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Venezuela 2014

                                                                             Trip Report to Venezuela                by Sue Bryan


26th  February - 9th March 2014


Sue Bryan and Paul Jeffery

Peter Reader

Andy Taylor

Jan Hillman

Richard Loyn






This was a birding holiday organised by Sunbird Tours which Paul and I undertook as we were interested in seeing a Harpy Eagle, a difficult species to see without the aid of help by a company who sub-contracts to local forest workers to find an active nest site. Venezuela or Guyana had long been on our ‘to do’ list and the timing seemed about right for us. I am always concerned about birding in groups but luck was on our side as we had only 6 participants and two leaders. This was to be David Fisher’s last tour before his retirement and so was introducing Trevor Ellery (who leads for Sunbird in Columbia) to Venezuela to take over. Trevor was a real asset to our tour. The ground price for the tour was 2x £2360.


Guides – David Fisher and Trevor Ellery




26th February   Heathrow - Madrid - Caracas


27th February   Caracas – Puerto Ordaz – El Palmar  


28th February   El Palmar – Imataca Forest Reserve


1st March         El Palmar – Imataca Forest Reserve


2nd March       El Palmar – El Dorado - Las Claritas


3rd March       Las Claritas – La Escalera – La Gran Sabana


4th March   Las Claritas – La Escalera – La Gran Sabana


5th March    Las Claritas – La Escalera – La Gran Sabana


6th March   Las Claritas – La Escalera – La Gran Sabana


7th March   Las Claritas –El Dorado - Puerto Ordaz – Caracas


8th March     Caracas – Avila National Park – Caracas – Madrid


9th March     Madrid - Heathrow





International flights to Caracas via Madrid cost 2x £770 return with Iberia (operated by British Airways) booked by Sunbird. I could have got the same flight a little bit cheaper had I booked independently, but for ease decided to let Sunbird deal with it.




For most of our tour we had a good minibus but whilst in Imataca Forest Reserve and Avila National Park we used two 4x4 vehicles. (It should be noted for independent travellers that obtaining petrol in Venezuela involves all day queuing but is exceedingly cheap) We also used two 4x4 vehicles in Avila National Park.




We obtained a small amount of Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte exchanged for US Dollars from the ground agent upon arrival in Caracas. Most of this proved unnecessary as we did not need any money except for the purchase of evening beers and a few sweets!




The weather was very mixed, mainly hot and sunny for most of our time in the lower altitudes but with typical tropical showers. At La Escalera it was cooler with some rain but hot and windy on La Gran Sabana.




Most of our time was spent in jungle forest but we also had open areas at higher altitudes and whilst travelling.





Daily Log


26th February


We left King’s Lynn at midnight for our 0620hrs departure from Heathrow to fly to Madrid with BA and after transferring to an Iberia flight arrived in Caracas at 4pm. We were met in Caracas by ground agents who took us to a hotel a ten minute drive away on the coast. After a quick change Paul and I wandered into the harbour at the back of the hotel where the birding began.


Grey-breasted Martin, Black Vulture and Brown Pelican were difficult to miss as they flew overhead and Tropical Kingbird and Bananaquit are usually one of the first additions to any South American trip. It was good to see Magnificent Frigatebird flying out to sea as well as Laughing Gull and Spotted Sandpiper down on the shoreline. Back in the hotel gardens before dinner we added Black-faced Grassquit and Scaled Dove as well as Pale-breasted Thrush.


27th February




























                                        Cachamay National Park                                          Orange-chinned Parakeet


We were up at 3.30 am for our 7am flight planned departure from Caracas to Puerto Ordaz. Unfortunately it was delayed but we eventually arrived in the city and were driven along with the rest of our group to Cachamay National Park where soon located Black-collared Swallow. We were lucky to see a couple of them perched on the boulders in the rapids. Ringed Kingfisher, Anhinga were also perched as we saw Smooth-billed Ani and Pied Water Tyrant in the surrounding vegetation. A Red-crowned Woodpecker was busy in its hole as Orange-chinned Parakeets sat noisily overhead.


We drove further south in the minibus stopping off at a few marshes where we added a few trip ticks in the way of Roadside Hawk, White-tailed Hawk, White-headed Marsh Tyrant and Yellow-chinned Spinetail. Black-bellied Whistling Duck were fairly numerous and there were a few White-faced Whistling Duck too. We admired a Solitary Sandpiper as well as 20+ Least Sandpiper. A couple of Brown-throated Parakeet were lifers as was a Black-collared Hawk.


Back on board the minibus we discussed the splitting of Common Gallinule from Common Moorhen and Paul and I had horrors of the trouble that this was going to cause our computer database as we have many records to alter!


Birds were added to the list as we travelled on southwards to El Palmar and our accommodation.



















                                 Yellow-chinned Spinetail                                          Roadside Hawk


Once we arrived at our accommodation we deposited our luggage and birded along the road for a few miles out of the village.























               Cinnamon Attila                                            Andy and Trevor looking towards our cabins.























Blue-headed Parrot 





Crimson-crested Woodpecker


A Blue-headed Parrot sat near the top a tree as a Venezuelan Troupial became another lifer for us. In the distance we saw Crested Oropendula and a Green Aricari as a Ruby Topaz Hummingbird added itself to our life list. We also saw Long-billed Starthroat and White-chested Emerald in roadside vegetation. A Streaked Flycatcher and Crane Hawk were added to the trip list before the sun set and we made our way back to El Palmar after a long day.


28th February


The day had finally arrived to see one of my dream birds. We awoke with great anticipation of the day’s events to come. After a dawn breakfast we split up into two 4x4 vehicles for the rough ride into Imataca Forest Reserve following an illegal gold mine track. We stopped to pick up Havier, a local who knew of a nest site in the forest which we would be keen to see!




The rough gold mine track into Imataca Forest













En route we stopped to admire Spix’s Guan, Swallow-tailed Kite and Swallow-winged Puffbird.
























                                        Spix’s Guan                                                         Swallow-tailed Kite                                            





















                                                  Swallow-winged Puffbird                                         Black Nunbird      


The track was a good one for birding and we added Rufescent Tiger Heron, Ochre-bellied Flycatcher, Grey-headed Kite, Reddish Hermit, Band-rumped Swift, Black Nunbird and Yellow-tufted Woodpecker. Orange-crowned Oriole was a lifer for me as was Trinidad Euphonia.


We bounced around along the track for quite a distance (we certainly needed a 4x4 as we dug deep into the mud on occasions) before finally arriving at a point where we could not drive any further. We got out and made our way to a shelter where we made our preparations for our walk into the jungle. We decided what equipment we would take with us along the narrow vegetated pathway. Two Red and Green Macaw were showing off above our heads perched high up in a tree. It seemed like a good omen.




















