaillant's Cuckoo         Clamator levaillantii       17/12/2022        Wassadou              Senegal
  25. Klaas's Cuckoo  Chrysococcyx klaas         07/12/2022        Toubakouta              Senegal
  26. Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse     Pterocles exustus            14/12/2022              Djoudj  Senegal
  27. Four-banded Sandgrouse Pterocles quadricinctus 15/12/2022    Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)          Senegal
  28. Rock Dove          Columba livia    08/12/2022        Toubakouta       Senegal
  29. Speckled Pigeon              Columba guinea              06/12/2022        Kotu              The Gambia
  30. Adamawa Turtle Dove Streptopelia hypopyrrha               16/12/2022              Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)          Senegal
  31. African Collared Dove    Streptopelia roseogrisea             12/12/2022              Mbantou            Senegal
  32. Mourning Collared Dove             Streptopelia decipiens   07/12/2022              Misirah Senegal
  33. Red-eyed Dove Streptopelia semitorquata          06/12/2022              Toubakouta Mangroves              Senegal
  34. Vinaceous Dove              Streptopelia vinacea      06/12/2022              Toubakouta Mangroves              Senegal
  35. Laughing Dove  Spilopelia senegalensis  06/12/2022        Banjul   The Gambia
  36. Black-billed Wood Dove              Turtur abyssinicus          07/12/2022              Misirah Senegal
  37. Namaqua Dove Oena capensis  07/12/2022        Misirah Senegal
  38. Bruce's Green Pigeon     Treron waalia    07/12/2022        Misirah Senegal
  39. African Green Pigeon     Treron calvus    15/12/2022        Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)            Senegal
  40. Moorhen            Gallinula chloropus        14/12/2022        Djoudj  Senegal
  41. Black Crake        Zapornia flavirostra       12/12/2022        Djoudj  Senegal
  42. Black Crowned Crane    Balearica pavonina         13/12/2022        Djoudj              Senegal
  43. Little Grebe        Tachybaptus ruficollis    15/12/2022        Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)            Senegal
  44. Greater Flamingo            Phoenicopterus roseus 12/12/2022        Djoudj              Senegal
  45. Lesser Flamingo              Phoeniconaias minor     12/12/2022        Djoudj              Senegal
  46. Common Buttonquail    Turnix sylvaticus             10/12/2022        Tip              Senegal
  47. Quail-plover      Ortyxelos meiffrenii       10/12/2022        Tip         Senegal
  48. Senegal Thick-knee         Burhinus senegalensis   07/12/2022              Toubakouta       Senegal
  49. Spotted Thick-knee        Burhinus capensis          14/12/2022        Marigots              Senegal
  50. Oystercatcher   Haematopus ostralegus              06/12/2022        Banjul              The Gambia
  51. Black-winged Stilt           Himantopus himantopus            06/12/2022              The Bund Road, Banjul  The Gambia
  52. Avocet  Recurvirostra avosetta  12/12/2022        Djoudj  Senegal
  53. Spur-winged Lapwing    Vanellus spinosus           06/12/2022        The Bund Road, Banjul      The Gambia
  54. Black-headed Lapwing   Vanellus tectus 08/12/2022        Kaolack Senegal
  55. White-crowned Lapwing Vanellus albiceps 15/12/2022  Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)            Senegal
  56. African Wattled Lapwing             Vanellus senegallus        07/12/2022              Misirah Senegal
  57. Grey Plover        Pluvialis squatarola        06/12/2022        Toubakouta Mangroves        Senegal
  58. Ringed Plover    Charadrius hiaticula       06/12/2022        The Bund Road, Banjul   The Gambia
  59. Little Ringed Plover         Charadrius dubius          06/12/2022        The Bund Road, Banjul      The Gambia
  60. Kittlitz's Plover  Charadrius pecuarius    12/12/2022        Djoudj  Senegal
