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Turkey 2009

                                                                        Turkey Trip Report                  By Sue Bryan

May 31st – June 9th  2009


Lee Evans

Robert Fuge

Sue Bryan

 Paul Jeffery

Joan Thompson





This trip to Turkey was arranged by Lee Evans who had sent round an E-mail to some of us that have accompanied him in the past in his pursuit of Western Palearctic Birding.


Paul and I have enjoyed Lee’s company on several trips before as he is without doubt an excellent birder combining a sound knowledge of birds, with the ability to identify birds on both sound and by sight. We took the opportunity to accompany him, Robert Fuge and Joan Thompson in our adventure in Turkey from Istanbul right the way across to the Iranian and Iraq borders travelling over 3000 miles.




31st May  Luton – Istanbul – Black Sea

1st June     Black Sea – Samsun – Sivrikaya

2nd June    Sivrikaya – Coruh Valley – Ispir

3rd June    Ispir –Pazarolyu – Erzurum – Dogubayazit

4th June    Dogubayazit – Van

5th June    Van – Diyarbakir

6th June    Diyarbakir – Siverek – Nemrut Dagi Milli Park –Sanliurfa – Birecik

7th June    Birecik – Tasucu

8th June    Tasucu – Bursar

9th June    Bursar - Istanbul 


Flights and Car Hire


Lee arranged the flight and car hire through Easyjet  and Sixti . Cost of the flight, and share of the car hire and petrol came to £603. We flew from Luton to Istanbul.




Accommodation was varied and cheap. We never pre-booked any accommodation but found hotels/hostels in villages/towns where we ended our day. The most we paid for room only was £14 a night each and the cheapest £5 a night. Most were basic but mainly clean and comfortable with either en-suite in the larger towns or shared showers/toilets in the smaller villages.


Most days were ended with a meal that was obtained locally, usually fish or chicken that cost between £5 - £10 each. Day-time food consisted of buying bread, cheese, yoghurt and fruit obtained from the shops attached to the frequent garages. Petrol costs are on a par with Britain.




I used my credit card at the airport to obtain 600YTL (New Turkish Lire about £250). After purchasing all accommodation and food with this cash I still had £100 (equivalent) left at the end of the trip




In June it was very hot and we survived most of the day in T-shirts and shorts. However in the mountains of Ovitdagi Gecidi whilst searching for Caspian Snowcock and Caucasian Black Grouse we were surrounded by snow and I was certainly underdressed getting very cold with only trousers, jumper and fleece. Another windproof layer and gloves would have prevented the cold we all felt.




Much of our journey was made up of craggy gorges and mountains in the South and East. This made for spectacular scenery for much of the time. The shores of the Black Sea and Mediterranean were as expected flat and more populated.


















                                                     Paul in the Coruh Valley                                           Ovitdagi Gecidi


Flat areas had agricultural fields and valleys that were well vegetated giving plenty of opportunity for finding birds.




At the time of writing (June 2009) given the fact that we were travelling near to both the Iranian and Iraqi border in the area known as Kurdistan we had very little hassle. We were only stopped on one road near to the Iranian border where we had to find an alternative route. In Van we were turned away from 3 hotels, because we suspected my blonde hair rather gave the game away that we were Westerners. However, a dislike of the British (in particular) was not shared by everyone and most people were polite and helpful towards us.


Daily Log


31st May


After an early morning start, Paul and I met Lee, Joan and Rob at Luton airport for our flight to Istanbul. Once we through customs at Istanbul we searched in vain for our hire car. A few phone calls later it turned up an hour late with a puncture! With no common language between us, the deliverer was dispatched via an interpreter to change the tyre! Not a good start. However two hours after our arrival in Turkey we were on our way. An early Red-backed Shrike was added to our list as was a White Stork nesting on electricity poles.


Lee was on a mission as he drove all through the night heading towards the Black Sea coastline. We had a couple of stops at all-night cafes where Lee managed a short sleep before continuing eastwards.


1st June


Before arriving at the Black Sea we added Crested Lark and Black-headed Bunting to our list as well as Pallid Swift. Once we had reached the Black Sea we stopped to admire Eastern Olivaceous Warbler as well as Baltic Gulls. A Little Bittern surprised Joan and I as we worked our way through gulls on a rubbish tip.


Black-headed Bunting


Just east of Trabzon we turned south-east onto the 925 road and headed up the mountainous road to Sivrikaya. Here we stopped to search the mountainside amongst the conifers where we found Green Warbler and Caucasian Chiffchaff. Common Rosefinch and Snow Finch were welcome additions to our lists. Red-billed Chough, Rock Thrush and Alpine Accentor all flew around us as we took in the wonderful scenery.





























                                                   Common Rosefinch                                                        Snow Finch


I am very susceptible to altitude and could feel a migraine starting, so I was glad when we made it to a hostel near Ovitdagi Gecidi where for £10 each Paul and I shared a room and had a good meal of fresh fish and chips!