                                   Red and Green Macaw                                               Our shelter


Havier and David led the way with Trevor bringing up the rear. The path led deeper into the jungle and we wondered how far we would have to walk, as we had been warned that it could be some distance as nest sites varied from year to year. Luckily for us it was not far before the narrow path opened up into a clearing. We were surprised to see a pylon-like structure built in it apparently constructed by the BBC for filming purposes! It rather destroyed the wildness of the place. Our eyes adjusted to the bright sunlight as we picked our way over vegetation and fallen trees and let our eyes drift up to the huge tree in front of us. There sat on branch was a massive HARPY EAGLE chick!








 Harpy Eagle


































The BBC filming tower


   Harpy Eagle chick



























                                       Paul David Richard Jan Peter Andy and Trevor                                 Harpy Eagle nest





























                                                      Paul climbing to the top of the tower


We were all a bit star-struck as we admired the Harpy Eagle gazing down at us and for a while took little notice of all the other birds around us. We enjoyed quite a while taking photographs and plucking up courage to climb to the top of the tower. Only Paul and Trevor had the courage to ascend the tower and Paul made it all the way to the platform where he must have had stunning views of the Harpy Eagle.


After Paul’s descent we were soon back onto other birding and delighted in views of King Vulture, Dusky Antbird, Grey Antbird, Purple-throated Fruitcrow, Black-throated Trogon, a group of Cayenne Jay, Green Oropendula, Golden-winged Parakeet and Variegated Flycatcher. Andy was certainly good at picking out birds for the rest of the group to see. We said goodbye to the Harpy Eagle and made our way back to the shelter where we celebrated with a cup of coffee!























                                  Grey-lined Hawk                                                        Red-fan Parrot




























                                                     White-tailed Trogon                                                      Lineated Woodpecker


We had soon recovered and enjoyed new birds near where we had left the now muddy vehicles. A mating pair of White-lined Hawk kept us entertained as a Lineated Woodpecker also had procreation instincts. Red-fan Parrot were nearby as were Dusky-billed Parrolet. We moved the vehicles a few feet before jumping out near an open vista that gave us views of Red-rumped Cacique.



Our muddy 4x4 vehicle


 The trees around a small holding abounded with birds including Yellow-crowned Tyrannulet, Cinnamon Woodcreeper, Forest Elaenia, Yellow-throated Woodpecker, White-vented Euphonia, Golden-sided Euphonia, Yellow-backed Tanager as well as Speckled Tanager. White-tailed Trogon added to my trogon delight as did a distant Bat Falcon perched in a far-off tree.
























                                                     Black-eared Fairy                                                   White-crowned Manakin


Our day was not quite done though as we made our way along a dark track. Jan and I delighted in a small pool where small birds were coming down to drink and wash. It was such a shame that it was in deep shade and made photography so difficult as we pumped up the ISO on our cameras. This is not ideal for photographs of hummingbirds! Black-eared Fairy, Reddish Hermit and Fork-tailed Woodnymph were joined by a White-crowned Manakin, rarely seen out from deep vegetation!


We bumped our way back along the track where after dropping off Havier saw a Paraque on the road nearer one of the villages. We had all been enthralled with our sightings today and gladly accepted our cold showers!


1st March


We were up at dawn and after breakfast we picked up Havier and headed along the road stopping by the river. We had all swopped vehicles and I was a bit concerned about the smell of diesel. We noted Black Caracara and Rufous-capped Antthrush as we made our way along the dense vegetation by the side of the river. I managed to get reasonable views of Streamside (Neotropic River) Warbler but it was sometime before all of the group had good enough views of it as it lurked in the vegetation.


The group by our 4x4 vehicles and locals enjoying the swimming in the river.



It was not easy as rain was falling and the mosquitoes loved it! A Helmeted Pygmy-Tyrant showed rather better as we made our way back to the vehicles.  We stopped further along a trackway and walked for a while. The birds were coming thick and fast as I grappled to note them all down as well as try to take photos.  A Screaming Phia was good to hear and see as I often relate this to being in the jungle. A Double-toothed Kite flew overhead as we watched Rufous-throated Sapphire, Ferruginous-backed Antbird, and Slaty-capped Shrike-Vireo.























                                               Streaked Flycatcher                                                   Blue-black Grosbeak


The track was getting progressively worse and we got stuck in a few places. Our drivers did a brilliant job of getting through though as we made our way to a clearing where we stopped for a coffee at a shelter. He there were a few more photo opportunities. A Streaked Flycatcher perched lower down but most other birds were at the top of trees or flying overhead. We continued to walk down a track where a Blue-black Grosbeak called but it was some time before I eventually spotted it and managed to get the rest of the group on to it. We were lucky to come across an ant swarm but diving into deep vegetation to see all the birds was difficult. A Rufous-throated Antbird lurked as well as a Dusky Antbird following the ants as they crawled under our feet. Photography was impossible in the dark conditions. Out, back in the light a pair of Channel-billed Toucan sat at the top of a tree and we were delighted to see a Rose-breasted Chat further up the track-way. A Painted Tody-flycatcher gave us the run around as it called, but was difficult to locate.


The day was disappearing fast as we walked down another trail in the rain. Soon we had to make our way back in the vehicles along the extremely rough track. The diesel fumes in the back of the vehicle were getting the better of me and the rough conditions were not helping. After dropping off Havier I was glad to be back at the lodge. I sat down at dinner but it was not long before the diesel fumes had their way on my stomach. Luckily we were outside and I just about made the flower bed in time! (Apologies to the lodge owners!)


2nd March


The group was up early as the drivers packed our luggage into the minibus for our five hour journey south to Las Claritas. As we left El Palmar we admired a Burrowing Owl sat on top of a wall and a Greyish Saltator sat in the garden. It was to be a long journey but we stopped at a marsh for some coffee. Here I loved the pair of Black-crested Antshrike as they appeared cheekily in the trees in front of me. A Streak-headed Woodcreeper also made an appearance as did Yellow Oriole and Lesser Goldfinch.


























                                              Burrowing Owl                                                   Greyish Saltator

























                                  Black-crested Antshrike                                      Streak-headed Woodcreeper




















                                                                        Road and marsh a few hours from El Palmar
























                                               Savannah Hawk                                                           Horned Screamer



As we finished up our coffee a Savannah Hawk perched nearby before flying off over the fields. We watched a Rough-winged Swallow before getting back into the minibus. As we were travelling there was a sudden shout from the back of the bus. A Horned Screamer had been spotted and the driver pulled up allowing us out. I grabbed my camera just in time before it flew a very short distance. We quickly realised that there was not only another bird but it was sitting on a nest of three eggs. We backed off and noted a Zone-tailed Hawk flying overhead and a Pale-breasted Spinetail in roadside vegetation.