  61. Kentish Plover   Charadrius alexandrinus             13/12/2022        Djoudj              Senegal
  62. Egyptian Plover Pluvianus aegyptius       15/12/2022        Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)            Senegal
  63. Greater Painted-snipe   Rostratula benghalensis              12/12/2022              Djoudj  Senegal
  64. African Jacana   Actophilornis africanus 14/12/2022        Djoudj  Senegal
  65. Whimbrel           Numenius phaeopus     06/12/2022        Toubakouta Mangroves        Senegal
  66. Curlew  Numenius arquata         06/12/2022        Toubakouta Mangroves              Senegal
  67. Bar-tailed Godwit           Limosa lapponica            06/12/2022        The Bund Road, Banjul      The Gambia
  68. Black-tailed Godwit        Limosa limosa   13/12/2022        Djoudj  Senegal
  69. Knot      Calidris canutus              06/12/2022        The Bund Road, Banjul              The Gambia
  70. Ruff       Calidris pugnax 06/12/2022        The Bund Road, Banjul  The Gambia
  71. Curlew Sandpiper           Calidris ferruginea          13/12/2022        Djoudj              Senegal
  72. Sanderling          Calidris alba       06/12/2022        The Bund Road, Banjul              The Gambia
  73. Dunlin  Calidris alpina   12/12/2022        Djoudj  Senegal
  74. Little Stint           Calidris minuta 12/12/2022        Djoudj  Senegal
  75. Common Sandpiper       Actitis hypoleucos          06/12/2022        The Bund Road, Banjul      The Gambia
  76. Green Sandpiper            Tringa ochropus              11/12/2022        Diartar              Senegal
  77. Redshank           Tringa totanus  06/12/2022        Toubakouta Mangroves              Senegal
  78. Marsh Sandpiper            Tringa stagnatilis             06/12/2022        The Bund Road, Banjul      The Gambia
  79. Wood Sandpiper            Tringa glareola  06/12/2022        The Bund Road, Banjul   The Gambia
  80. Greenshank       Tringa nebularia             06/12/2022        The Bund Road, Banjul   The Gambia
  81. Temminck's Courser      Cursorius temminckii     09/12/2022        Tip              Senegal
  82. Slender-billed Gull          Chroicocephalus genei  08/12/2022        Kaolack              Senegal
  83. Black-headed Gull          Chroicocephalus ridibundus       06/12/2022              The Bund Road, Banjul  The Gambia
  84. Grey-headed Gull           Chroicocephalus cirrocephalus  06/12/2022              The Bund Road, Banjul  The Gambia
  85. Lesser Black-backed Gull             Larus fuscus      06/12/2022        Banjul              The Gambia
  86. Gull-billed Tern Gelochelidon nilotica     06/12/2022        Toubakouta Mangroves        Senegal
  87. Caspian Tern     Hydroprogne caspia       06/12/2022        The Bund Road, Banjul   The Gambia
  88. West African Crested Tern          Thalasseus albididorsalis              06/12/2022        Banjul   The Gambia
  89. Sandwich Tern  Thalasseus sandvicensis              06/12/2022        Banjul              The Gambia
  90. Common Tern   Sterna hirundo 06/12/2022        Banjul   The Gambia
  91. Whiskered Tern              Chlidonias hybrida         12/12/2022        Djoudj              Senegal
  92. Pomarine Skua  Stercorarius pomarinus 06/12/2022        Banjul   The Gambia
  93. Yellow-billed Stork         Mycteria ibis      12/12/2022        Djoudj  Senegal
  94. Black Stork         Ciconia nigra     08/12/2022        Toubakouta       Senegal
  95. African Darter   Anhinga rufa     06/12/2022        The Bund Road, Banjul              The Gambia
  96. Reed Cormorant             Microcarbo africanus    08/12/2022              Toubakouta       Senegal
  97. White-breasted Cormorant        Phalacrocorax lucidus    06/12/2022              The Bund Road, Banjul  The Gambia
  98. African Sacred Ibis          Threskiornis aethiopicus             06/12/2022              Toubakouta Mangroves              Senegal
  99. Hadada Ibis       Bostrychia hagedash      17/12/2022        Wassadou              Senegal