2nd June


Retracing our steps Lee drove us back up the mountain above the snowline. Rock Bunting and a Shorelark were seen here but these were not our ‘star birds’. Our quarry at our first stop was Caucasian Black Grouse and Lee instructed us to search the edges of the Rhododendron patches. After a good search Lee located one and we all had good views of it walking up the edge of a snow field getting even higher on the opposite side of the valley. After satisfying views we moved even higher up the mountain road where the road levelled out at its highest point.






                                                                                                  Lee at Ovitdagi Gecidi


Caucasian Twite flew around in small parties as well as yet more Snow Finch. Lee put in a long vigil for the search for Caspian Snowcock as I took photographs of birds and surrounds. Amazingly right at the top of one of the peaks Lee located a Caspian Snowcock. Even with a scope it was so well camouflaged amongst the scree. I never ceased to be amazed at Lee’s ability to find difficult birds.


A Blue Rock Thrush posed amongst Rock Sparrows as Crag Martins flew to their nest precariously tucked under mountain ledges. Most of us were seriously cold up here as we had failed to bring enough winter clothing.


















                                                                                                                     Coruh Valley


Motoring on through the Coruh Valley we all commented at the lack of raptors given the habitat that we were in. The valley was a deep gorge set in imposing craggy mountain tops. In the vegetated bottom of the gorge Golden Orioles were singing before I spotted a pair of Red-fronted Serins flying beside us. Eventually I spotted a pair of Golden Eagles soaring above us before they settled so that we could watch them through the scope. By now it was very hot and a welcome change to the bitter cold of earlier in the day. We found a hostel in Ispir where we spent the night.


3rd June





























                                                   European Bee-eater                                                                   Long-legged Buzzard


Leaving Ispir we had a long way to travel before we reached the Georgian and Iranian borders. European Bee-eaters adorned wires as we left. Near Pazaryolu a Long-legged Buzzard perched on a rock near to Eastern Black-eared Wheatears.


















                                           Pazaryolu                                                                                   Hobbies


Continuing along the 925-04-020 road we reached a height of 2340m where we watched a pair of Rollers trying to catch newly fledged Crag Martins on a cliff edge. A pair of Hobbies sat atop a pylon before a Jay sat below them. At the same spot a flock of Rose-coloured Starlings flew through. We admired a pair of Eastern Rock Nuthatches here as they kept disappearing in a crack in the rock.











Stopping further along the road we stopped at a meadow where a Barred Warbler revealed itself as well as a Common Cuckoo. A Black-headed Wagtail lurked in the grass as an Eastern Imperial Eagle gave good views along with a Black Kite and Booted Eagle near Kirik.




Continuing evermore eastwards we stopped at a small river gully where we admired a Penduline Tit lingering near its nest. A Syrian Woodpecker lurked in a small wooded area where we saw a Cetti’s Warbler and a Nightingale. We reached a flatter agricultural area where hundreds of Rooks dominated the birding scene for mile upon mile. Finally reaching Erzurum we stopped near a wetland area where we admired a Black Stork and many waders. Ruddy Shelducks were congregating in small numbers across the plain. An Isabelline Wheatear sat up proudly on a rock as Common Terns flew over the water.




On road 100- 30 –022 near Horasan we chanced upon another wetland area where 4 Black-winged Pratincoles sat on a sandy bank along a slow flowing stream. Lee drove on through another stunning gorge where we stopped to discuss a pair of Stonechats of the race Armenica that gave us good views 50km short of Agri Guney Kara. At Agri a Little Owl posed before we were spectators to a horrible dog fight amongst a pack of Anatolian Sheepdogs that had ripped the neck of one dog apart. A well aimed rock from Rob almost certainly saved the victim’s life as most of the pack ran off. Another well-aimed rock got rid of the final attacker. It was a stark reminder not to get near these feral vicious dogs.


Little Owl



Travelling along near the Georgian and Armenian border, we finally reached Dogubayazit near the Iranian Border. Booking into a hotel we had a bizarre evening trying to find a Burger King up the top of Ishak Pasa Sarayi. In our best Turkish we stopped to ask directions in the dark and got quickly ushered on. It was only the following morning in the light that we discovered we had stopped to find 20+ Army tanks with guns trained on us at the spot we had stopped to ask directions! Probably not the best idea Lee had ever had near the Iranian border! At the request of the rest of us we ate in town!






4th June


After a good night’s sleep at a good hotel we found our way once again to Ishak Pasa Sarayi. This is a local tourist spot and has a dedicated route to the top of the mountain.







                                                                                                          Ishak Pasa Sarayi


Lee was on a mission to find Grey-necked Bunting and quickly sprinted up the side of the mountain as the rest of us puffed and panted in the heat up the incline. He is like a mountain goat on these occasions being very fit. However his lead was short-lived as we heard the bark of several Anatolian Sheep Dogs. Having witnessed the savagery of these dogs the day before, Lee was now performing the run of his life back down the hillside. As the barking progressed it didn’t take the rest of us long to turn tail and descend!


Several hours passed as we worked the mountainside as Rob, Lee and I had a pair of Grey-necked Buntings land in front of us. Meanwhile Paul and Joan were watching a pair of Crimson-winged Finches in another area. Western Rock Nuthatches put on a good performance as we returned to the vehicle.