                          Peter Andy Paul and Trevor at Km17 El Dorado                       Green-tailed Jacamar


At Km 17 near Eldorado we stopped to have some lunch and walk a goldmine track under a line of pylons. The sun was shining and we were glad of some shade in the hot sun. Soon a Green-tailed Jacamar was spotted as was a Squirrel Cuckoo, Purple-throated Fruitcrow and Spotted Puffbird. A Guianan Toucanet was a lifer for us as was a Green-winged Trumpeter. Red-throated Caracara caused a bit of fun as they objected to a tape being played. We noted Black-headed Parrot and Mealy Parrot and then David caused a stir as I looked through his scope as a distant bird. It was a Dusky Purpletuft that flew before the rest of the group could locate it. Oh dear!


























                                                        Purple Fruitcrow                                             Squirrel Cuckoo


























                                Spotted Puffbird                                                      Red-throated Caracara

We motored on and eventually arrived at Las Claritas in the dark. It was rather a noisy, busy town but accommodation is not easy to find in this remote region and our cabins at Campamento Turistico Anaconda were clean and comfortable for our needs. They even had air-conditioning and a warmish shower too!



Anaconda Camp















3rd March






















                               Trevor and David on the La Escalera Road                                 White-tailed Trogon


We left our accommodation after breakfast and drove up La Escalera towards La Gran Sabana. The road was a continuous climb through the dense forest to the top of the flat-topped mountains and rolling grasslands of La Gran Sabana leading to the Tepuis. We were here to find some of the Tepui endemics of the region. We stopped near the bend known locally a ‘Rock of the Virgin’. Here we watched Waved Woodpecker, Red-shouldered Tanager, Cliff Flycatcher, and White-tailed Trogon.


The second ‘star’ bird of the trip was a ‘want’ on most peoples’ list though and we were soon on our way to the spot where one or more were hoping to be seen. We tumbled out of the bus and luckily I was looking the right way as a bright orange Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock flew across the road and promptly disappeared. A few minutes later another one flew across the road and sadly Peter missed that too. We waited for some time and added Grey Antwren and Lemon-chested Greenlet but no more orange birds emerged. I am afraid that I only got a photograph of a juvenile Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock.


Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock (juv)












It was time to move on and Peter was promised that as we had several days birding here we would be making several more stops at the same spot. We moved on up to where we had an open vista and spotted two very distant White Bellbird. We enjoyed watching Brown Violetear, Black-hooded Thrush, Black-billed Thrush, Velvet-browed Brilliant, Pale-eyed Thrush and Olive-backed Tanager.


Brown Violetear




We continued until we reached the top of the mountain. Here we stopped for lunch at ‘The Soldiers Monument’.




























                              Paul at the top of Gran Sabana                                             Plumbeous Seedeater























                                            Band-rumped Swift                                                        Tepui Brush- Finch

Here we saw Plumbeous Seedeater, Plain-crested Elaenia, Wedge-tailed Grassfinch, Golden-tufted (Tepui) Mountain Grackle, Bran-coloured Flycatcher and Rufous-collared Sparrow. After lunch we descended back into the forest and walked a short side-trail where birds were everywhere and once again I struggled to take notes and photographs whilst trying to keep up with the birds all at the same time.


Chestnut-tipped Toucanet


Tepui Brush-Finch was added to the list as was Rufous-browed Solitaire, a female Scarlet-horned Manakin, Orange-bellied (Tepui) Manakin and Blackburnian Warbler. Further down the road we added Coraya Wren, Blue and White Swallow, Plumbeous Pigeon and White-tipped Swift. One more stop produced Chestnut-tipped Toucanet, Todd’s Antwren, Rose-collared Phia and Bearded Bellbird.















4th March


We drove back up the La Escalera but rain was making life difficult as we donned various coats and held umbrellas, not ideal when trying to hold binoculars and take photos. I spotted a Red-necked Woodpecker in a tree at the back as well as a Smoke-coloured Peewee. Tropical Parula and American Redstart were good migrant birds to see as well.


Red-necked Woodpecker



The rain got the better of us and we decided to drive up higher to get above the cloud base. The regional endemics came thick and fast as we added Tepui Spinetail, Tepui Greenlet, and Roraiman Antwren. The sun was out at the top and we spent some time admiring Brown Jacamar, White-winged Tanager and Black-headed Tanager.




























White-winged Tanager                                            Brown Jacamar






















                                                                                                       La Gran Sabana


We enjoyed the sun but took the decision to spend some time exploring the rolling grasslands at the top of La Gran Sabana. It was good to see the scenery at the top but bird-wise it was a bit disappointing as we did not add any trip ticks except Broad-winged Hawk. Back down the Escalera we walked one of our short trails again in the intermittent rain and were lucky to see Red-banded Fruiteater both male and female as well as Yellow-legged Thrush. I managed a picture of an Orange-bellied Manakin in the rain before we tried the spot for Rufous-breasted Sabrewing. I had stupidly left my camera in the bus and had to go back for it. By this time the sabrewing had retreated much further away. Lighting conditions were awful and we headed back home to Las Claritas.
























                                                     Orange-bellied Manakin                                     Rufous-breasted Sabrewing


5th March






















                                            Bus crash                                                    Waterfall at La Escalera


 We birded La Escalera and witnessed the aftermath of a car which had slid down the hillside into a gully. The driver still in shock and stood at the side of the road awaiting recovery from a tractor. He was lucky to be alive. We had already passed a bus that had not made a bend a few weeks ago still upside down! The bends on the mountain road were dangerous and needed a cautious driver, especially on the way down.






















Yellow-bellied Tanager







Fork-tailed Woodnymph



Luckily the weather was better today and we added Blue-cheeked Parrot, Guianan Puffbird and Golden-olive Woodpecker by the Rock of the Virgin before Paul picked up an eagle sat in a tree way off in the distance. We set up scopes and admired a Black and White Hawk Eagle before it flew and perched a bit closer for us all to admire. Paul and I were pleased as it was a lifer for us. David then picked out a Pompadour Cotinga which was also pleasing. Lifers came thick and fast as we added Fulvous-crested Tanager, Mouse-coloured Antshrike, Buff-cheeked Greenlet, Roraiman Warbler, Fulvous Shrike Tanager and Ash-winged Antwren. A Flutist Wren gave us a run around as it flitted through thick vegetation. Up at the open vista I managed a picture of Yellow-bellied Tanager which is not easy when you are with a group and cannot get as close as you would like to for photography. I also managed to see a Tepui Swift which had eluded me all week. The day finished with a Wedge-billed Woodcreeper adding itself to the trip list.


6th March




















                                                         San Isidro                                                        Jan and Paul by the rubbish dump

Sometimes good birding is to be had by some very unpleasant places and in this case David had had a tip-off that Capuchinbird had been seen 17km along the road from Las Claritas near San Isidro. We found the track and followed it. Unfortunately the track also turned out to be the town’s rubbish dump. It stank! However the Black Vultures were loving it. We saw Flame-crested Tanager, Black-tailed Trogon, Guianan Streaked Antwren and Short-tailed Hawk that were new for our list but no Capuchinbird. A Red Howler Monkey seemed to be asleep in one of the trees though.


