  100. Glossy Ibis          Plegadis falcinellus         11/12/2022        Podor   Senegal
  101. Spoonbill            Platalea leucorodia        12/12/2022        Djoudj  Senegal
  102. African Spoonbill            Platalea alba      06/12/2022        The Bund Road, Banjul   The Gambia
  103. White-crested Tiger Heron         Tigriornis leucolopha     06/12/2022              Toubakouta Mangroves              Senegal
  104. White-backed Night Heron         Gorsachius leuconotus  17/12/2022              Wassadou          Senegal
  105. Striated Heron  Butorides striata             06/12/2022        The Bund Road, Banjul   The Gambia
  106. Squacco Heron Ardeola ralloides            06/12/2022        The Bund Road, Banjul   The Gambia
  107. Cattle Egret        Bubulcus ibis     06/12/2022        Kotu      The Gambia
  108. Grey Heron        Ardea cinerea   06/12/2022        The Bund Road, Banjul              The Gambia
  109. Black-headed Heron      Ardea melanocephala   08/12/2022        Kaolack              Senegal
  110. Purple Heron     Ardea purpurea              13/12/2022        Djoudj  Senegal
  111. Great White Egret           Ardea alba         06/12/2022        The Bund Road, Banjul   The Gambia
  112. Intermediate Egret         Ardea intermedia           13/12/2022        Djoudj              Senegal
  113. Black Heron       Egretta ardesiaca            06/12/2022        Toubakouta Mangroves        Senegal
  114. Little Egret          Egretta garzetta              06/12/2022        Toubakouta Mangroves        Senegal
  115. Western Reef Heron      Egretta gularis   06/12/2022        The Bund Road, Banjul   The Gambia
  116. Hamerkop          Scopus umbretta            06/12/2022        Toubakouta Mangroves        Senegal
  117. Great White Pelican       Pelecanus onocrotalus  11/12/2022        Ndiongo              Senegal
  118. Pink-backed Pelican       Pelecanus rufescens      06/12/2022        The Bund Road, Banjul      The Gambia
  119. Osprey Pandion haliaetus           06/12/2022        Toubakouta Mangroves              Senegal
  120. Black-winged Kite           Elanus caeruleus             11/12/2022        Richard Toll        Senegal
  121. Scissor-tailed Kite           Chelictinia riocourii        08/12/2022        Kousmar Island   Senegal
  122. African Harrier-hawk     Polyboroides typus        07/12/2022              Toubakouta       Senegal
  123. Palm-nut Vulture            Gypohierax angolensis  06/12/2022        Kotu              The Gambia
  124. Hooded Vulture              Necrosyrtes monachus  06/12/2022        Kotu              The Gambia
  125. White-backed Vulture   Gyps africanus  09/12/2022        Tip         Senegal
  126. Griffon Vulture Gyps fulvus        10/12/2022        Louga    Senegal
  127. Short-toed Eagle             Circaetus gallicus            08/12/2022              Toubakouta       Senegal
  128. Beaudouin's Snake Eagle             Circaetus beaudouini     06/12/2022              Toubakouta Mangroves              Senegal
  129. Brown Snake Eagle         Circaetus cinereus          19/12/2022        Bajakarr              The Gambia
  130. Western Banded Snake Eagle     Circaetus cinerascens    19/12/2022              Bajakarr              The Gambia
  131. Bateleur             Terathopius ecaudatus 15/12/2022        Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)            Senegal
  132. Martial Eagle     Polemaetus bellicosus   19/12/2022        Bajakarr              The Gambia
  133. Wahlberg's Eagle            Hieraaetus wahlbergi    17/12/2022        Diartar              Senegal
  134. African Hawk-eagle        Aquila spilogaster           17/12/2022        Wassadou              Senegal
  135. Lizard Buzzard  Kaupifalco monogrammicus       07/12/2022        Misirah              Senegal
  136. Gabar Goshawk              Micronisus gabar            11/12/2022        Richard Toll        Senegal
  137. Dark Chanting Goshawk              Melierax metabates       18/12/2022              Tambacounda   Senegal