Western Rock Nuthatch












Driving back down to the town we stopped to admire Mount Ararat the legendary mount described in the Bible where Noah landed his Ark.



Mount Ararat


Back in Dogubayazit we added Palm Dove to our lists. After 30km on the 975 road we stopped at the top of the rise to an area known for Saker sightings. However we failed to locate one. Instead the small high meadow held lots of Caucasian Twite as well as Crimson-winged Finches. An Egyptian Vulture flew gracefully overhead as we drove to Serpmetas










Serpmetas is a strange village accessed across a small road from Caldiran penetrating a lava field that had spilled over the surrounding countryside. Once there we searched for a long time before locating Mongolian Trumprter Finch. A helpful village-local who spoke good English accompanied us and was interested in our observations. 


Mongolian Trumpeter Finch

After our departure we headed towards Lake Van. Just after Bendimati we stopped at the lakeside where we were horrified at all the dead fish adorning the shallows. Whiskered Terns and White-winged Black Terns were fishing amongst the Slender-billed Gulls on the lake edge. Marsh Harriers and Bearded Tits added to the scene. On the bridge we had a brief view of a White-headed Duck before it disappeared into the reeds. Squacco and Purple Herons added to Black-necked Grebes here before we motored on rescuing a Spur-thighed Tortoise as it walked across a road in front of lorries thundering by.


 Spur-thighed Tortoise









After stopping to rescue the tortoise we noticed huge flocks of Rose-coloured Starlings flying by. It was a real treat to watch as they headed over the hills.


Lake Van


We headed to Van South Marshes by heading down the road by a ruined castle sat on a cliff top. Here Citrine Wagtails were on show as we searched the phragmites for Moustached Warbler. Luckily I spotted one as it moved around low in the phragmites. Kentish Plovers ran around on the saltmarsh as Gull-billed Terns loafed around. Dusk was soon upon us as Night Herons started appearing from their day-time roosts. I spotted a Garganey before the midges finally called an end to the day.










Citrine Wagtail


In Van we struggled to find a hotel as being Westerners, more particularly British we were turned away by three hotels. However we were accepted by a small hotel even though we had no water for the much-desired shower. After finding a meal in the town where we were made very welcome, water was turned on for a couple of hours and we made the most of it.





















5th June






























                                               Paddyfield Warbler                                                          Little-ringed Plover




Leaving Van we drove for 5 miles past a quarry on the 300-34-13. Crossing over a flat area we climbed up a craggy area overlooking a railway line. Rob, Joan and I were extremely lucky as a Grey-necked Bunting perched on a rock right in front of us. Because of the scrabble to get out of the car quickly I had forgotten my camera. How I cursed!


Returning to the South Van Marshes we searched once again and located a Paddyfield Warbler. In my efforts to take a picture of a Little-ringed Plover I stepped in something quite unmentionable and was not to popular with my fellow travellers for a while! Reed Buntings sang in full voice as we discussed the thickness of its bill.



















            Reed Bunting                                                Joan, Paul, Rob and Lee


After a few more stops to look at marshes where Joan, Paul, Rob and Lee watched birds, I looked at other flora and fauna we motored on to the volcanic crater at the first Nemrut Dagi.































                                             Spotted Fritillary (Melitaea sp)                     Orchid laxiflora   Ixiolirion tartaricum  montanum


The steep climb to the top of the outcrop was thwarted by a snow slide and we waited patiently whilst snow-moving equipment cleared a passage for us. It was a tricky descent into the caldera as snow made the mud slippery in places. Spectacular views were marred by the extreme windy conditions throwing a lot of grit into our eyes. This was a shame as we knew birding would not be easy in the blustery conditions. And so it turned out to be, as birds were not keen to show as we searched in vain for Radde’s Accentor.


The volcanic crater of Nemrut Dagi.


Temminck’s Horned Larks showed well but little else. A few interesting flowers were photographed. Paul and I climbed up high in one last-ditch attempt where I saw a Ring Ouzel and a Rock Thrush.




















                                                                                                                                             Rock Thrush























                                                         Yellow Iris (Iris bucharica)                                          Echium sp


A major traffic jam (Whacky races style!)


After giving up a lost cause we entered a scene of mayhem. East Turkey is certainly very beautiful with its abundant gorges and mountainous scenery. However this poses a problem for the Turkish Government in trying to keep the roads through the gorges up to standard for modern-day traffic. Many of the roads are excellent but in trying to upgrade them means miles of un-surfaced roads as construction takes place. Near Baykan we came to a halt as all traffic had been halted as dynamite was placed up the mountainside above us. All of a sudden a massive boulder came crashing down onto the carriageway. This took several hours to clear. Traffic management is not a strong point in Turkey, as one man with a red flag gave up any pretensions of managing the situation. What ensued reminded us of Whacky Races as all traffic from both directions several lanes wide headed for the eventual gap made! Absolute madness! Luckily we are all still alive to tell the tale! Many bumpy miles later we stopped at Baykan for a break. Here we watched Red-rumped Swallows sitting on overhead wires and Spotted Flycatchers doing what they do best!