                                 Black-tailed Trogon                                                            Red Howler Monkey























                                         Guianan Streaked Antwren                                     Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock site


After a while we made our way back up to La Escalera and I cursed as I had managed to catch Paul’s cold that he had caught on the plane out. I was streaming. Grrrr….. Golden-spangled Piculet put in a brief appearance and Plain Xenops, Masked Trogon and Black-capped Becard all showed at the Cock of-the-Rock site. I also managed a few shots of Roraiman Antwren high up in a tree and Peter saw his Guianan Cock-of-the Rock.


We moved a bit further along the road and Trevor heard a Scarlet-horned Manakin calling. I was delighted with views of a male even though it was extremely difficult to get a photograph due to the dense vegetation.


























                                                      Scarlet-horned Manakin                                              Roraiman Antwren


By the end of the day we added Spotted Tanager, Fiery-shouldered Parakeet and Black-necked Aricari to our trip list too.


7th March


I was not feeling well as my cold had taken hold. Today we had to head back to Puerto Ordaz to catch our flight back to Caracas so therefore we were going to spend most of the day travelling in the minibus. Luckily this meant I could spend most of the day sitting down. I hate it when I am ill on holiday. We said our goodbyes to our hosts and started our journey north. Eighteen kilometres south of El Dorado we birded the track underneath the pylon route again.























Milk Snake (Lampropeltis triangulum)



Dusky Purpletuft




It wasn’t long before I needed to find a bush and nearly stepped on a snake. It was still writhing but unfortunately someone had run over it on a motorbike on their way to an illegal gold mine. I called the rest of the group to come and look and we were concerned that it could be a poisonous Coral Snake. I have subsequently learnt that since red was next to black we were alright Jack!


Although I did not add any lifers on this day we did add Chestnut Woodpecker, White-flanked Antwren, Guianan Slaty Antshrike, White-browed Antbird, White-shouldered Tanager and Rusty-margined Flycatcher to the trip list. The rest of the group were delighted when they added good views of Dusky Purpletuft to their life list.





















                                             White-browed Antbird                                            Pearl Kite


Stopping at a Las Mureas Marsh for lunch we met up with another birding group. Here we saw more Horned Screamer, Pinnated Bittern and Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture as well as many Yellow-headed Blackbird. Peter was desperate for a Pearl Kite and so Trevor, who was travelling in the front of the minibus was put in charge of finding one. At Upata he did just that and we all added Pearl Kite to the trip list.


We arrived at Puerto Ordaz and flew back to Caracas where I felt too poorly to attend the evening meal along with the others and went to bed.


8th March


We were up early and packed and met downstairs in the hotel to say our goodbyes to David and Trevor who were leaving for the Andes with some of the group. Four of us we were being handed over to two local birders who were going to show us Avila National Park, part of the coastal range of mountains using two 4x4 vehicles. Jonathan and Carolina were charged with showing us as many local specialities as possible in a morning before our flight home.



Avila National Park











The coastal mountains were a completely new habitat and certainly deserved more than a morning’s birding. How I wished we had booked an extra day or two here! After an hour’s steep climb we got out of the vehicles and watched Montane Woodcreeper, Fulvous-headed Tanager, Golden-breasted Fruiteater, Golden Tanager, Speckled Hummingbird, Ochre-breasted Brush-Finch, Groove-billed Toucanet and Black-eared Parakeet. Peter had requested Caracas Tapaculo and sure enough Jonathan produced not one but two for us to see. Black-throated Spinetail and Blue-capped Tanager quickly followed as did Ornate Hawk Eagle and White-throated Tyrannulet.



All of a sudden we were diving into vegetation after a Chestnut-crowned Antpitta. I was delighted and so were the others. Venezuelan Tyrannulet did not seem half as exciting as we added Mountain Elaenia, Crested Spinetail and Black Hawk Eagle. A Ferruginous Pygmy Owl landed in a tree as we entered a park but I was not tall enough to see it. It did bring in a lot of birds to the tree though. Brown-capped Vireo, Rufous-lored Tyrannulet, Hepatic Tanager, Rusty Flowerpiercer, Green-tailed Emerald and Blue-naped Chlrophonia were all added to the list.


            Chestnut-crowned Antpitta


































                                         Green (Inca) Jay                                                            White-tipped Quetzal


It was time for lunch and we enjoyed the sun at the café watching a Green (Inca) Jay before descending back down the hill. A White-tipped Quetzal was our last trip tick and lifer for the trip. It seemed a fitting end before our flight home from Caracas. We thanked Jonathan and Carolina for an excellent morning’s birding and picked up our bags hurriedly from the hotel before being taken to the airport for our flight to London via Madrid.