  138. African Goshawk            Accipiter tachiro              16/12/2022        Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)          Senegal
  139. Shikra   Accipiter badius              06/12/2022        Toubakouta Mangroves              Senegal
  140. Marsh Harrier   Circus aeruginosus         07/12/2022        Misirah Senegal
  141. Black Kite            Milvus migrans 06/12/2022        Toubakouta Mangroves              Senegal
  142. Yellow-billed Kite            Milvus aegyptius             06/12/2022        Kotu              The Gambia
  143. African Fish Eagle           Haliaeetus vocifer           06/12/2022        Banjul              The Gambia
  144. Grasshopper Buzzard    Butastur rufipennis        17/12/2022        Diartar              Senegal
  145. Barn Owl            Tyto alba            13/12/2022        Djoudj  Senegal
  146. Pearl-spotted Owlet       Glaucidium perlatum     07/12/2022              Toubakouta       Senegal
  147. African Scops Owl           Otus senegalensis           07/12/2022              Toubakouta       Senegal
  148. Northern White-faced Owl         Ptilopsis leucotis             12/12/2022              Gamandj Gare  Senegal
  149. Greyish Eagle-owl           Bubo cinerascens           08/12/2022        Kaolack              Senegal
  150. Blue-naped Mousebird Urocolius macrourus     09/12/2022        Tip              Senegal
  151. Hoopoe              Upupa epops    11/12/2022        Marigots             Senegal
  152. Green Wood Hoopoe    Phoeniculus purpureus 06/12/2022        Kotu              The Gambia
  153. Black Scimitarbill             Rhinopomastus aterrimus          12/12/2022              Mourkadie         Senegal
  154. Abyssinian Ground Hornbill Bucorvus abyssinicus 17/12/2022   Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)          Senegal
  155. Western Red-billed Hornbill       Tockus kempi    06/12/2022        Kotu              The Gambia
  156. African Grey Hornbill     Lophoceros nasutus       08/12/2022              Toubakouta       Senegal
  157. Purple Roller     Coracias naevius             07/12/2022        Toubakouta              Senegal
  158. Abyssinian Roller            Coracias abyssinicus      07/12/2022              Toubakouta       Senegal
  159. Blue-bellied Roller          Coracias cyanogaster     06/12/2022        Kotu              The Gambia
  160. Broad-billed Roller         Eurystomus glaucurus   06/12/2022        Kotu              The Gambia
  161. Grey-headed Kingfisher Halcyon leucocephala    16/12/2022        Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)          Senegal
  162. Blue-breasted Kingfisher Halcyon malimbica      16/12/2022        Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)          Senegal
  163. Woodland Kingfisher     Halcyon senegalensis     17/12/2022        Wassadou              Senegal
  164. Malachite Kingfisher      Corythornis cristatus     06/12/2022              Toubakouta Mangroves              Senegal
  165. Giant Kingfisher              Megaceryle maxima       07/12/2022        Misirah              Senegal
  166. Pied Kingfisher  Ceryle rudis       06/12/2022        The Bund Road, Banjul              The Gambia
  167. Swallow-tailed Bee-eater            Merops hirundineus      06/12/2022              Toubakouta Mangroves              Senegal
  168. Little Bee-eater Merops pusillus              06/12/2022        Toubakouta Mangroves        Senegal
  169. Red-throated Bee-eater              Merops bulocki 16/12/2022        Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)          Senegal
  170. African Green Bee-eater              Merops viridissimus       08/12/2022              Kaolack Senegal
  171. Blue-cheeked Bee-eater              Merops persicus             07/12/2022              Toubakouta       Senegal
  172. Northern Carmine Bee-eater      Merops nubicus              17/12/2022              Diartar  Senegal