We eventually made it to Diyarbakir where had our most expensive hotel at £28 for the two of us but balanced this with a cheap meal at Burger King in a modern shopping centre. We bought some take-away pizzas for the following day’s travel as a change from bread and cheese!


Red-rumped Swallow

















6th June


From the hotel we made our way to the ferry near Gueza. We passed a Woodchat Shrike and See See Partridge on the road. The ferry is found on the 360 road between Siverek and Adiyaman and crosses the Euphrates River which has now been dammed forming a reservoir. As with the roads, organisation was not a strong point as several vehicles were randomly parked blocking the access to the ferry which was already well laden with vehicles and people. With some interesting manoeuvring we made it onto the ferry in the searing heat.




 Joan by our vehicle on the ferry
























                                                  By the Euphrates River                                          Sue and Paul waiting for the ferry


Short-toed Eagles, Griffon Vultures and Little Swifts kept us all amused whilst the final vehicles were loaded. We were soon crossing the Euphrates but it was a shame we were jammed into our vehicles unable to get out to admire the view as we crossed the water.


After a short journey we approached the Nemrut Dagi Milli Park. At the entrance, where we paid an entrance fee, we saw an Eastern Rufous Bushchat. However we had excellent views of out target species of Cinereous Buntings and Pale Rock Sparrows.





















                                                             Cinereous Bunting                                                   Pale Rock Sparrow


A little further up the road we stopped to watch Upcher’s Warblers that were chasing around. An Alpine Chough flew from the rocks overhead as Red-tailed Wheatears perched on rocks ahead. Several White-throated Robins gave good views and it was, at times, difficult to know where to look, as the birds were everywhere flitting in the shrubs in the gully. Olive-tree Warblers also inhabited the area as we searched through the bushes.


Lee drove to the top where we took a break and enjoyed a drink at the small obliging café at the top. We were made very welcome and enjoyed a ‘free gratis’ local meal whilst enjoying the scenery.



















                                              Nemrut Dagi Milli Park                                       Red-tailed Wheatear




















                                                                                           Views of Nemrut Dagi Milli Park





















                                   White-throated Robin 



Ortolan Bunting








On the descent from the top of Nemrut Dagi photography was difficult as the heat-haze from the roadway and rock was enormous.


Temminck’s Horned Lark


Lee had walked ahead and after locating him we stopped to admire a Short-toed Eagle that was perched on a telegraph pole.












                                                                         Short-toed Eagle


Making our way to Narince we searched nearby orchards and scrub where I saw a Sombre Tit. It disappeared before I could show it to the others. It was now very hot and after admiring more Olive Tree Warblers we left for Sanliurfa.


Pulling up by a derelict building near an old quarry a Blue-cheeked Bee-eater sat on the wire. A Pied Kingfisher also hovered over a pool that we watched from a pile of rocks.





















                                                     Blue-cheeked Bee-eater                                      Lee with Analtolian Sheepdog Puppies


However our main concern was for three delightful Analtolian Sheepdog puppies that had been abandoned here as their dead mother was busy decomposing round the back of the derelict building!


A small colony of Spanish Sparrows and a Lesser Kestrel added to our list here. Driving near Atguden a Finsch’s Wheatear was by the roadside as we motored on to Birecik. We had difficulty booking into the hotel by the River Euphrates river bridge (where most birders stay apparently) as there was no-one on reception. However we met up with Arnoud B.van den Berg who agreed to show us the spot for Pale Scops Owl by the café. It was already dusk and in the event we only managed to see Long-eared Owls.


7th June


From Birecik we took a short drive north to Halfeti. Dead Sea Sparrows were making continuous feeding sorties here as I took photos of Graceful Prinias. The reed beds here also harboured Menetries Warblers that proved difficult to see well.



























                                                              Dead Sea Sparrow                                                                                Graceful Prinia


Luck was on our side as we met up with a Turkish birder who showed us where he had seen Iraq Babblers the day before. It did not take long before we too saw several babblers.


Iraq Babbler


We visited the Northern Bald Ibis Colony Visitor Centre where we were made welcome and invited in to see the birds on the cliff.


We walked up part of the River Euphrates where amongst construction traffic we added Ferruginous Duck and Pygmy Cormorant to our tally.


Returning to the café in Birecik, we searched in vain for the Pale Scops Owl once again before giving up and returned to the hotel, where Lee and I cooled down in the hotel swimming pool. It seemed that in a muslim country they were not too used to seeing many women swimming!


Driving a few miles away we stopped in Almond orchards where Yellow-throated Petronias gave us the run-around in the soaring temperature.































                                                                         Yellow-throated Petronia                                                     Tasucu


Lee drove westwards where we eventually arrived at Tasucu just south of Silifke on the Mediterranean Coast. At the marsh reserve at Tasucu we climbed a hide near dusk to see Purple Swamphen and Marbled Teal before retiring for a lovely meal in a restaurant over-looking the harbour all lit up in the dark.


8th June

Heading towards the north then west towards Aseki we spotted a Lesser Short-toed Lark. The scenery inland was stunning as we skirted around mountains and gorges.


Cardinal Fritillaries could be seen settling on roadside verges as searched for birds.