   Species List




  1. Neotropic Cormorant   Phalacrocorax brasilianus          27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  2. Anhinga            Anhinga anhinga            27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  3. Brown Pelican  Pelecanus occidentalis   26/02/2014      Caracas           
  4. Magnificent Frigatebird Fregata magnificens      26/02/2014      Caracas           
  5. Whistling Heron            Syrigma sibilatrix           27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  6. Snowy Egret     Egretta thula     27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  7. Capped Heron Pilherodius pileatus       28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  8. Cocoi Heron    Ardea cocoi     27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  9. Great White Egret         Egretta alba      27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  10. Cattle Egret      Bubulcus ibis    01/03/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  11. Striated Heron  Butorides striatus [striatus]        27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  12. Rufescent Tiger-heron   Tigrisoma lineatum        28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  13. Pinnated Bittern            Botaurus pinnatus         07/03/2014      Las Mureas Marsh      
  14. Buff-necked Ibis           Theristicus caudatus      28/02/2014      El Palmar         
  15. Green Ibis        Mesembrinibis cayennensis       28/02/2014      El Palmar         
  16. Horned Screamer         Anhima cornuta            02/03/2014      El Dorado       
  17. White-faced Whistling-duck      Dendrocygna viduata    27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  18. Black-bellied Whistling-duck    Dendrocygna autumnalis           27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  19. Blue-winged Teal          Anas discors     27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  20. American Black Vulture            Coragyps atratus          26/02/2014      Caracas           
  21. Turkey Vulture Cathartes aura  27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  22. Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture  Cathartes burrovianus   07/03/2014      Las Mureas Marsh      
  23. Greater Yellow-headed Vulture Cathartes melambrotus 28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  24. King Vulture     Sarcoramphus papa      28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  25. Grey-headed Kite         Leptodon cayanensis    28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  26. American Swallow-tailed Kite   Elanoides forficatus       28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  27. Pearl Kite         Gampsonyx swainsonii  07/03/2014      Upata  
  28. White-tailed Kite          Elanus leucurus             27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  29. Double-toothed Kite     Harpagus bidentatus     01/03/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  30. Plumbeous Kite            Ictinia plumbea 28/02/2014      El Palmar         
  31. Crane Hawk     Geranospiza caerulescens         27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  32. Savannah Hawk           Buteogallus meridionalis            27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  33. Black-collared Hawk    Busarellus nigricollis      27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  34. Grey-lined Hawk          Asturina nitida   28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  35. Roadside Hawk            Buteo magnirostris        27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  36. Broad-winged Hawk    Buteo platypterus          04/03/2014      la Escalera       
  37. Short-tailed Hawk        Buteo brachyurus          06/03/2014      Las Claritas     
  38. White-tailed Hawk       Buteo albicaudatus        03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  39. Zone-tailed Hawk         Buteo albonotatus         02/03/2014      El Dorado       
  40. Harpy Eagle     Harpia harpyja  28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  41. Black-and-white Hawk-eagle   Spizastur melanoleucus 05/03/2014      la Escalera       
  42. Black Hawk-eagle        Spizaetus tyrannus        08/03/2014      Caracas           
  43. Ornate Hawk-eagle      Spizaetus ornatus          08/03/2014      Caracas           
  44. Osprey Pandion haliaetus          27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  45. Black Caracara            Daptrius ater     01/03/2014      El Palmar         
  46. Red-throated Caracara Daptrius americanus      02/03/2014      El Dorado       
  47. Northern Crested Caracara      Caracara cheriway        27/02/2014      Caracas           
  48. Yellow-headed Caracara          Milvago chimachima     26/02/2014      Caracas           
  49. Laughing Falcon           Herpetotheres cachinnans         02/03/2014      El Palmar         
  50. American Kestrel          Falco sparverius           01/03/2014      El Palmar         
  51. Bat Falcon        Falco rufigularis            28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  52. Little Chachalaca          Ortalis motmot  01/03/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  53. Spix's Guan      Penelope jacquacu        28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  54. American Purple Gallinule         Porphyrio martinicus     27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  55. Common Moorhen       Gallinula chloropus        27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  56. Grey-winged Trumpeter            Psophia crepitans          02/03/2014      El Dorado       
  57. Wattled Jacana Jacana jacana [spinosa]            27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  58. Southern Lapwing         Vanellus chilensis          27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  59. Greater Yellowlegs       Tringa melanoleuca       27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  60. Lesser Yellowlegs         Tringa flavipes  27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  61. Solitary Sandpiper        Tringa solitaria  27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  62. Spotted Sandpiper        Tringa macularia [hypoleucos]   26/02/2014      Caracas           
  63. Least Sandpiper           Calidris minutilla            27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  64. Laughing Gull    Larus atricilla    26/02/2014      Caracas           
  65. Royal Tern       Sterna maxima  26/02/2014      Caracas           
  66. Yellow-billed Tern        Sterna superciliaris        27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  67. Pale-vented Pigeon       Columba cayennensis    28/02/2014      El Palmar         
  68. Plumbeous Pigeon        Columba plumbea         03/03/2014      la Escalera       
  69. Ruddy Pigeon   Columba subvinacea     28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  70. Scaled Dove     Columbina squammata  26/02/2014      Caracas           
  71. Common Ground-dove Columbina passerina     26/02/2014      Caracas           
  72. Ruddy Ground-dove     Columbina talpacoti      27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  73. White-tipped Dove       Leptotila verreauxi        02/03/2014      El Dorado       
  74. Red-and-green Macaw Ara chloropterus           27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  75. White-eyed Parakeet    Aratinga leucophthalmus           01/03/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  76. Brown-throated Parakeet         Aratinga pertinax          27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  77. Painted Parakeet          Pyrrhura picta   02/03/2014      El Dorado       
  78. Fiery-shouldered Parakeet        Pyrrhura egregia           06/03/2014      Las Claritas     
  79. Red-eared Parakeet     Pyrrhura hoematotis      08/03/2014      Caracas           
  80. Green-rumped Parrotlet            Forpus passerinus         27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  81. Dusky-billed Parrotlet   Forpus sclateri  28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  82. Orange-chinned Parakeet         Brotogeris jugularis       27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  83. Golden-winged Parakeet          Brotogeris chrysopterus            28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  84. Black-headed Parrot    Pionites melanocephala 02/03/2014      El Dorado       
  85. Blue-headed Parrot      Pionus menstruus          27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  86. Blue-cheeked Parrot     Amazona dufresniana [brasiliensis]        05/03/2014      La Escalera       
  87. Orange-winged Parrot  Amazona amazonica     27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  88. Mealy Parrot    Amazona farinosa         02/03/2014      El Dorado       
  89. Red-fan Parrot Deroptyus accipitrinus   28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  90. Squirrel Cuckoo           Piaya cayana    28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  91. Smooth-billed Ani         Crotophaga ani 27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  92. Groove-billed Ani         Crotophaga sulcirostris 02/03/2014      El Palmar         