  173. Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird           Pogoniulus chrysoconus              07/12/2022        Misirah Senegal
  174. Vieillot's Barbet               Lybius vieilloti   07/12/2022        Toubakouta              Senegal
  175. Bearded Barbet               Lybius dubius    07/12/2022        Toubakouta              Senegal
  176. Greater Honeyguide      Indicator indicator          08/12/2022              Toubakouta       Senegal
  177. Wryneck             Jynx torquilla     10/12/2022        Tip         Senegal
  178. Fine-spotted Woodpecker          Campethera punctuligera              08/12/2022        Toubakouta       Senegal
  179. Little Grey Woodpecker Dendropicos elachus     12/12/2022        Mourkadie              Senegal
  180. African Grey Woodpecker           Dendropicos goertae     07/12/2022              Toubakouta       Senegal
  181. Lesser Kestrel    Falco naumanni              08/12/2022        Toubakouta              Senegal
  182. Kestrel  Falco tinnunculus           12/12/2022        Mbantou            Senegal
  183. Grey Kestrel       Falco ardosiaceus           07/12/2022        Misirah Senegal
  184. Red-necked Falcon         Falco chicquera 06/12/2022        Banjul   The Gambia
  185. Lanner Falcon   Falco biarmicus 06/12/2022        Toubakouta Mangroves              Senegal
  186. Senegal Parrot  Poicephalus senegalus  06/12/2022        Toubakouta Mangroves        Senegal
  187. Ring-necked Parakeet    Psittacula krameri           06/12/2022              Toubakouta Mangroves              Senegal
  188. Senegal Batis     Batis senegalensis          11/12/2022        Marigots              Senegal
  189. Brown-throated Wattle-eye Platysteira cyanea  16/12/2022        Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)          Senegal
  190. Black-crowned Tchagra Tchagra senegalus          09/12/2022        Tip              Senegal
  191. Northern Puffback          Dryoscopus gambensis 17/12/2022        Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)          Senegal
  192. Yellow-crowned Gonolek            Laniarius barbarus         07/12/2022              Misirah Senegal
  193. Brubru  Nilaus afer         11/12/2022        Marigots             Senegal
  194. White-crested Helmetshrike Prionos plumatus  16/12/2022        Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)          Senegal
  195. Red-shouldered Cuckooshrike Campephaga phoenicea              16/12/2022Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)   Senegal
  196. Yellow-billed Shrike        Corvinella corvina           08/12/2022              Toubakouta       Senegal
  197. Great Grey Shrike           Lanius excubitor             09/12/2022        Tip              Senegal
  198. Woodchat Shrike            Lanius senator  08/12/2022        Kaolack Senegal
  199. African Golden Oriole    Oriolus auratus 16/12/2022        Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)            Senegal
  200. Glossy-backed Drongo  Dicrurus divaricatus       07/12/2022              Toubakouta       Senegal
  201. Red-bellied Paradise Flycatcher Terpsiphone rufiventer 20/12/2022              Abuko Nature Reserve  The Gambia
  202. African Paradise Flycatcher Terpsiphone viridis  16/12/2022        Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)          Senegal
  203. Piapiac  Ptilostomus afer             07/12/2022        Toubakouta       Senegal
  204. Pied Crow          Corvus albus     06/12/2022        Kotu      The Gambia
  205. Sennar Penduline Tit      Anthoscopus punctifrons            12/12/2022              Gamandj Gare  Senegal
  206. Black-crowned Sparrow-lark      Eremopterix nigriceps   12/12/2022              Gamandj Gare  Senegal
  207. Chestnut-backed Sparrow-Lark Eremopterix leucotis      09/12/2022        Tip              Senegal
  208. Singing Bush Lark            Mirafra cantillans           09/12/2022        Tip              Senegal