                                                     Cardinal Fritillary  

(Argynnis Pandor)







Eventually at 42-59-032 on the Aseki road we stopped in a beautiful spot that we enjoyed all to ourselves.





















                                                                                                   Sue and the Aseki Road


Woodland birds added to our lists included Greenfinch, Serin, Coal Tit and Short-toed Treecreeper. A Masked Shrike also put in an appearance here. However the lifer for me was the Kruper’s Nuthatch that gave us good views as it darted from tree to tree. However it was very frustrating as Paul was the only one to see Levant Sparrowhawk that was drifting overhead. The rest of us were all out of earshot at the time. We also failed to locate White-backed Woodpecker here too. Grrrr!


Kruper’s Nuthatch


Arriving at Aseki Walled Plantation we set off across some dry fields where we heard an Eastern Bonelli’s Warbler singing. It was soon located high above our heads in a large tree. An Orphean Warbler sat in a hedge-line before we inadvertently flushed a Great Spotted Cuckoo. A Honey Buzzard flew overhead as we made our way back to the car. Driving through the night Lee did a marvellous task of delivering us within reaching distance of where we needed to be in Northern Turkey for the following day’s return to England.









9th June

Arriving at Kucenetti National Park we added White Pelican, Spoonbill and a Great White Egret to our lists. However it was the Dalmatian Pelicans that we had come to see and by climbing up to the hides we watched them on their breeding platforms.










                                                                                                                                                                         Dalmatian Pelicans


All too soon it was time to catch our return flight home and once again I would like to thank Rob, Joan and Paul for their company and Lee for all his efforts at making it such a wonderful trip.