  93. Burrowing Owl Athene cunicularia         02/03/2014      El Palmar         
  94. Pauraque          Nyctidromus albicollis   28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  95. Tepui Swift       Cypseloides phelpsi      05/03/2014      la Escalera       
  96. White-collared Swift     Streptoprocne zonaris   03/03/2014      la Escalera       
  97. Band-rumped Swift      Chaetura spinicauda      28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  98. Grey-rumped Swift       Chaetura cinereiventris cinereiventris     01/03/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  99. Short-tailed Swift          Chaetura brachyura      27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  100. White-tipped Swift       Aeronautes montivagus 03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  101. Fork-tailed Palm-swift  Tachornis squamata      01/03/2014      El Palmar         
  102. Long-tailed Hermit        Phaethornis superciliosus           02/03/2014      El Dorado       
  103. Reddish Hermit Phaethornis ruber          28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  104. Grey-breasted Sabrewing         Campylopterus largipennis        28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  105. Rufous Sabrewing         Campylopterus rufus     04/03/2014      La Escalera       
  106. Brown Violet-ear          Colibri delphinae           03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  107. Green Violet-ear           Colibri thalassinus         08/03/2014      Caracas           
  108. Black-throated Mango  Anthracothorax nigricollis          27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  109. Ruby-topaz Hummingbird         Chrysolampis mosquitus            27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  110. Tufted Coquette           Lophornis ornatus         27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  111. Racket-tailed Coquette Discosura longicauda    01/03/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  112. Green-tailed Emerald    Chlorostilbon alice        08/03/2014      Caracas           
  113. Fork-tailed Woodnymph          Thalurania furcata         28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  114. Rufous-throated Sapphire         Hylocharis sapphirina    01/03/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  115. White-chinned Sapphire            Hylocharis cyanus         02/03/2014      El Dorado       
  116. White-chested Emerald Amazilia chionopectus   27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  117. Glittering-throated Emerald       Amazilia fimbriata         27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  118. Speckled Hummingbird Adelomyia melanogenys            08/03/2014      Caracas           
  119. Velvet-browed Brilliant Heliodoxa xanthogonys 03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  120. Black-eared Fairy         Heliothryx aurita           28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  121. Long-billed Starthroat   Heliomaster longirostris 27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  122. White-tipped Quetzal    Pharomachrus fulgidus  08/03/2014      Caracas           
  123. Black-tailed Trogon      Trogon melanurus         06/03/2014      Las Claritas     
  124. White-tailed Trogon      Trogon viridis   28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  125. Masked Trogon            Trogon personatus        06/03/2014      Las Claritas     
  126. Black-throated Trogon Trogon rufus     28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  127. Ringed Kingfisher         Ceryle torquata 27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  128. Amazon Kingfisher       Chloroceryle amazona  27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  129. Green Kingfisher           Chloroceryle americana            27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  130. Brown Jacamar            Brachygalba lugubris     04/03/2014      la Escalera       
  131. Green-tailed Jacamar    Galbula galbula 02/03/2014      El Dorado       
  132. Guianan Puffbird           Notharchus macrorhynchos       05/03/2014      La Escalera       
  133. Spotted Puffbird           Bucco tamatia   02/03/2014      El Dorado       
  134. Black Nunbird  Monasa atra     28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  135. Swallow-wing   Chelidoptera tenebrosa 28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  136. Black-spotted Barbet   Capito niger      28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  137. Groove-billed Toucanet [sp]     Aulacorhynchus sulcatus           08/03/2014      Caracas           
  138. Chestnut-tipped Toucanet         Aulacorhynchus derbianus         03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  139. Green Aracari   Pteroglossus viridis       27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  140. Black-necked Aracari   Pteroglossus aracari      06/03/2014      Las Claritas     
  141. Guianan Toucanet         Selenidera culik            02/03/2014      El Dorado       
  142. Channel-billed Toucan  Ramphastos vitellinus    01/03/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  143. Red-billed Toucan        Ramphastos tucanus     27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  144. Golden-spangled Piculet           Picumnus exilis  06/03/2014      Las Claritas     
  145. Yellow-tufted Woodpecker      Melanerpes cruentatus  28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  146. Red-crowned Woodpecker      Melanerpes rubricapillus           27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  147. Yellow-throated Woodpecker  Piculus flavigula 28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  148. Golden-olive Woodpecker       Piculus rubiginosus        05/03/2014      La Escalera       
  149. Waved Woodpecker    Celeus undatus 03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  150. Chestnut Woodpecker  Celeus elegans  07/03/2014      El Dorado       
  151. Lineated Woodpecker  Dryocopus lineatus       28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  152. Red-necked Woodpecker        Campephilus rubricollis 04/03/2014      la Escalera       
  153. Crimson-crested Woodpecker  Campephilus melanoleucos       27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  154. Wedge-billed Woodcreeper     Glyphorynchus spirurus 05/03/2014      La Escalera       
  155. Cinnamon-throated Woodcreeper Dendrexetastes rufigula         28/02/2014 Imataca Forest Reserve
  156. Buff-throated Woodcreeper      Xiphorhynchus guttatus 28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  157. Streak-headed Woodcreeper   Lepidocolaptes souleyetii          02/03/2014      El Palmar         
  158. Montane Woodcreeper            Lepidocolaptes lacrymiger        08/03/2014      Caracas           
  159. Pale-breasted Spinetail Synallaxis albescens      02/03/2014      El Dorado       
  160. Black-throated Spinetail            Synallaxis castanea [unirufa]      08/03/2014      Caracas           
  161. Tepui Spinetail  Cranioleuca demissa     04/03/2014      La Escalera       
  162. Crested Spinetail          Cranioleuca subcristata 08/03/2014      Caracas           
  163. Yellow-chinned Spinetail           Certhiaxis cinnamomea 27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  164. Buff-throated Foliage-gleaner    Automolus ochrolaemus            28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  165. White-throated Foliage-gleaner Automolus roraimae      03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  166. Plain Xenops    Xenops minutus            06/03/2014      Las Claritas     
  167. Black-crested Antshrike           Sakesphorus canadensis           02/03/2014      El Palmar         
  168. Barred Antshrike          Thamnophilus doliatus   02/03/2014      El Palmar         
  169. Mouse-coloured Antshrike       Thamnophilus murinus   05/03/2014      La Escalera       
  170. Eastern Slaty Antshrike Thamnophilus punctatus punctatus         07/03/2014      El Dorado       
  171. Streaked Antwren        Myrmotherula surinamensis       06/03/2014      Las Claritas     
  172. White-flanked Antwren Myrmotherula axillaris   07/03/2014      El Dorado  
  173. Pain-winged Antwren       Myrmotherula behni 04/03/2014 La Escalera
  174. Grey Antwren   Myrmotherula menetriesii          03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  175. Todd's Antwren            Herpsilochmus stictocephalus    03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  176. Roraiman Antwren        Herpsilochmus roraimae            04/03/2014      La Escalera       
  177. Ash-winged Antwren    Terenura spodioptila     05/03/2014      La Escalera       
  178. Grey Antbird    Cercomacra cinerascens           28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  179. Dusky Antbird  Cercomacra tyrannina   28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  180. White-browed Antbird Myrmoborus leucophrys           07/03/2014      El Dorado       
  181. White-bellied Antbird   Myrmeciza longipes      02/03/2014      El Dorado       