  209. Crested Lark      Galerida cristata             06/12/2022        The Bund Road, Banjul   The Gambia
  210. Little Greenbul  Eurillas virens    20/12/2022        Abuko Nature Reserve              The Gambia
  211. Common Bulbul              Pycnonotus barbatus     06/12/2022        Kotu              The Gambia
  212. Fanti Saw-wing Psalidoprocne obscura  20/12/2022        Abuko Nature Reserve              The Gambia
  213. Sand Martin      Riparia riparia   11/12/2022        Marigots             Senegal
  214. Wire-tailed Swallow       Hirundo smithii 07/12/2022        Misirah Senegal
  215. Swallow              Hirundo rustica 10/12/2022        Saint Louis         Senegal
  216. Red-chested Swallow     Hirundo lucida  07/12/2022        Misirah Senegal
  217. Common House Martin Delichon urbicum           11/12/2022        Diartar              Senegal
  218. West African Swallow    Cecropis domicella         17/12/2022        Wassadou              Senegal
  219. Northern Crombec         Sylvietta brachyura        07/12/2022              Toubakouta       Senegal
  220. Western Bonelli's Warbler          Phylloscopus bonelli      11/12/2022              Marigots             Senegal
  221. Willow Warbler               Phylloscopus trochilus   16/12/2022        Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)          Senegal
  222. Chiffchaff           Phylloscopus collybita   07/12/2022        Toubakouta              Senegal
  223. Greater Swamp Warbler             Acrocephalus rufescens              13/12/2022        Djoudj  Senegal
  224. Sedge Warbler  Acrocephalus schoenobaenus   12/12/2022        Djoudj              Senegal
  225. Reed Warbler    Acrocephalus scirpaceus             13/12/2022        Djoudj              Senegal
  226. Western Olivaceous Warbler     Iduna opaca      07/12/2022              Toubakouta       Senegal
  227. Melodious Warbler        Hippolais polyglotta       07/12/2022              Toubakouta       Senegal
  228. Singing Cisticola              Cisticola cantans             16/12/2022        Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)          Senegal
  229. Winding Cisticola            Cisticola marginatus       13/12/2022        Djoudj              Senegal
  230. Short-winged Cisticola   Cisticola brachypterus   16/12/2022        Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)          Senegal
  231. Zitting Cisticola  Cisticola juncidis             11/12/2022        Marigots              Senegal
  232. Desert Cisticola Cisticola aridulus            08/12/2022        Kaolack Senegal
  233. Tawny-flanked Prinia     Prinia subflava  07/12/2022        Misirah Senegal
  234. River Prinia        Prinia fluviatilis 13/12/2022        Djoudj  Senegal
  235. Cricket Warbler Spiloptila clamans          12/12/2022        Mourkadie              Senegal
  236. Yellow-breasted Apalis  Apalis flavida     20/12/2022        Abuko Nature Reserve              The Gambia
  237. Oriole Warbler  Hypergerus atriceps       19/12/2022        Bajakarr              The Gambia
  238. Grey-backed Camaroptera         Camaroptera brevicaudata              07/12/2022        Toubakouta       Senegal
  239. Yellow-bellied Eremomela          Eremomela icteropygialis              11/12/2022        Marigots             Senegal
  240. Senegal Eremomela       Eremomela pusilla         16/12/2022        Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)          Senegal
  241. Western Orphean Warbler         Curruca hortensis           09/12/2022        Tip              Senegal
  242. Western Subalpine Warbler       Curruca iberiae 09/12/2022        Tip              Senegal
  243. Whitethroat      Curruca communis         09/12/2022        Tip         Senegal
  244. Northern Yellow White-eye        Zosterops senegalensis 17/12/2022              Wassadou          Senegal
  245. Brown Babbler  Turdoides plebejus        07/12/2022        Misirah Senegal
  246. Blackcap Babbler            Turdoides reinwardtii    17/12/2022        Wassadou              Senegal