Systematic List


1.      Little Grebe            Tachybaptus ruficollis    04/06/2009      Lake Van        

2.      Great Crested Grebe          Podiceps cristatus         04/06/2009      Lake Van        

3.      Black-necked Grebe          Podiceps nigricollis       04/06/2009      Lake Van        

4.      Pygmy Cormorant  Phalacrocorax pygmeus            07/06/2009      Birecik

5.      Great Cormorant    Phalacrocorax carbo carbo       31/05/2009      Istanbul           

6.      European Shag       Phalacrocorax aristotelis           01/06/2009      Giresun

7.      White Pelican         Pelecanus onocrotalus   09/06/2009      Kucenetti Milli NP       

8.      Dalmatian Pelican   Pelecanus crispus [philippensis] 09/06/2009      Kucenetti Milli NP       

9.      Little Egret  Egretta garzetta 01/06/2009      Vnye   

10.  Grey Heron            Ardea cinerea   01/06/2009      Samsun           

11.  Purple Heron          Ardea purpurea            04/06/2009      Lake Van        

12.  Great White Egret   Egretta alba      09/06/2009      Kucenetti Milli NP       

13.  Cattle Egret            Bubulcus ibis    03/06/2009      Agri     

14.  Squacco Heron      Ardeola ralloides          04/06/2009      Lake Van        

15.  Black-crowned Night-heron           Nycticorax nycticorax  04/06/2009       Van South Marshes     

16.  Little Bittern            Ixobrychus minutus       01/06/2009      Fatsa   

17.  Black Stork            Ciconia nigra    03/06/2009      Erzurum           

18.  White Stork            Ciconia ciconia 31/05/2009      Istanbul           

19.  Northern Bald Ibis Geronticus eremita 07/06/2009 Birecik

20.  Eurasian Spoonbill  Platalea leucorodia        09/06/2009      Kucenetti Milli NP       

21.  White-headed Duck           Oxyura leucocephala    04/06/2009      Lake Van        

22.  Ruddy Shelduck     Tadorna ferruginea        03/06/2009      Erzurum           

23.  Common Shelduck Tadorna tadorna           04/06/2009      Lake Van        

24.  Mallard      Anas platyrhynchos platyrhynchos         04/06/2009      Van South Marshes     

25.  Garganey    Anas querquedula         04/06/2009      Van South Marshes     

26.  Marbled Duck        Marmaronetta angustirostris      07/06/2009      Tasucu

27.  Common Pochard  Aythya ferina    04/06/2009      Lake Van        

28.  Ferruginous Duck   Aythya nyroca  07/06/2009      Birecik

29.  Tufted Duck           Aythya fuligula  05/06/2009      Van     

30.  European Honey-buzzard   Pernis apivorus 08/06/2009      Akseki Walled Plantation         

31.  Black Kite  Milvus migrans migrans 03/06/2009      Kirik   

32.  Egyptian Vulture     Neophron percnopterus            04/06/2009      Dogubayazit    

33.  Eurasian Griffon-vulture      Gyps fulvus       06/06/2009      Guzela (Siverek) Ferry 

34.  Short-toed Eagle    Circaetus gallicus gallicus 06/06/2009 Guzela (Siverek) Ferry   

35.  Western Marsh-harrier       Circus aeruginosus        04/06/2009      Lake Van        

36.  Steppe Buzzard      Buteo buteo vulpinus     01/06/2009      Samsun           

37.  Long-legged Buzzard          Buteo rufinus    03/06/2009      Pazaryolu        

38.  Imperial Eagle         Aquila heliaca   03/06/2009      Kirik   

39.  Golden Eagle          Aquila chrysaetos         02/06/2009      Coruh Valley   

40.  Booted Eagle          Hieraaetus pennatus      03/06/2009      Toprakkale      

41.  Lesser Kestrel        Falco naumanni 06/06/2009      Sanliurfa          

42.  Common Kestrel    Falco tinnunculus          02/06/2009      Coruh Valley   

43.  Eurasian Hobby      Falco subbuteo 02/06/2009      Coruh Valley   

44.  Caucasian Black Grouse     Tetrao mlokosiewiczi    02/06/2009      Ovitdagi Gecidi

45.  See-see Partridge   Ammoperdix griseogularis         06/06/2009      Siverek

46.  Caspian Snowcock Tetraogallus caspius      02/06/2009      Ovitdagi Gecidi

47.  Grey-headed Swamphen    Porphyrio poliocephalus caspius            07/06/2009      Tasucu

48.  Common Moorhen Gallinula chloropus        03/06/2009      Erzurum           

49.  Eurasian Coot         Fulica atra        04/06/2009      Lake Van        

50.  Eurasian Oystercatcher       Haematopus ostralegus 01/06/2009      Vnye   

51.  Black-winged Stilt  Himantopus himantopus            03/06/2009      Erzurum           

52.  Pied Avocet           Recurvirostra avosetta  03/06/2009      Erzurum           

53.  Black-winged Pratincole     Glareola nordmanni       03/06/2009      Horasan          

54.  Little Ringed Plover            Charadrius dubius         03/06/2009      Erzurum           

55.  Kentish Plover        Charadrius alexandrinus            04/06/2009      Van South Marshes     

56.  Northern Lapwing  Vanellus vanellus           03/06/2009      Erzurum           

57.  Common Redshank            Tringa totanus   03/06/2009      Erzurum           

58.  Common Sandpiper            Tringa hypoleucos         02/06/2009      Coruh Valley   

59.  Ruff            Philomachus pugnax      03/06/2009      Erzurum           

60.  Caspian Yellow-legged Gull            Larus cachinnans [argentatus]    01/06/2009      Fatsa   

61.  Steppe Gull            Larus Cachinnans (barabensis)  31/05/2009      Istanbul           

62.  Armenian Gull         Larus armenicus            01/06/2009      Fatsa   

63.  Baltic Gull               Larus fuscus fuscus       01/06/2009      Vnye   

64.  Black-headed Gull  Larus ridibundus           04/06/2009      Van South Marshes     

65.  Slender-billed Gull  Larus genei       04/06/2009      Lake Van        

66.  Mediterranean Gull Larus melanocephalus   04/06/2009      Van South Marshes     

67.  Gull-billed Tern       Sterna nilotica   04/06/2009      Van South Marshes     

68.  Common Tern                     Sterna hirundo 03/06/2009      Erzurum           

69.  Whiskered Tern      Chlidonias hybridus       04/06/2009      Lake Van        

70.  White-winged Tern Chlidonias leucopterus  04/06/2009      Lake Van        