  182. Ferruginous-backed Antbird     Myrmeciza ferruginea    01/03/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  183. Rufous-throated Antbird           Gymnopithys rufigula     01/03/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  184. Rufous-capped Antthrush         Formicarius colma        01/03/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  185. Chestnut-crowned Antpitta       Grallaria ruficapilla        08/03/2014      Caracas           
  186. Caracas Tapaculo         Scytalopus caracae       08/03/2014      Caracas           
  187. Golden-breasted Fruiteater       Pipreola aureopectus    08/03/2014      Caracas           
  188. Red-banded Fruiteater  Pipreola whitelyi           04/03/2014      La Escalera       
  189. Dusky Purpletuft           Iodopleura fusca           02/03/2014      El Dorado       
  190. Screaming Piha Lipaugus vociferans      01/03/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  191. Rose-collared Piha       Lipaugus streptophorus 03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  192. Pompadour Cotinga      Xipholena punicea        05/03/2014      La Escalera       
  193. Purple-throated Fruitcrow         Querula purpurata         28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  194. White Bellbird  Procnias alba    03/03/2014      la Escalera       
  195. Bearded Bellbird          Procnias averano          03/03/2014      la Escalera       
  196. Guianan Cock-of-the-rock       Rupicola rupicola          03/03/2014      la Escalera       
  197. Sharpbill           Oxyruncus cristatus       06/03/2014      Las Claritas     
  198. Golden-headed Manakin          Pipra erythrocephala     02/03/2014      El Dorado       
  199. Scarlet-horned Manakin           Pipra cornuta    03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  200. White-crowned Manakin          Pipra pipra       28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  201. Orange-bellied Manakin           Pipra suavissima [serena]          03/03/2014      la Escalera       
  202. Olive Manakin  Chloropipo uniformis    04/03/2014      La Escalera       
  203. Ochre-bellied Flycatcher           Mionectes oleagineus    28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  204. Common Tody-flycatcher         Todirostrum cinereum   02/03/2014      El Palmar         
  205. Painted Tody-flycatcher Todirostrum pictum     01/03/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  206. Sooty-headed Tyrannulet          Phyllomyias griseiceps   28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  207. Venezuelan Tyrannulet  Zimmerius improbus      08/03/2014      Caracas           
  208. Slender-footed Tyrannulet         Zimmerius gracilipes      28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  209. Southern Beardless Tyrannulet  Camptostoma obsoletum          02/03/2014      El Palmar         
  210. Yellow-crowned Tyrannulet      Tyrannulus elatus          28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  211. Forest Elaenia   Myiopagis gaimardii      28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  212. Yellow-bellied Elaenia  Elaenia flavogaster        27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  213. Plain-crested Elaenia     Elaenia cristata  03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  214. Mountain Elaenia          Elaenia frantzii   08/03/2014      Caracas           
  215. Sierran Elaenia  Elaenia pallatangae        03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  216. White-throated Tyrannulet        Mecocerculus leucophrys          08/03/2014      Caracas           
  217. Black-fronted Tyrannulet          Phylloscartes nigrifrons  03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  218. Rufous-lored Tyrannulet            Phylloscartes flaviventris            08/03/2014      Caracas           
  219. Helmeted Pygmy-tyrant            Lophotriccus galeatus   01/03/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  220. Yellow-olive Flycatcher            Tolmomyias sulphurescens        28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  221. Bran-coloured Flycatcher         Myiophobus fasciatus   03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  222. Cliff Flycatcher Hirundinea ferruginea    03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  223. Smoke-coloured Pewee           Contopus fumigatus      04/03/2014      La Escalera       
  224. Pied Water-tyrant         Fluvicola pica   27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  225. White-headed Marsh-tyrant      Arundinicola leucocephala         27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  226. Long-tailed Tyrant        Colonia colonus            28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  227. Cattle Tyrant    Machetornis rixosus      01/03/2014      El Palmar         
  228. Cinnamon Attila            Attila cinnamomeus       27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  229. Greyish Mourner          Rhytipterna simplex       05/03/2014      la Escalera       
  230. Dusky-capped Flycatcher         Myiarchus tuberculifer   28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  231. Swainson's Flycatcher   Myiarchus swainsoni     04/03/2014      La Escalera       
  232. Short-crested Flycatcher           Myiarchus ferox            02/03/2014      El Palmar         
  233. Pale-edged Flycatcher  Myiarchus cephalotes   08/03/2014      Caracas           
  234. Brown-crested Flycatcher         Myiarchus tyrannulus    27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  235. Tropical Kingbird         Tyrannus melancholicus 26/02/2014      Caracas           
  236. Variegated Flycatcher   Empidonomus varius     28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  237. Boat-billed Flycatcher   Megarynchus pitangua  28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  238. Streaked Flycatcher      Myiodynastes maculatus           27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  239. Rusty-margined Flycatcher        Myiozetetes cayanensis 07/03/2014      El Dorado       
  240. Social Flycatcher          Myiozetetes similis        26/02/2014      Caracas           
  241. Piratic Flycatcher          Legatus leucophaius      01/03/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  242. Great Kiskadee            Pitangus sulphuratus      27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  243. Black-capped Becard   Pachyramphus marginatus         06/03/2014      Las Claritas     
  244. Black-tailed Tityra        Tityra cayana    28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  245. Black-crowned Tityra   Tityra inquisitor 02/03/2014      El Dorado       
  246. White-winged Swallow Tachycineta albiventer   26/02/2014      Caracas           
  247. Grey-breasted Martin   Progne chalybea           26/02/2014      Caracas           
  248. Blue-and-white Swallow           Notiochelidon cyanoleuca         03/03/2014      la Escalera       
  249. Black-collared Swallow            Atticora melanoleuca    27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  250. Southern Rough-winged Swallow          Stelgidopteryx ruficollis 02/03/2014      El Palmar         
  251. Barn Swallow   Hirundo rustica 03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  252. Coraya Wren   Thryothorus coraya       03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  253. Southern House Wren  Troglodytes aedon musculus     26/02/2014      Caracas           
  254. Grey-breasted Wood-wren      Henicorhina leucophrys 08/03/2014      Caracas           
  255. Flutist Wren      Microcerculus ustulatus 05/03/2014      La Escalera       
  256. Musician Wren Cyphorhinus arada        01/03/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  257. Tropical Mockingbird   Mimus gilvus [polyglottos]         26/02/2014      Caracas           
  258. Rufous-brown Solitaire Cichlopsis leucogenys   03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  259. Yellow-legged Thrush   Platycichla flavipes        04/03/2014      La Escalera       
  260. Pale-eyed Thrush          Platycichla leucops        03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  261. Glossy-black Thrush     Turdus serranus            08/03/2014      Caracas           
  262. Black-hooded Thrush   Turdus olivater  03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  263. Pale-breasted Thrush    Turdus leucomelas        26/02/2014      Caracas           
  264. Black-billed Thrush       Turdus ignobilis 03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  265. Tropical Gnatcatcher    Polioptila plumbea plumbea       27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  266. Violaceous Jay Cyanocorax violaceus   01/03/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  267. Cayenne Jay     Cyanocorax cayanus     28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  268. Green Jay         Cyanocorax yncas        08/03/2014      Caracas           
  269. House Sparrow            Passer domesticus        08/03/2014      Caracas           