  247. Yellow-bellied Hyliota    Hyliota flavigaster           17/12/2022        Wassadou              Senegal
  248. Greater Blue-eared Starling        Lamprotornis chalybaeus              10/12/2022        Tip         Senegal
  249. Lesser Blue-eared Starling           Lamprotornis chloropterus              07/12/2022        Toubakouta       Senegal
  250. Bronze-tailed Starling    Lamprotornis chalcurus               17/12/2022              Wassadou          Senegal
  251. Purple Starling  Lamprotornis purpureus             07/12/2022              Toubakouta       Senegal
  252. Long-tailed Glossy Starling          Lamprotornis caudatus 06/12/2022              Toubakouta Mangroves              Senegal
  253. Chestnut-bellied Starling             Lamprotornis pulcher    08/12/2022              Kaolack Senegal
  254. Yellow-billed Oxpecker  Buphagus africanus       11/12/2022        Richard Toll        Senegal
  255. African Thrush  Turdus pelios    20/12/2022        Abuko Nature Reserve              The Gambia
  256. Black Scrub Robin           Cercotrichas podobe     11/12/2022        Mbantou              Senegal
  257. Northern Black Flycatcher Melaenornis edolioides 17/12/2022   Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)          Senegal
  258. Swamp Flycatcher          Muscicapa aquatica       17/12/2022        Wassadou              Senegal
  259. White-crowned Robin-chat        Cossypha albicapillus     18/12/2022              Wassadou          Senegal
  260. Pied Flycatcher  Ficedula hypoleuca        16/12/2022        Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)            Senegal
  261. Redstart             Phoenicurus phoenicurus           07/12/2022              Toubakouta       Senegal
  262. Whinchat           Saxicola rubetra              08/12/2022        Toubakouta              Senegal
  263. African Stonechat           Saxicola torquatus          13/12/2022        Djoudj              Senegal
  264. Anteater Chat   Myrmecocichla aethiops             07/12/2022        Misirah              Senegal
  265. Wheatear           Oenanthe oenanthe      08/12/2022        Toubakouta              Senegal
  266. Pygmy Sunbird  Hedydipna platura         06/12/2022        Toubakouta Mangroves        Senegal
  267. Scarlet-chested Sunbird               Chalcomitra senegalensis              07/12/2022        Misirah Senegal
  268. Beautiful Sunbird            Cinnyris pulchellus         06/12/2022        Banjul              The Gambia
  269. Variable Sunbird             Cinnyris venustus           07/12/2022        Misirah              Senegal
  270. Copper Sunbird               Cinnyris cupreus             20/12/2022        Abuko Nature Reserve The Gambia
  271. Sahel Bush Sparrow       Gymnoris dentata          16/12/2022        Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)          Senegal
  272. Northern Grey-headed Sparrow              Passer griseus   07/12/2022              Toubakouta       Senegal
  273. House Sparrow Passer domesticus          06/12/2022        Banjul   The Gambia
  274. Sudan Golden Sparrow Passer luteus     09/12/2022        Tip         Senegal
  275. White-billed Buffalo Weaver      Bubalornis albirostris    08/12/2022              Toubakouta       Senegal
  276. Little Weaver     Ploceus luteolus              11/12/2022        Richard Toll              Senegal
  277. Black-necked Weaver    Ploceus nigricollis           20/12/2022        Abuko Nature Reserve The Gambia
  278. Vitelline Masked Weaver            Ploceus vitellinus            12/12/2022              Mourkadie         Senegal
  279. Village Weaver  Ploceus cucullatus          06/12/2022        Banjul   The Gambia
  280. Black-headed Weaver   Ploceus melanocephalus             11/12/2022              Marigots             Senegal
  281. Red-billed Quelea           Quelea quelea  07/12/2022        Misirah Senegal