71.  Wood Pigeon                     Columba palumbus       01/06/2009      Samsun           

72.  European Turtle-dove         Streptopelia turtur         01/06/2009      Karakoy          

73.  Laughing Dove       Streptopelia senegalensis           04/06/2009      Dogubayazit    

74.  Eurasian Collared-dove      Streptopelia decaocto   31/05/2009      Istanbul           

75.  Great Spotted Cuckoo       Clamator glandarius      08/06/2009      Akseki Walled Plantation         

76.  Common Cuckoo   Cuculus canorus           03/06/2009      Pazaryolu        

77.  Little Owl   Athene noctua indigena/lilith 03/06/2009         Agri     

78.  Long-eared Owl     Asio otus          06/06/2009      Birecik

79.  Alpine Swift            Tachymarptis melba      31/05/2009      Istanbul           

80.  Common Swift       Apus apus        31/05/2009      Istanbul           

81.  Pallid Swift Apus pallidus    01/06/2009      Karakoy          

82.  Little Swift  Apus affinis       06/06/2009      Guzela (Siverek) Ferry 

83.  Pied Kingfisher       Ceryle rudis      06/06/2009      Sanliurfa          

84.  Blue-cheeked Bee-eater     Merops persicus [superciliosus] 06/06/2009     Sanliurfa          

85.  European Bee-eater            Merops apiaster           03/06/2009      Ispir    

86.  European Roller      Coracias garrulus          03/06/2009      Pazaryolu        

87.  Eurasian Hoopoe    Upupa epops    02/06/2009      Coruh Valley   

88.  Syrian Woodpecker           Dendrocopos syriacus  03/06/2009      Gelinkala         

89.  Calandra Lark        Melanocorypha calandra           01/06/2009      Karakoy          

90.  Lesser Short-toed Lark      Calandrella rufescens    08/06/2009      Karaman         

91.  Crested Lark          Galerida cristata            01/06/2009      Karakoy          

92.  Wood Lark            Lullula arborea  04/06/2009      Ishak Pasa Sarayi        

93.  Eurasian Skylark     Alauda arvensis            04/06/2009      Dogubayazit    

94.  Horned Lark          Eremophila alpestris      02/06/2009      Ovitdagi Gecidi

95.  Sand Martin           Riparia riparia   03/06/2009      Horasan          

96.  Eurasian Crag-martin          Hirundo rupestris          02/06/2009      Ovitdagi Gecidi

97.  Barn Swallow         Hirundo rustica 31/05/2009      Istanbul           

98.  Red-rumped Swallow         Hirundo daurica            05/06/2009      Baykan

99.  House Martin         Delichon urbica 01/06/2009      Karakoy          

100.          Tawny Pipit      Anthus campestris         03/06/2009      Pazaryolu        

101.          Tree Pipit         Anthus trivialis  03/06/2009      Pazaryolu        

102.          Water Pipit       Anthus spinoletta          01/06/2009      Sivrikaya         

103.          White Wagtail   Motacilla alba alba        01/06/2009      Samsun           

104.          Citrine Wagtail  Motacilla citreola          04/06/2009      Van South Marshes     

105.          Black-headed Wagtail  Motacilla flava feldegg  03/06/2009      Pazaryolu        

106.          Grey Wagtail    Motacilla cinerea          01/06/2009      Samsun           

107.          White-throated (Black-bellied) Dipper Cinclus cinclus cinclus 01/06/2009         Camlik

108.          Alpine Accentor           Prunella collaris 01/06/2009      Sivrikaya         

109.          Rufous  Bushchat Cercotrichas galactotes syriacus 06/06/2009 Nemrut Dagi Milli Park

110.          Common Nightingale    Luscinia megarhynchos 03/06/2009      Gelinkala         

111.          White-throated Robin   Irania gutturalis 06/06/2009      Nemrut Dagi Milli Park

112.          Black Redstart  Phoenicurus ochruros    04/06/2009      Dogubayazit    

113.          Whinchat          Saxicola rubetra            03/06/2009      Pazaryolu        

114.          Common Stonechat     Saxicola rubicola  01/06/2009  Samsun

115.          Caspian Stonechat        Saxicola maura armenica 03/06/2009 Agri Guney Kala   

116.          Northern Wheatear       Oenanthe oenanthe       04/06/2009      Dogubayazit    

117.          Finsch's Wheatear        Oenanthe finschii           06/06/2009      Atguden          

118.          Black-eared Wheatear  Oenanthe hispanica       03/06/2009      Pazaryolu        

119.          Red-tailed Wheatear Oenanthe xanthoprymna 06/06/2009 Nemrut Dagi Milli Park       

120.          Isabelline Wheatear      Oenanthe isabellina 03/06/2009            Erzurum           

121.          Rufous-tailed Rock-thrush        Monticola saxatilis        01/06/2009      Sivrikaya         

122.          Blue Rock-thrush          Monticola solitarius       02/06/2009      Ovitdagi Gecidi

123.          Ring Ouzel                    Turdus torquatus           03/06/2009      Pazaryolu        

124.          Eurasian Blackbird        Turdus merula   01/06/2009      Karakoy          

125.          Mistle Thrush                 Turdus viscivorus         03/06/2009      Ispir    

126.          Cetti's Warbler Cettia cetti        03/06/2009      Gelinkala         

127.          Graceful Prinia  Prinia gracilis    07/06/2009      Birecik

128.          Moustached Warbler Acrocephalus melanopogon 04/06/2009 Van South Marshes      

129.          Sedge Warbler    Acrocephalus schoenobaenus 04/06/2009     Van South Marshes     

130.          Paddyfield Warbler       Acrocephalus agricola agricola  05/06/2009      Van     

131.          Caspian Reed-warbler  Acrocephalus scirpaceus fuscus05/06/2009      Van     

132.          Great Reed-warbler      Acrocephalus arundinaceus       05/06/2009      Van     

133.          Eastern Olivaceous Warbler      Hippolais pallida elaeica 01/06/2009     Samsun           

134.          Upcher's Warbler         Hippolais languida         06/06/2009 Nemrut Dagi Milli Park     

135.          Olive-tree Warbler       Hippolais olivetorum     06/06/2009 Nemrut Dagi Milli Park     