  270. Rufous-browed Peppershrike   Cyclarhis gujanensis      01/03/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  271. Slaty-capped Shrike-vireo        Vireolanius leucotis       01/03/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  272. Red-eyed Vireo            Vireo olivaceus 03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  273. Brown-capped Vireo    Vireo leucophrys [gilvus]           08/03/2014      Caracas           
  274. Lemon-chested Greenlet           Hylophilus thoracicus    03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  275. Tepui Greenlet  Hylophilus sclateri         04/03/2014      La Escalera       
  276. Buff-cheeked Greenlet  Hylophilus muscicapinus            05/03/2014      La Escalera       
  277. Golden-fronted Greenlet           Hylophilus aurantiifrons 02/03/2014      El Dorado       
  278. Scrub Greenlet Hylophilus flavipes        02/03/2014      El Palmar         
  279. Lesser Goldfinch           Carduelis psaltria          02/03/2014      El Dorado       
  280. Tropical Parula Parula pitiayumi [americana]      04/03/2014      La Escalera       
  281. Yellow Warbler            Dendroica petechia petechia     26/02/2014      Caracas           
  282. Blackburnian Warbler   Dendroica fusca            03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  283. Blackpoll Warbler        Dendroica striata          02/03/2014      El Dorado       
  284. American Redstart        Setophaga ruticilla         04/03/2014      La Escalera       
  285. Slate-throated Redstart Myioborus miniatus       03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  286. Tepui Redstart  Myioborus castaneocapillus      04/03/2014      La Escalera       
  287. Roraiman Warbler        Basileuterus bivittatus roraimae  05/03/2014      La Escalera       
  288. Neotropical River Warbler        Basileuterus rivularis      01/03/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  289. Rose-breasted Chat      Granatellus pelzelni       01/03/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  290. Bananaquit       Coereba flaveola          26/02/2014      Caracas           
  291. Black-faced Tanager    Schistochlamys melanopis         03/03/2014      la Escalera       
  292. Magpie Tanager           Cissopis leveriana         28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  293. Common Bush-tanager Chlorospingus ophthalmicus      08/03/2014      Caracas           
  294. Fulvous-headed Tanager           Thlypopsis fulviceps      08/03/2014      Caracas           
  295. Yellow-backed Tanager           Hemithraupis flavicollis  28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  296. Olive-backed Tanager  Mitrospingus oleagineus            03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  297. Fulvous Shrike-tanager Lanio fulvus      05/03/2014      La Escalera       
  298. Flame-crested Tanager Tachyphonus cristatus   06/03/2014      Las Claritas     
  299. Fulvous-crested Tanager           Tachyphonus surinamus            05/03/2014      la Escalera       
  300. White-shouldered Tanager        Tachyphonus luctuosus 07/03/2014      El Dorado       
  301. White-lined Tanager     Tachyphonus rufus        02/03/2014      El Dorado       
  302. Red-shouldered Tanager           Tachyphonus phoenicius           03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  303. Hepatic Tanager           Piranga flava     08/03/2014      Caracas           
  304. White-winged Tanager  Piranga leucoptera        04/03/2014      La Escalera       
  305. Blue-grey Tanager        Thraupis episcopus [sayaca]     26/02/2014      Caracas           
  306. Palm Tanager   Thraupis palmarum       27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  307. Blue-capped Tanager   Thraupis cyanocephala  08/03/2014      Caracas           
  308. Trinidad Euphonia         Euphonia trinitatis [chlorotica]   28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  309. Violaceous Euphonia    Euphonia violacea         27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  310. White-lored Euphonia   Euphonia chrysopasta   02/03/2014      El Dorado       
  311. White-vented Euphonia Euphonia minuta           28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  312. Golden-sided Euphonia Euphonia cayennensis   28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  313. Blue-naped Chlorophonia         Chlorophonia cyanea    08/03/2014      Caracas           
  314. Turquoise Tanager        Tangara mexicana         27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  315. Paradise Tanager          Tangara chilensis           03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  316. Golden Tanager            Tangara arthus  08/03/2014      Caracas           
  317. Yellow-bellied Tanager Tangara xanthogastra    05/03/2014      la Escalera       
  318. Spotted Tanager           Tangara punctata          06/03/2014      Las Claritas     
  319. Speckled Tanager         Tangara guttata 28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  320. Bay-headed Tanager    Tangara gyrola  28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  321. Burnished-buff Tanager Tangara cayana            27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  322. Silver-backed Tanager  Tangara viridicollis        27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  323. Black-headed Tanager  Tangara cyanoptera      04/03/2014      la Escalera       
  324. Opal-rumped Tanager  Tangara velia    05/03/2014      La Escalera       
  325. Black-faced Dacnis      Dacnis lineata lineata     02/03/2014      El Dorado       
  326. Blue Dacnis      Dacnis cayana  28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  327. Green Honeycreeper    Chlorophanes spiza       28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  328. Purple Honeycreeper    Cyanerpes caeruleus     03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  329. Red-legged Honeycreeper        Cyanerpes cyaneus       01/03/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  330. Rufous-collared Sparrow          Zonotrichia capensis     03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  331. Ochre-breasted Brush-finch      Atlapetes semirufus       08/03/2014      Caracas           
  332. Tepui Brush-finch         Atlapetes personatus     03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  333. Saffron Finch    Sicalis flaveola  26/02/2014      Caracas           
  334. Wedge-tailed Grass-finch         Emberizoides herbicola 03/03/2014      la Escalera       
  335. Blue-black Grassquit    Volatinia jacarina          01/03/2014      El Palmar         
  336. Grey Seedeater            Sporophila intermedia   01/03/2014      El Palmar         
  337. Plumbeous Seedeater   Sporophila plumbea      03/03/2014      La Escalera       
  338. Yellow-bellied Seedeater          Sporophila nigricollis     01/03/2014      El Palmar         
  339. Ruddy-breasted Seedeater       Sporophila minuta         02/03/2014      El Palmar         
  340. Lesser Seed-finch         Oryzoborus angolensis angolensis          28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  341. Black-faced Grassquit  Tiaris bicolor    26/02/2014      Caracas           
  342. Rusty Flower-piercer    Diglossa sittoides [baritula]        08/03/2014      Caracas           
  343. Greyish Saltator            Saltator coerulescens    27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  344. Blue-black Grosbeak    Cyanocompsa cyanoides          01/03/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  345. Crested Oropendola     Psarocolius decumanus 27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  346. Green Oropendola        Psarocolius viridis         28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  347. Yellow-rumped Cacique           Cacicus cela     27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  348. Red-rumped Cacique   Cacicus haemorrhous    28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  349. Yellow Oriole   Icterus nigrogularis        02/03/2014      El Palmar         
  350. Orange-crowned Oriole            Icterus auricapillus        28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           
  351. Venezuelan Troupial     Icterus corconotus        27/02/2014      El Palmar         
  352. Yellow-headed Blackbird         Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus            27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  353. Red-breasted Blackbird            Leistes militaris 28/02/2014      El Palmar         
  354. Eastern Meadowlark    Sturnella magna            27/02/2014      Puerto Ordaz   
  355. Tepui Mountain-grackle            Macroagelaius imthurni [subalaris]         03/03/2014      la Escalera       
  356. Carib Grackle   Quiscalus lugubris         26/02/2014      Caracas           
  357.  Giant Cowbird  Scaphidura oryzivora    28/02/2014      Imataca Forest Reserve           




1.      Pale-throated Three-toed Sloth Bradpus tridactylus 01/03/14 El Palmar

2.      Red Howler Monkey Alouatta seniculus 27/02/14 El Palmar

3.      Weeper Capuchin Cebus Olivaceous 27/02/14 Cachamay National Park




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