  282. Black-winged Red Bishop Euplectes hordeaceus               16/12/2022              Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)          Senegal
  283. Northern Red Bishop     Euplectes franciscanus  08/12/2022        Kaolack              Senegal
  284. Bronze Mannikin            Spermestes cucullata     20/12/2022        Abuko Nature Reserve The Gambia
  285. African Silverbill              Euodice cantans              08/12/2022        Kaolack              Senegal
  286. Lavender Waxbill            Glaucestrilda caerulescens         07/12/2022              Misirah Senegal
  287. Black-rumped Waxbill   Estrilda troglodytes        07/12/2022        Misirah              Senegal
  288. Cut-throat Finch              Amadina fasciata            09/12/2022        Tip              Senegal
  289. Orange-breasted Waxbill            Amandava subflava       11/12/2022              Marigots             Senegal
  290. Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu          Uraeginthus bengalus    06/12/2022              Banjul   The Gambia
  291. Western Bluebill             Spermophaga haematina            20/12/2022              Abuko Nature Reserve  The Gambia
  292. Red-billed Firefinch        Lagonosticta senegala   11/12/2022        Diartar              Senegal
  293. Village Indigobird           Vidua chalybeata            11/12/2022        Richard Toll        Senegal
  294. Sahel Paradise Whydah Vidua orientalis               10/12/2022        Darou Salam   Senegal
  295. Western Yellow Wagtail              Motacilla flava  07/12/2022        Misirah              Senegal
  296. Pied Wagtail      Motacilla alba   11/12/2022        Richard Toll       Senegal
  297. African Pied Wagtail       Motacilla aguimp            16/12/2022        Simenti (Niokolo-Koba NP)          Senegal
  298. Red-throated Pipit          Anthus cervinus              11/12/2022        Richard Toll        Senegal
  299. White-rumped Seedeater           Crithagra leucopygia      06/12/2022              Banjul   The Gambia
  300. Yellow-fronted Canary  Crithagra mozambica    12/12/2022        Mourkadie              Senegal


  1.  Guinea Baboon              Papio papio       16/12/2022        Niokolo-Koba National Park    Senegal
  2. Common Patas Monkey              Erythrocebus patas        07/12/2022              Toubakouta       Senegal
  3. Green Monkey  Chlorocebus sabaeus    07/12/2022        Toubakouta              Senegal
  4. Upper Guinea Red Colobus        Piliocolobus badius        20/12/2022              Abuko   The Gambia
  5. African Savanna Hare    Lepus victoriae  11/12/2022        Diartar  Senegal
  6. Striped Ground Squirrel              Euxerus erythropus       11/12/2022              Diartar  Senegal
  7. Gambian Sun Squirrel    Heliosciurus gambianus              12/12/2022              Djoudj  Senegal
  8. Common Hippopotamus Hippopotamus amphibious 16/12/2022 Niokolo-Koba National Park         Senegal
  9. Lake Chad Buffalo          Syncerus brachyceros    16/12/2022        Niokolo-Koba National Park         Senegal
  10. Western Bushbuck         Tragelaphus scriptus      15/12/2022        Niokolo-Koba National Park         Senegal
  11. Buffon's Kob      Kobus kob          16/12/2022        Niokolo-Koba National Park      Senegal
  12. Defassa Waterbuck        Kobus defassa   16/12/2022        Niokolo-Koba National Park    Senegal
  13. Common Warthog         Phacochoerus africanus              12/12/2022              Djoudj  Senegal
  14. Lion       Panthera leo      16/12/2022        Niokolo-Koba National Park              Senegal
  15. African Civet      Civettictis civetta             16/12/2022        Niokolo-Koba National Park    Senegal
  16. Marsh Mongoose           Atilax paludinosus          06/12/2022        Kotu              The Gambia
  17. Banded Mongoose         Mungos mungo               16/12/2022        Niokolo-Koba National Park         Senegal
  18. African Golden Wolf      Canis lupaster   13/12/2022        Djoudj  Senegal