136.          Blackcap          Sylvia atricapilla            01/06/2009      Sivrikaya         

137.          Common Whitethroat   Sylvia communis           01/06/2009      Samsun           

138.          Barred Warbler            Sylvia nisoria    03/06/2009      Pazaryolu        

139.          Orphean Warbler         Sylvia hortensis 08/06/2009      Akseki Walled Plantation         

140.          Menetries' Warbler       Sylvia mystacea            07/06/2009      Birecik

141.          Caucasian Chiffchaff     Phylloscopus lorenzii [collybita] 01/06/2009      Sivrikaya         

142.          Eastern Bonelli's Warbler Phylloscopus bonelli orientalis 08/06/2009 Akseki Walled Plantation 

143.          Green Warbler Phylloscopus trochiloides nitidus           01/06/2009      Sivrikaya         

144.          Spotted Flycatcher       Muscicapa striata          05/06/2009      Baykan

145.          Iraq Babbler     Turdoides altirostris      07/06/2009      Birecik

146.          Bearded Tit      Panurus biarmicus         04/06/2009      Lake Van        

147.          Long-tailed Tit  Aegithalos caudatus      02/06/2009      Coruh Valley   

148.          Sombre Tit       Parus lugubris   06/06/2009      Narince           

149.          Coal Tit            Parus ater         08/06/2009      Akseki Road   

150.          Great Tit           Parus major major        01/06/2009      Samsun           

151.          Blue Tit            Parus caeruleus 03/06/2009      Gelinkala         

152.          Eurasian Nuthatch         Sitta europaea  02/06/2009      Coruh Valley   

153.          Krüper's Nuthatch        Sitta krueperi [canadensis]        08/06/2009      Akseki Road   

154.          Western Rock Nuthatch Sitta neumayer 04/06/2009 Ishak Pasa Sarayi

155.          Eastern Rock Nuthatch Sitta tephronota            03/06/2009      Pazaryolu        

156.          Short-toed Treecreeper            Certhia brachydactyla   08/06/2009      Akseki Road   

157.          Eurasian Penduline-tit                Remiz pendulinus          03/06/2009      Sorkuslu          

158.          Golden Oriole               Oriolus oriolus  02/06/2009      Coruh Valley   

159.          Red-backed Shrike      Lanius collurio [cristatus]           31/05/2009      Istanbul           

160.          Lesser Grey Shrike       Lanius minor     01/06/2009      Vnye   

161.          Woodchat Shrike         Lanius senator  06/06/2009      Siverek

162.          Masked Shrike Lanius nubicus  08/06/2009      Akseki Road   

163.          Eurasian Jay Garrulus glandarius anatoliae 31/05/2009      Istanbul           

164.          Black-billed Magpie     Pica pica          31/05/2009      Istanbul           

165.          Red-billed Chough           Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax       01/06/2009      Sivrikaya         

166.          Yellow-billed Chough  Pyrrhocorax graculus 06/06/2009 Nemrut Dagi Milli Park         

167.          Eurasian Jackdaw             Corvus monedula      31/05/2009      Istanbul           

168.          Rook    Corvus frugilegus          03/06/2009      Gelinkala         

169.          Hooded Crow  Corvus corone cornix   31/05/2009      Istanbul           

170.          Common Raven            Corvus corax    01/06/2009      Camlik

171.          Rose-coloured Starling Sturnus roseus  03/06/2009      Pazaryolu        

172.          Common Starling          Sturnus vulgaris 31/05/2009      Istanbul           

173.          House Sparrow            Passer domesticus        31/05/2009      Istanbul           

174.          Spanish Sparrow          Passer hispaniolensis [domesticus] 06/06/2009 Sanliurfa           

175.          Dead Sea Sparrow       Passer moabiticus         07/06/2009      Birecik

176.          Eurasian Tree Sparrow Passer montanus           02/06/2009      Ispir    

177.          Yellow-throated Sparrow Petronia xanthocollis transfuga 07/06/2009      Birecik

178.          Rock Sparrow  Petronia petronia          02/06/2009      Ovitdagi Gecidi

179.          Pale Rock-sparrow Carpospiza brachydactyla 06/06/2009 Nemrut Dagi Milli Park      

180.          White-winged Snowfinch          Montifringilla nivalis       01/06/2009      Sivrikaya         

181.          Chaffinch          Fringilla coelebs            01/06/2009      Sivrikaya         

182.          Red-fronted Serin         Serinus pusillus 02/06/2009      Coruh Valley   

183.          European Serin Serinus serinus  08/06/2009      Akseki Road   

184.          European Greenfinch    Carduelis chloris           08/06/2009      Akseki Road   

185.          European Goldfinch      Carduelis carduelis niediecki 01/06/2009      Fatsa   

186.          Twite    Carduelis flavirostris      02/06/2009      Ovitdagi Gecidi

187.          Eurasian Linnet Carduelis cannabina      03/06/2009      Pazaryolu        

188.          Crimson-winged Finch Rhodopechys sanguinea sanguinea04/06/2009      Dogubayazit    

189.          Mongolian Finch           Rhodopechys mongolica           04/06/2009      Serpmetas       

190.          Common Rosefinch      Carpodacus erythrinus  01/06/2009      Sivrikaya         

191.          Hawfinch          Coccothraustes coccothraustes 02/06/2009      Coruh Valley   

192.          Rock Bunting    Emberiza cia     02/06/2009      Ovitdagi Gecidi

193.          Grey-necked Bunting    Emberiza buchanani      04/06/2009      Ishak Pasa Sarayi        

194.          Cinereous Bunting Emberiza cineracea semenowi 06/06/2009 Nemrut Dagi Milli Park  

195.          Ortolan Bunting            Emberiza hortulana       02/06/2009      Ovitdagi Gecidi

196.          Black-headed Bunting   Emberiza melanocephala          01/06/2009      Karakoy          

197.          Reed Bunting    Emberiza schoeniclus pyrrhuloides 05/06/2009           Van     

198.          Corn Bunting    Miliaria calandra           03/06/2009      Ispir    




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